WWE WRESTLEMANIA 35 RESULTS: Surprises, Bliss and Triumph in History Making Showdown (April, 7th 2019)

Welcome all to this years WrestleMania 35 report, a report on a PPV that appeared pleasing for many with plentiful babyface outcomes. Amongst the many matches this show delivered, we didn’t just have three women’s matches to view, but the first ever women’s main event. The Kickoff graced us with a women’s battle royal, while the main card presented Sasha Banks and Bayleys defense of their Women’s Tag Team Titles against Nia Jax and Tamina, Beth Phoenix and Natalya and the IIconics. And as hyped immensely, the main event would be Ronda Rousey vs Charlotte vs Becky Lynch in a Winner Takes All Match for the Smackdown and RAW Women’s Championship.

Firstly to the Kickoff show and its the women’s battle royal. Featured in that match are Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville, Nikki Cross, Lana, Carmella, Naomi, Zelina Vega, Asuka, Dana Brooke, Mickie James, Sarah Logan, Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan, Maria Kanellis, Candice LeRae, Kairi Sane and a returning Ember Moon. The Match is guest announced by Lilian Garcia. Naomi and Asuka are the only ones to get own entrances. When the bell rings, a brawl breaks out, as everyone goes after selective opponents. After being chased by a rabid Nikki Cross around the ring, Maria is the first to go over the ropes and is the first eliminated. Candice kicks Cross and tries to suplex her over the top rope but Cross counters and gets Candice onto the apron, before being seized by Asuka. Cross yells in the face of Asuka and gets kicked for it. Asuka sends Cross over the top rope then hits a hip attack on the other side to eliminate Candice LeRae, before doing the same on the other side to take Cross out of the match. As Mandy is assisted by Lana in trying to get Asuka over the ropes, Naomi and Ember come face to face, and after Naomi slides under Ember, shes sent across the ring via an arm drag. Naomi comes back with a hurricanrana, as well as a springboard dropkick off the second rope. Lana tries to come between them but is forearmed by Naomi then Eclipsed by Ember. Ember takes Naomi over the top rope after but is knocked back by her high kick. Dana tries to throw a forearm at Naomi, but Naomi stays on, until shes snapped against the top rope by Ember. Naomi has been eliminated.

Mandy charges over, throwing Ember over the top rope but she stays hanging. Ember forearms Mandy away then Eclipses her after bringing herself to the top rope. Her celebrations are cut short when Sonya rushes by and throws Ember over the top rope, though again she stays hanging. Ember forearms Sonya, shoulder tackles her between the ropes then brings herself to the top rope once more, but no Eclipse awaits for Sonya as Lana pushes Ember to the floor. Ember has been eliminated. Kairi meets Lana in the middle of the ring, chopping her in the chest before Lana comes back with own offense only to be taken down by her later Alabama Slam. Kairi’s about to leap from the top rope when Sarah starts messing with the ropes. Sarah sends down Kairi, but not to the floor as she presumes as Kairi clenches the ropes and hangs on. Sarah turns her attention to Lana, who tries to embrace her for the assist against Kairi. However Lana is then ganged up on by the Riott Squad, before Sarah tosses her with ease out of the ring. Lana has been eliminated. Kairi then comes back with payback for Sarah, in the form of the flying kabuki elbow. Shes then ganged up on also by the Riott Squad, with Ruby delivering a final superkick whilst Kairi is on the apron to eliminate her. Carmella comes in to superkick Liv and Ruby, before being thrown to a corner by Sarah, who dropkicks her against it. Zelina kicks Sarah in the midsection next, as well as her back, then teaming with her fellow squad members to try and eliminate her to no avail. They briefly tag on Asuka, then on Dana who gets some loud chants. Dana fights them all off and manages to eliminate Ruby as well as Liv. Zelina then climbs onto Dana’s back but is hurled to the mat by Dana, who looks for her handspring back elbow in the corner to Zelina only for Zelina to kick her along the way. Zelina attacks Dana against the same corner but is then taken down by Mandy. With Sonya helping, Mandy gets Zelina over the top rope then on the floor. Zelina has been eliminated.

Dana goes after Sonya and Mandy, getting Mandy onto her shoulder before Sonya pulls her free. Dana goes after them again but ends up on the apron, with a lethal kick from Sonya then clearing her off. Dana has been eliminated. They celebrate then gang up on Mickie, who comes back with a headscissor to try and get Mandy onto the floor. She manages to get Mandy over the top rope before a superkick from her knocks Mandy to the floor. Mandy has been eliminated. Before Mickie can do anything else, Sonya shoulder tackles the former Women’s Champion through the ropes. Mickie has been eliminated. She ends up face to face next with Asuka and Sonya. Asuka uses kicks against both Sonya and Sarah, and after a hip attack to Sonya, she drives both to the mat via a double bulldog. She gets Sonya over the top rope and fights off Sarah, who grips her from behind. Asuka trips Sonya, causing her elimination before Sonya sends the Empress herself over the top rope and to the floor. Asuka has been eliminated. Sarah is sure to have won, but waiting nearby is Carmella, shades of last year with Bayley and Naomi. She takes Carmella down with a clothesline and looks to haul her over the top rope but Carmella stays gripped to the top rope. Carmella gets free, throwing Sarah over the top rope and when her legs fail to knock Sarah off the apron, a superkick does. Carmella wins the match.

Its then to the main card, and lets not forget she who will host the event all night, Alexa Bliss. Bliss emerges early in the show, and has some surprises that she can deliver at the click of a finger, including Hulk Hogan who comes out to pose with her.

In one of the later hours for the Women’s Tag Team Championship Match. Sasha Banks and Bayley defend the Women’s Tag Team Championship against Tamina and Nia Jax, Beth Phoenix and Natalya and the IIconics Billie Kay and Peyton Royce. The Retired former Divas Champion Paige is guest commentating for the match. Each team gets entrances, with Bret Hart appearing on the stage for Beth and Natalya’s, a day after he was inducted into the Hall of Fame alongside the late Jim Neidhart, making Bret a 2x Hall of Famer in the Process.

The match sees Tamina start off against Bayley, with the IIconics not wanting to incur her wrath and staying well away. When Tamina keeps up momentum, Beth comes in with a behind attack and Sasha and Natalya spill into the ring as well as Nia. The Once known Divas of Doom then take Nia to the outside, launching her into one of the set steel steps. Bayley stops a newly tagged in Peyton’s moment of momentum and tags in Sasha, with the two tagging against her briefly. Peyton avoids a later knee and rolls up Sasha, and after the one count result, kicks her. However that doesn’t put away Sasha either, kicking out of another attempt at two. Billie tags in, teaming with Peyton against Sasha before Sasha ruins the Iconic pose moment with a roll up that Billie kicks out of, resuming offense. The two team on Sasha again, with Bayley also elbowed off the apron, but its only enough to get the newly tagged in Peyton a two count. After another pin attempt, Sasha starts her comeback, first with a knee to the jaw then an elevated dropkick with some help from Bayley, who has been tagged in. Beth tags in but also runs into a kick by Sasha. Bayley tries to go further with offense until Billie tags and dashes in for a pin that Beth kicks out of. Billie rains down fists before another pin attempt that the Hall of Famer kicks out of at two.

Peyton tags in, running the face of Beth into Billie’s knee. Beth, however, kicks out again at two. Billie tags in but she and Peyton’s suplex is countered by Beth, who executes her own to both ladies. Natalya tags in, hitting the Hart Attack but having her pin attempt end at two when Bayley intervenes. Natalya takes Sasha to the mat via a waistlock takedown before Beth is back in to resume work, though Bayley makes the save, only to be forearmed after by Beth. Beth whips Sasha and Bayley into one corner, missing a corner splash and running into Sasha’s kick. Sasha executes a headscissor then locks the Bank Statement on Beth, who powers through and readies a Glam Slam for Sasha, which is countered, leading to Beth being hurtled instead into a corner. Natalya tags in, releases herself from the prior double leg takedown she had Sasha set up in and clotheslines Bayley instead. Natalya drops Sasha atop Bayley then executes a double sharpshooter. No one taps as back in comes Tamina, kicking the side of Natalya’s face. Beth makes the save only to be attacked by Nia, who then tosses Beth from the ring to follow up from a double headbutt. She and Tamina then block offense attempted by Peyton and Billie, Samoan dropping the Aussies. The two tease a double supafly splash to Bayley and Sasha, until Beth pushes Nia to the floor. Tamina charges on the outside to Beth and Natalya, and into their double clothesline. However, the two are also soon taken down by jumping double knees from Sasha. Boss n Hug return to the ring to hit their elbow drop and frog splash combo to Beth, though even that doesn’t take the Glamazon out, as she fights out of Sasha’s instant pin attempt at two.

Bayley and Sasha gang up on Beth on the ropes, until Natalya takes Sasha away from Beth. Natalya powerbombs Sasha, both clearing from the ring after. Beth then pays tribute to her spot with Eve Torres from years back, doing a high up Glam Slam to Bayley. However shes thrown away before the pin attempt by the IIconics and Billie throws herself on Bayley instead to pin. Billie and Peyton win the match, becoming the new women’s tag team champions.

And then is the main event. Flown in by Helicopter first is the Smackdown Women’s Champion, adorned in a new robe before making her entry into the Metlife Stadium for the first ever women’s main event of WrestleMania. As she makes her way there, Joan Jett is on stage and performs Ronda’s theme song as the RAW Women’s Champion makes her way to the ring for her possible last ever defense of the championship. Out secondly is Charlotte, then lastly, the much popular Becky Lynch.

Ronda takes offense from Becky to start, but fights both off, taking the fight to the outside, her momentum ended by an outside exploder suplex from Charlotte. Longtime enemies Becky and Charlotte then go at it in the ring, a forearm exchange ended by a kick to Becky from Charlotte. Charlotte tries to use the disarmer on Becky, turned into a pin attempt instead which ends at a count of one. After a fist to the throat, Becky tries to use the figure four, but is kicked toward the ropes by Charlotte. Both are groggy when Ronda returns, knocking down Charlotte and kicking Becky in the face. Ronda’s lethal arm drag to Becky doesn’t go any further, as Charlotte steps in and knees Ronda. Charlynch attempt a double powerbomb but Ronda places herself upside down on the ropes, an armbar applied to Charlotte, as Becky gets herself free. Becky makes the save with a dropkick from behind that gets Ronda off Charlotte. Charlotte takes over with a backbreaker and knee to Becky, but doesn’t pin her. She rains down stomps and more after, going later for a moonsault that Becky blocks with elevated knees, transitioning into the disarmer. However Ronda is back in to break it up, and seeks using her own armbar on Becky. Charlotte makes the quick save, hitting a knee to Ronda. Charlotte covers both ladies after a double natural selection, but both power out at two.

Charlotte is left with Ronda, coming back from a few punches with chops. Ronda mocks her over it, and gets one to the face. Shes met with a kick from Ronda in response, an armbar attempt however turned into a Boston crab by Charlotte. Becky runs in and breaks it up by sending Charlotte to the mat, then spiking her and Ronda, though both kick out of her pin attempts at two. Becky back kicks Charlotte, coming back after from Charlotte’s retaliating offense, including uppercuts in that offense. Becky runs into a forearm but rebounds with a whip reversal, only for Charlotte to float to the outside, booting Becky down to the mat after. Becky connects with a high up exploder suplex later, only enough to get her a near fall on Charlotte however. Ronda is soon high up, and delivers her own maneuver, a crossbody to Becky and Charlotte, unable however to pin either as both kick out at two. Ronda arm drags both women to follow, following with a double armbreaker attempt only for Becky and Charlotte to force her off the mat, powerbombing her a total of three times. Charlotte throws Becky out then throws herself over Ronda to try and pin, but gets a near fall.

Charlotte sees Becky resurface, trying to shoulder tackle her between the ropes, only to miss and eat a kick instead. Becky evades a boot by Charlotte and connects with a flatliner for a near fall. With Charlotte out for a time, Becky turns all focus to Ronda, applying a disarmer to the RAW Women’s Champion and trying all she can to keep her away from the ropes. Unfortunately Ronda reaches and soon forces Becky to a corner back first. Ronda tries to attack again but hits the corner post instead. Becky applies an armbar, not lasting long due to a sneaked in kick by Charlotte. Charlotte meets her on the ropes and connects with the Spanish Fly, but to her dismay, just gets a near fall to follow. Ronda is back in, but is soon suplexed by Charlotte. Becky tries to pull Charlotte away from Ronda but ends up hitting a corner instead, then booted to the floor by Charlotte, who targets Ronda’s knee just moments after. Becky ends an outside figure four by kicking Charlotte, but is thrown to the barricade for her intervention. Charlotte enters the ring, teasing another figure four and possibly the figure eight, yanked into a new pin attempt from Ronda instead, ending in a near fall result.

Ronda is caught in the figure eight, but it doesn’t last, as Becky drops in, leg dropping onto them during the submission attempt. Becky brings a table into play, but during set up, Charlotte hits her from behind. Charlotte plants Becky’s head against the table, then laying her atop it before teasing her next moonsault. Becky gets up, readying a powerbomb but Ronda attacks. Charlotte hits the floor and an disapproving Ronda shoves away the table. Becky tries for the disarmer on Ronda but both are speared instead by Charlotte. Frustration seeps for Charlotte as she covers both Ronda and Becky, only to see them kick out. Charlotte gets the table up against the corner and bashes Ronda against it repeatedly, before being taken away from that corner by Becky, who is speared in the process. A Pin attempt follows and Becky fights out at two. Charlotte tries another spear but both Becky and Ronda toss her in the direction of the table, breaking it slightly. Its then that Becky and Ronda are face to face, with fast fists being thrown. Ronda goes for Pipers Pit, but Becky counters into a (odd looking) pin attempt, and PINS Ronda. Becky wins the match, becoming the RAW and Smackdown Women’s Champion.

(WrestleMania Womens Battle Royal)

(Carmella Backstage Exclusive)

(Billie Kay and Peyton Royce vs Tamina and Nia Jax vs Beth Phoenix and Natalya vs Bayley and Sasha Banks; Women’s Tag Team Championship Match)

(Peyton Royce and Billie Kay Backstage Exclusive)

(Charlotte vs Becky Lynch vs Ronda Rousey; Winner Takes All Match for the RAW and Smackdown Womens Championship)

(Becky Lynch Exclusive Segment)

Thoughts On:
Battle Royal: I was surprised at the lack of NXT entrants and that it wasn’t 30 women but instead 17, but i guess they only had “so much time”. Glad to see Ember back, though i thought it felt absolutely lackluster that she was just there, didn’t get an entrance to herself for her return match, on that stage of all places. Also Foxy was in attendance and appeared to be in gear, so why didn’t they use her? LOVED that the crowd had appreciation for Dana. Whether thats come out of the treatment she got vs Ronda or maybe those in the crowd gained respect through her Chasing Glory interview, i don’t know, but its about time she got appreciated, got time in a battle royal and wasn’t the first eliminated. I was all for her winning so Carmella winning was surprising but had me gutted at the same time. I wouldn’t have minded Sarah winning either. Also, what does Asuka not winning mean for her direction wise?

Women’s Tag Title Match: I thought this was an overall good match, but never expected the outcome we got with the IIconics winning, though absolutely thrilled with it. I loved the nod back to years back with Beth’s high up Glam Slam, a move only Eve had taken up until Sunday. I expected the nod to the Hart Foundation with the representing gears from the Divas of Doom as well, and adding Bret to the entrance was understandable and logical timing wise. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sasha and Bayley head to Smackdown to get their rematch, but i have to ask what happens to the IIconics from here? Do they lose them in a rematch? Do they keep them and become the team relied on to go also to NXT and work with teams there, including lesser experienced women, something i thought Bayley and Sasha would be relied on to do? Who will challenge them if Boss n Hug don’t crash their reign? So many questions, but so happy for the IIconics getting their moment. They are as passionate as a team as Boss n Hug themselves and have worked hard as well to get that moment. Lets hope a long reign is in store and thumbs up to whoever decided for them to win.

Women’s Main Event: First of all, regardless of the inclusion of the Smackdown Women’s Title and how it left Asuka in the battle royal that she couldn’t even win as a result, im proud to have watched the women main event WM. The match was good, and loved each entrance as well. I’m glad they went with Becky winning rather than crush all her build for Ronda. The finish was abrupt and flat in my opinion, with rumors that it was botched, though also debated to be otherwise as well. Either way, as much as i would have preferred her to submit Ronda or Charlotte, im glad Ronda took the fall and experienced her first loss in WWE to be honest after the whole invincibility thing got tiring. I’m still off on the idea of the titles being unified and that title being a part of the match overall, so heres hoping they aren’t unified and Becky defends the RAW one on RAW and the Smackdown one on Smackdown so she can drop one of them in future so Smackdown can have its individual title back. Coming out of RAW, its great to say we have some actual fresh challengers being built for Becky, and that the division is freed up from being enhancement to someones streak. And last but not least, Congratulations Becky!!!

– Catherine


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