WWE RAW RESULTS: Ronda Roasts, Besties Reunite, Words Exchanged and a Powerhouse Returns (October, 15th 2018)

Hello to all. WWE Evolution looms, just over a week away. With that being said, theres MUCH to talk about regarding the ladies on Monday Night RAW this week. Theres some matches to get through, promos, returns, just A LOT. So, let me bring to you all you need to know regarding what went down with the women of Monday Night RAW this week in chronological order.

Firstly happening womens wise is a tag team match, as Ember Moon and Nia Jax show they are still cohesive after last weeks short and brutal match. The two are taking on Dana Brooke and a returning Tamina Snuka, whose now a part of the RAW roster upon returning to Television. Ember and Nia are shown striding to the ring together while Dana and Tamina are already in the ring after the commercial break, ready for in ring competition. The women already in the ring are set to join other faces from Smackdown Live and RAW in a battle royal at Evolution with contendership implications, and thrown in to that match as well as a face from the past is former Smackdown superstar Torrie Wilson.

Dana and Ember kick off with a lock up, Dana reversing during each testing their strength and getting Ember up in a far corner. She knocks the back of Embers shoulders against the same corner, then tries to clothesline Ember, who escapes the corner and applies a waistlock to Dana that she very quickly reverses. Ember knocks away Dana then runs the ropes, missing Dana, who has also taken to the ropes, outsmarting the also quick superstar with a running shoulder block. Ember kips up in the midst of Dana’s taunting then follows with a drop toe hold to send Dana downward to the canvas. Ember rolls up Dana afterward, only getting a one count on the first try. Dana stops an irish whip after, kneeing Ember then hurtling her toward the heel corner. After Ember hits the corner, Tamina tags in.

Tamina hits with a knee to Ember upon stepping in the ring, snapmaring her well away from the corner then locking in a headlock. Ember arm drags Tamina, but any momentum she may have found is cut short by Tamina’s clothesline. She easily tosses Ember around the ring and taunts over to Nia, celebrating her power advantage before Nia chooses to step in and square up. After the brief face to face moment, Nia attempts a clothesline which Tamina ducks under, giving Nia plenty forearms after to the face. Nia comes back with a clothesline followed with a toss. Nia does a rolling senton to Tamina out of the corner, kicking Tamina afterward but not connecting with corner offense as Tamina musters energy to move out of harms way. Tamina then kicks and headbutts Nia, though Nia soon responds with her own retaliating headbutt. Tamina gives some more to Nia, then has a superkick blocked. Nia gets Tamina on both shoulders, readying a samoan drop only for Tamina to escape via elbows to the side of Nia’s head. Tamina targets Nia’s right knee very briefly then starts lifting her from the mat. Nia stops this, aiming another headbutt that connects. Nia runs the ropes afterward, caught by Tamina who has her on both shoulders, connecting with an impressive samoan drop to the bigger opponent. Following the impact, Tamina manages to crawl over to her corner, and Dana gets to tag in.

Dana immediately starts to attack Nia, though is tossed towards the babyface corner despite effort. Nia hits with a corner splash then Ember tags, climbing already up the ropes and all the way to the top. After the ascent, she hits the Eclipse to Dana, finishing off the foe. Ember covers Dana after hitting the finisher. Ember and Nia win the match.

But the still friends celebrations don’t last long as Tamina storms over during it all. She cuts off Nia and Embers embrace, coming face to face again with Nia, with Ember trying to calm clear tensions between the two. Tamina shoves Ember away and ends up being shoved by Nia. Nia takes a superkick from Tamina, who shouts down to Nia before glancing over to Ember. Ember fixates a glance on Tamina as well and the two are soon helping each other throw Nia over the top rope and to the floor. Ember then tries to do the same with Tamina to no avail. Tamina attempts to send Ember over out of revenge, but Dana runs in, throwing Ember out along with the once tag team partner.

Following this, its time for another women’s segment as Ronda, the RAW Women’s Champion, is out to discuss the latest betrayal in WWE, courtesy of the Bella Twins who turned on her last week despite victory in a Super Show Down rematch. Ronda heads down to the ring all smiles, expression soon turned to sadness in the ring, cheered up by the crowds respect for her. She reflects on the Bella Twins betrayal from last week, and all she wishes for is an explanation, demanding Brie and Nikki to come down and explain it at least. The entrance music of the Twins hit and the newly heels emerge on the stage in response to the women’s champion.

Nikki speaks first, the future opponent of Rousey. She first claims that the audience paid to see her and Brie tonight, not Ronda, and adds that she doesn’t need to give an explanation for her and her sisters antics last week. Brie adds that Ronda has disrespected them and disregarded everything they have done for the business, and they weren’t just going to sit on the sidelines. Nikki also adds that Ronda’s presence made her and Brie want to come back, but not out of aspiration, but because it made both of them cringe to watch her be at the forefront of the women’s evolution. Shes still trying to figure out why Ronda is in WWE, because she doesn’t deserve it. She feels Ronda never deserved a title match, nor to be champion. She then backs up the diva moniker used prior to its retirement, and how she and others made it mean something, and how Total Divas helped gather the interest enough of other women to be in the fan seats today. They made people want to see them and women’s wrestling even more. Ronda has walked into an Evolution the Twins started, and Nikki adds that she has done more in the WWE than what Ronda has ever done. She reminds Ronda of her accolade of being the longest reigning Divas Champion, and the championship Ronda holds now wouldn’t exist without them.

Ronda has a turn to speak, and she admits that she knew the WWE was the Bella’s territory before she came in, and she tried not to judge despite being disappointed at what the divas era once stood for. She admits the sisters did what they could with the time they had in that era, and she really found it great how accepting the Bella’s were of her when they met at WrestleMania. But now she sees the Bella’s are the embodiment of a stereotype and not the driving forces of the Evolution that she said prior. The “Do Nothing Bella’s” as she calls them were only how they were because of the cameras pointed at them, what she calls a desperate attempt for attention. She states they have a minimum amount of talent, leaching off the men in their lives, diluting their movesets, cowards over pioneers, relics of the past waiting to be eviscerated. She knows the Bella’s know she can tear their arms off and beat them with them, and the only thing that can stop her at Evolution from tearing Nikki’s arm off is the referee, who she knows haven’t been very good at holding her back. She threatens to ruin them and regardless of the marketing put into them, she promises to make their names the societal sore it always has been.

Brie looks over Ronda’s comments and claims anyone who thinks they are talent-less and more sound nothing more than jealous. The word Bella, in Brie’s eyes, has done more than what Ronda has done in her entire WWE career, and they are groundbreakers. Nikki states that they have broken down more doors, and Ronda cannot even compare. Ronda has a fiery comeback after referencing to her prior careers, telling Nikki the only door she has knocked down is the one to John Cena’s bedroom, and he soon threw her out. After getting the crowd fired up with such words, she asks if the sisters are coming down to receive their ass whooping or whether she has to come and do it herself. Nikki summons out a security team to try and hold off Ronda, and by time Ronda has thwarted each, the Bella’s have darted out of her view.

A Little later, Bayley is out to manage Finn Balor, as is Alicia Fox with Jinder as the two male superstars compete in a singles match. Balor ends up winning the match, to the adulation of Bayley, not so much to Fox as her alliance cant catch a break. Afterwards there’s a brief encounter between Balor, Lashley and Lashley’s manager Lio Rush. Hes mocked by Rush, but there’s nothing further between them as Bayley and Balor depart while Tyler Breeze is fed to the rebuilt powerhouse.

After that short match, we have yet another women’s moment as WWE Legends Trish Stratus and Lita are in attendance again for RAW, and are out in the ring ahead of their match with Mickie and Alexa in over a weeks time. Lita is first to speak upon Team Bestie entering the ring, welcoming the Philadelphia crowd. The WWE Hall of Famer is home, a week from the historic all women’s Pay Per View. Shes about to speak further to Trish when Mickie and Alexa make a rude entrance, interrupting the upcoming opponents from the stage. Bliss makes a mockery of Lita, praised by Mickie who does her own mockery of Trish. Mickie then adds that their future opponents Lita and Trish have not been in a WWE ring for a Long time, and while the two have been kicking back, she and Alexa have been kicking butt. Alexa calls Trish and Lita’s reunion the epitomy of nostalgia, but nostalgia is fleeting. She views their match as a cake walk. Mickie adds she and Alexa have been working night in night out, and their match will be easy. If Lita and Trish think they will get off their couch and view Alexa and her as warm up or practice for them, they are sadly mistaken. Trish and Lita continually bring up the word practice, then welcome the two to the ring to practice for real. Mickie and Alexa tease sparring with them before Evolution, but back off in expected heel fashion.

Right after the women’s segment, Bayley is walking by her lonesome backstage, approached by Liv Morgan, Sarah Logan and Ruby Riott. Liv and Sarah proceed to mock her as does their captain, who claims all Bayley possesses is the speed to run away from a fight without her BnB buddy Finn Balor or her best friend Sasha Banks. Sarah and Liv join in on laughing at Ruby’s joke before leaving the babyface behind soured. They later go ahead and deface Natalya’s dressing room door, right before Ruby is set to face Natalya one on one.

We then go to the ring where Ruby already is, Liv and Sarah close by. Out comes Natalya, aware shes likely to be jumped by Ruby and her hooligans. She got back up ready for the possibility, first bringing out Bayley. But thats not the only woman joining her on stage and beyond, as out comes Bayleys BFF, a returning Sasha Banks. She and Bayley will watch from ringside as Natalya takes on the Riott Squad captain one on one.

Natalya beats down on Ruby early on in the match, with Ruby sticking herself between the ropes during the whole affair. After Ruby releases herself from the ropes, she kicks Natalya, also hitting the former Divas Champion with a forearm. She tosses Natalya backward to the mat and proceeds with a pin attempt, the first of the match, getting a one count. Ruby applies a headlock to Natalya to follow, having her struggle in it while looking directly at Natalya’s support, Sasha and Bayley at ringside. Natalya tries to break off by hitting multiple elbows but is brought back to the mat by Ruby. Ruby proceeds with the second pin attempt of the match and gets a near fall on this occasion. Ruby mouths off to Bayley and Sasha, taking eyes off Natalya who sneakily rolls Ruby up during the situation, also getting a near fall. Ruby retaliates quick with a rolling elbow, another pin attempt following. Ruby scores another near fall.

Natalya finds the momentum to break off from Rubys follow up hold, arm dragging the Riott Squad leader. She goes for a clothesline but Ruby blocks and hits with a standing STO. Ruby looks again to pin the former Divas Champion, but again gets a near fall. Ruby shoulder tackles Natalya against a corner post pin attempt, her follow up headscissor off the ropes blocked by the veteran who sends her over the ropes and downwards to the floor. Ruby stumbles back to the ring, taking Natalya by her hair. Natalya slaps her, then taking her down by both legs. Natalya applies the sharpshooter to the Riott Squad leader, but the winning result she hoped for is thwarted when Sarah hits the ring to chop block the veteran near to her victory. Natalya wins via Disqualification.

Post match, Sarah and Liv throw out Bayley and Sasha after their attempt to save their ally. The Riott Squad prepare to target Natalya three on one. Bayley and Sasha, however, have recovered and drag Ruby out of the ring, both going after Sarah and Liv after. The two work together to throw off Sarah and Liv, Natalya also suplexing Ruby after her run in. Bayley and Sasha help Natalya back to her feet, standing at either side of the veteran triumphant to end.

(Nia Jax and Ember Moon vs Dana Brooke and Tamina)

(Tamina on RAW Fallout)

(Ronda Rousey, Brie Bella and Nikki Bella Segment)

(Finn Balor w/ Bayley vs Jinder Mahal w/ Alicia Fox feat Lio Rush and Bobby Lashley)

(Lita, Trish Stratus, Mickie James and Alexa Bliss Segment)

(Bayley and the Riott Squad Backstage Segment; Natalya vs Ruby Riott w/ Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan; Sasha Banks Returns)

(Sasha Banks, Natalya and Bayley on RAW Fallout)

Thoughts On:
Women’s Tag: A Week ago i would have NEVER thought that Taminas return would be on RAW over Smackdown, the brand she was originally on. So even though her return could have been built, rather than her show up for a match post commercial break with no entrance, making her return feel as less important as it should, i welcome Tamina being back, and as much as i worry about RAW misusing her like they have with other superstars, its welcome to me for her and Nia to go at it and to be opponents as they were here and will be in the future. They now have literally Smackdown this week and next week and next weeks RAW to establish momentum for EVERY ONE in the battle royal which is short term and not good. It was nice for Dana to get a post match moment despite losing, but i majorly feel bad for her as well. We know her history in past elimination matches and how short she lasts so i wouldn’t be surprised if despite her showcased dedication, that they have her eliminated in seconds at Evolution, a Pay Per View that solely should focus on showing the talent of all women, something that cant be done if someone is to be thrown out of a match right away. Asuka’s presence in that battle royal also has me thinking that this could be WWE sympathizing for Asuka slumping despite her Rumble win and that they are about to rebound her through this match, with every woman in that match becoming her victim as she racks up eliminations. I Also wish the IIconics weren’t in this as they easily could have had some different opponents, and based on boths twitter reactions, they aren’t happy at their place on the PPV either. I Would really like some good encounters in this match, time for everyone and an unpredictable end hopefully.

Lita/Trish/Alexa/Mickie Segment: Minus the pretty hilarious exchange and show of personality at the end from Trish and Lita, i wasn’t a fan of this segment. I Get the heels are evading the babyfaces heading into Evolution so we don’t get a glimpse of the match early, but i wish there was another way to have these opponents encounter heading into Evolution rather than continually recycling in ring interruptions. Regardless its nice to see Trish and Lita on RAW weekly as time narrows heading into this Pay Per View, meaning Mickie and Alexa aren’t being solely relied on to hype their match.

Natalya vs Ruby: I Would have preferred to see Sasha return to get involved in a potential Balor/Bayley storyline, but regardless its good to see her back and it goes to show WWE are trying to get everyone involved and back healthy (hopefully) in time for Evolution. I Liked the match result because it protected both Natalya and Ruby, and from here it looks like its Natalya and Baysha (Bayley and Sasha) vs the Riott Squad at Evolution. While the leaked card turned out to be fake that mentioned Ivory teaming with Bayley and Sasha, i thought Bayleys twitter hints might have made that alliance become a reality for one night, which is a shame because Natalya and Baysha vs the Squad is a match that can easily be done on RAW and more than once too. It doesn’t feel like a PPV match to me, but with Natalya and Baysha not on the Evolution card right now, its obvious this match, if that is whats booked, is giving them solely something.

– Catherine


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