WWE RAW RESULTS: Hatred (and Momentum) Runs Wild Pre Mania (April, 1st 2019)

Greetings All. That time is here. The week of the last WWE broadcasts before WrestleMania, kick-starting as always with RAW. The Go Home Show before the 35th WrestleMania saw (expected) changes to our first time ever women’s main event and plentiful action featuring not just the ladies of RAW but a particular loved duo from Smackdown Live. Lets get to finding out all that happened shall we?

As their social media promised, RAW would kick off with the presence of Stephanie McMahon. McMahon was in the April Fools Spirit by joking about the WrestleMania related announcement being that she would be added to the women’s main event as a competitor, then switched to all serious to break the true announcement, that at WrestleMania, the triple threat match between Becky, Ronda and Charlotte would be now a Winner Takes All Match, the victor scoring all the titles.

We move from there to later on for the first women’s related match of the evening, a multi team clash as Women’s Tag Team Champions Sasha Banks and Bayley join WrestleMania Opponents Natalya and Beth Phoenix to take on also WrestleMania Opponents Tamina and Nia Jax and Peyton Royce and Billie Kay, in what is Kay and Royce’s RAW debut, their first match on the red brand. Bayley and Sasha and Natalya and Beth get televised entrances for the said match, with Nia especially looking disinterest at the added presence of Natalya and fellow veteran Beth Phoenix. Beth, however, wont be getting at Nia over it, as Sasha is starting off the match against Peyton.

Peyton locks up with Sasha, taking her to a corner that she knees her against. Sasha responds back with a chop and arm drag, performing a second arm drag before tagging Bayley. The two take Peyton to the ropes then arm drag her towards the ring center, where the two perform a double elbow drop. Bayley tries to capitalize with a pin attempt on the Aussie, who kicks out at one. Bayley targets Peyton’s arm briefly after before allowing back in Sasha. Bayley helps Sasha off her feet after they whip Peyton to the ropes, lifting Sasha towards a charging Peyton, with Peyton running into an elevated Sasha’s kick. Before Sasha can try and mimic Bayley earlier with a pin attempt, the Aussie has made it to her own corner, tagging in her fellow Aussie, Billie Kay.

Billie charges to Sasha, who avoids her offense and sends her to the mat jaw first via a drop toe hold instead. Sasha rams Billie face first into the corners top turnbuckle, then Natalya tags in, snap suplexing Billie from the corner. The Queen of Harts has her own pin attempt on Billie, ending with Billie kicking out at one. Natalya proceeds with a tag to Beth, with the two soon attempting a double hip toss to Billie, who lands on her feet, trying to reach to her own side to no avail as shes hoisted away by the Glamazon. Both Beth and Natalya hurtle Billie backwards to the mat by her hair, then Beth attempts a pin, getting a near fall. Beth obstructs Billie from climbing to Peyton, twisting at her arm after blocking her path then elevating her into the air. Peyton dashes in, pulling her fellow Aussie free of the Glamazon, but she and Billies attempt to attack after is thwarted by Bayley and Sasha, who take down the pair. A form of disagreement appears to be ongoing between Bayley and Sasha and Natalya and Beth, as the two argue with their fellow duo in the ring heading into the break.

When we return, momentum remains on the babyface side, as Bayley takes Billie down in the ring with a clothesline. Bayley follows with a back elbow to Billie in the corner, her next offense missing as Peyton pulls Billie out of the way. Billie turns back to block a double boot from Bayley, twisting her in the direction of the ropes though being knocked away by a single elbow. Bayley tries to deal with Peyton on the outside but Peyton scurries away. The minor distraction helps Billie, who boots Bayley to the ringside floor. Peyton tags, chucks Bayley to the ring and attempts to pin after a few forearms, again ending with a near fall result. After a result debate, Peyton tags in Billie, and the two team up briefly on Bayley. Billie closes off their signature pose to try to pin Bayley, but she kicks out once again at two.

Peyton is tagged back in, and helps Billie lob Bayley into the corner turnbuckle before hitting the ring. Peyton then chokes Bayley against the selected corner with her foot, taunting toward the babyfaces after then extending her free hand to Tamina and Nia while dragging Bayley with the other. The disinterest remains with Nia, as it does with Tamina as both escape the apron, leaving the IIconics to do work. A Newly tagged in Billie is sent through the ropes by Bayley, but she recovers quick and bursts into an argument with Tamina and Nia before climbing back to the ring. Bayley snaps Billie against the ropes upon her return, then tries to reach to Sasha. Beth has had enough of the selective-ness and shoves Sasha away and takes the tag instead, up against Peyton.

Beth drives Peyton to the heel corner, also forearming her against it. After snapmaring Peyton away from the corner, Beth executes a clothesline, also forearming Billie off the apron before interventions can be undertaken. Beth sneaks a kick also to Nia before turning focus back to the match, ducking Peyton’s clothesline and slamming her to the mat back first. Beth looks to follow up but tumbles through the ropes courtesy of Tamina pulling at them. Beth rises from the floor soon after and takes out her fury on Tamina, spearing her through the barricade, and both Sasha and Natalya are shown to be showing concern. Peyton, however, capitalizes, picking up Beth from the rubble and forcing her back to the ring. She triggers Beth after a few slaps, and is subjected to the Hall of Famers Glam Slam finish. Following the maneuver, Beth covers and pins the fellow title contender. Beth, Natalya, Bayley and Sasha win the match.

Later is the pre booked women’s tag team match, yes another, but with WrestleMania related implications. Charlotte and Becky will team with the RAW Women’s Champion (and their opponent) Ronda Rousey against the Riott Squad, and whomever disobeys their tag team partner or attempts betrayal will be out of the women’s main event. The Riott Squad, including their leader Ruby, who is all too familiar with Ronda, emerges, then Becky, then Charlotte then Ronda lastly. Charlotte is selected to start the match against Ruby.

Charlotte takes momentum early with a knee to the Riott Squad captain, then tossing her by her hair to the mat. Charlotte follows with chops before choking Ruby against a nearby rope, close enough to her partners too thus Becky makes the tag. After some clear mockery towards Charlotte, Becky blocks attempted offense from Ruby, kicking at the Riott Squad captain before having her headlock quickly loosened. Ruby sends Becky to the ropes, following after her and taking her down via a shoulder block. Ruby goes for a pin but shades of Old Becky show with the matrix style rise off the canvas, followed with a back kick to the surprised Ruby’s midsection. Becky dropkicks Ruby but doesn’t get to do more as she bails to ringside, to Sarah and Liv.

When we return, momentum is switched to the side of the heels as Sarah takes Becky in her grip. Becky tries punching out but is whipped to a corner by Sarah. Sarah follows by charging to Becky, who raises her boot, which Sarah runs into. Becky hits her flying firearm then forearms Sarah. Sarah manages to climb to her own corner and tags Ruby, who blocks a kick by Becky. Beck makes up for it by hitting her enziguiri, and with Ruby groggy, Sarah is quick to take her place and tags back in. Sarah hits hard with a knee to Becky, then applies another hold to the Mania main eventer. Becky arm drags out, then ducks the offense of a tagged in Liv Morgan to take the rest of the Squad off the apron. Clotheslines follow to the Lone Liv, as does a leg lariat. Sarah re enters the ring and takes an exploder suplex off Becky, as does Liv mere seconds later. Becky covers Liv and gets a near fall.

Before Becky can fire up, shes pulled into Liv’s schoolgirl package pin, ending in a near fall result. Becky is ready to place Liv in her disarmer, but Charlotte tags in as Becky whirls Liv around, though all that happens is a standoff as Ronda tags in as the two get argumentative. Ronda steps in, but finds herself also arguing with Charlotte. Liv tries to roll up the RAW Women’s Champ, to no avail. Within seconds, Livs arm is snapped by the armbreaker of Ronda, with her immediately tapping out. Charlotte, Ronda and Becky win the match, but in no way will they celebrate as teammates.

Immediately after her easy win, Ronda goes after Charlotte. Becky tries to tear the fellow opponents apart from each other, and the brawl gets majorly heated, to the point where actual police have to restrain and handcuff each woman. The three are brought to the back, though it doesn’t simmer the heat, after Becky and Ronda are unintelligently placed in the same car as each other. They scrap in the back, and missed shots to Becky’s head lead to the car window being smashed. Becky is hauled away from Ronda, but awaiting in the new police car is Charlotte, and she tries to go at Becky handcuffed. Ronda turns attention away from them by driving the car into another police car. Before Ronda can return to the fight, shes forced back in by the police force, as is Becky into another car. Charlotte gets to sneak a lethal looking knee strike to Ronda before the same happens to her. Becky and Ronda are driven well away while the remainder continue to hold back the also handcuffed Charlotte.

Alexa Bliss, still your WrestleMania host, is also featured in a segment with Braun, EC3 and Tyler Breeze this week. Dana Brooke gets to speak in an unaired exclusive about her set participation in Sundays Women’s Battle Royal, as does Mickie James about her new single release.

(Stephanie McMahon Segment)

(Natalya, Beth Phoenix, Bayley and Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax, Tamina, Billie Kay and Peyton Royce)

(Bayley and Sasha Banks on RAW Fallout)

(Liv Morgan, Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan vs Becky Lynch, Charlotte and Ronda Rousey)

(Alexa Bliss, EC3, Tyler Breeze and Braun Strowman Backstage Segment)

(Mickie James on RAW Fallout)

(Dana Brooke on RAW Fallout)

Thoughts On:
Multi Team Tag Match: I was surprised there wasn’t any in ring work from Nia and Tamina this week. Maybe its a reason disclosed, maybe not. Maybe they are saving Nia and Beth interactions for Sunday as a speciality? I don’t know, but either way a good match, with Peyton also saving a misstep from Sasha noticeably. While the babyfaces winning would usually mean a heel team winning on Sunday, it was specifically Beth who pinned Peyton, so that doesn’t reduce odds (i wouldn’t think?) for Boss n Hug. It made sense for Beth to win in her return match too, and to give the audience a reminder of the power of the Glamazon. Hopefully we’ll see what she couldn’t pull out during her era this Sunday as well, and maybe even beyond?

Becky/Charlotte/Ronda vs Liv/Ruby/Sarah: Well it seems that the utilization of the women’s division right now means Ruby and Co had to be sacrificed for the top women’s momentum again, as demonstrated here. It was inevitable for the main eventers to win here, as the Squad getting the win wouldn’t be followed up on, and they wouldn’t book a win over their first women main eventers anyway. I was more interested in the entertaining brawl that followed to be fair, which really capitalized on showing how tense the heat is between the select three heading into Sunday.

– Catherine


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