WWE RAW RESULTS: New Day. New Champion. New Opportunities (April, 8th 2019)

Monday presented us the beginning of the WrestleMania fallout, and as always, a loud crowd. Along came the Post Mania RAW, and there’s a lot to take in, including new champions, with Becky Lynch amongst those names. The first female WrestleMania main event winner and now double champion is set to speak on the Post Mania episode, plus an in ring return!

Via Twitter, Alexa Bliss had openly mocked Bayley and Sasha Banks over their defeat this past Sunday at WrestleMania which saw the IIconics surprisingly become the Women’s Tag Team Champions. The Host of WrestleMania is now turning attention back to the ring for her in ring return, and will face one of the members of Boss n Hug Connection, turning out to be Bayley, with Sasha not present.

Alexa ensues with further mockery once Bayley is in the ring, and gets a forearm for it. Bayley angrily plants the face of Alexa against a corner turnbuckle and hits rapid fists too before Alexa escapes the corner, trying to charge back only to be dropped against the same turnbuckle. Bayley leads Alexa to the ropes, readies a neckbreaker but Alexa escapes the set up and pulls Bayley to ringside, hitting her there with a hard right hand. Alexa then forces Bayley back to the ring, attacking her back then switching to a headlock. Bayley tries to fight out but is sent back to the mat by Alexa, who then slaps her as she regroups in a corner. Alexa is lobbed into that same corner by Bayley after repeated kicks, tackled against it by the former women’s champion. Bayley tries to follow up only to be knocked back by Alexa, who then sunset flips and tries to get Bayley over, only for Bayley to sit on her to counter instead, suspiciously having a hand on the nearby rope during that too. The ref notices and no count ensues. Following the short debate, Bayley knees Alexa hard then knocks her into a corner by the back of her neck. Bayley follows with a new pin attempt but Alexa gets her hand on the nearby rope, cancelling it out after two.

Alexa heads out to the ring, Bayley following behind her. Alexa kicks Bayley while climbing back in, separating herself from Bayley for a time. Bayley makes it back in, but steps into an immediate DDT set up by Alexa. Alexa connects with her DDT finish and pins Bayley. Alexa wins the match.

Later is the first reaction from Becky Lynch upon becoming the Smackdown and RAW Women’s Champion at WrestleMania, having defeated Charlotte and Ronda Rousey to do so. After a recap of the first wrestlemania women’s main event, we go to present day to see Becky elated at the fans respect for her. She remembers working in a bar nine years ago not far from the current arena, and now shes Becky 2 Belts. For months, Charlotte and Ronda blurted out about their bigger resumes, but at wrestlemania, when all was said and done, the woman walking in with nothing left with everything. She knows she isn’t the strongest and most athletic there but she does have a good theme song that the crowd happen to be singing. She knows leaving home at 15 years old taught her to survive, and she will always persist, overcome and find a way to win in the end. She has a message for Ronda, that she will be waiting to slap her empty head off her shoulders when she comes back. As for Charlotte, she can foresee the McMahons handing her the tag titles just so she can get over losing to her again. Regarding the divisions, she knows shes a marked woman, the redhead leather waiting to slap the heads off all of them.

Becky poses with the belts and is about to head to the back when Lacey Evans approaches, and shes not turning to the back in the end of her usual walk this time, as she goes on to punch Becky in the face. A Brawl breaks out all the way to the stage that Lacey eventually escapes.

And lastly we see Dana Brooke in a backstage segment with Sarah Schreiber. She gives Becky her congratulations for becoming the RAW and Smackdown Women’s Champion, the Champ Champ. As seen with Lacey Evans, a line is forming of women looking to challenge her. She knows shes not in the front, but shes not in the back of it anymore. If there’s opportunity for her in the title picture, she will seize that moment. With that being said, she wants to once more congratulate Becky Lynch.

(Bayley vs Alexa Bliss)

(Becky Lynch and Lacey Evans Segment)

(Dana Brooke Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On:
Bayley/Alexa: I’m glad Alexa is back in the ring and with it being a week before the next shake up, usually whomever loses is heading to the opposite brand the week after. Im not sure if thats actually the case for Bayley, nor would i see them even try to split her and Sasha considering they are probably the biggest team outside of the champions in the tag division. What i do find interesting however is Bayley’s use of heel tactics in the match, even against a heel. Could Boss n Hug become so frustrated at losing that they turn them or do a double turn with them and the IIconics? Or maybe they go heel and go after any face team trying to chase the titles? I honestly don’t know but if a Bayley heel turn is on the cards, lets see how long it lasts. I just hope people don’t forget how big of a babyface Bayley could have been and can be if it does occur.

Becky and Lacey Segment: So there’s been rumors for a while that Lacey was in line with a big push, but i don’t know if thats related to what went on here, but i guess its debatable whether Lacey and Becky feuding was foreseeable or not foreseeable. Either way, Lacey in the title picture, and possibly Dana, is a breath of fresh air for the division, as women who have usually had nothing to do, or have been enhancement in the past, are now being allowed to step up and be in positions they usually aren’t in, with no person with a once undefeated streak to crash their momentum. I’m not sure if Dana is entirely in the title picture, but something must be coming for her, if its not nixed within weeks again. But i really do welcome Lacey and Dana being utilized.

– Catherine


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