WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: Underdog Returns for Post Mania Momentum (April, 19th 2019)

Welcome to this past weeks Main Event report. As part of the B Side Show, Dana Brooke, who seemed to be getting a hinted push Post WrestleMania, is back in action for the first time since WrestleMania, and the much supported member of the RAW Women’s Division is taking on a newly solo Tamina.

Making her way to the ring firstly is Dana, getting a pop from the audience pre RAW, a week or so clear of her participation in the WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal, where she received such fanfare for eliminating Liv and Ruby of the Riott Squad. Out is Tamina secondly, now solo due to Nia Jax’s announced ACL injury.

The two lock up to begin, and Tamina’s clear power advantage comes into play, easily shoving away Dana and near to a corner. Tamina mocks Dana’s taunt as Dana gets herself back on her feet, attempting a waistlock on Tamina after avoiding the secondary lock up attempt. Tamina swings back at Dana, hitting a back elbow. Tamina follows by targeting Dana’s left arm, but Dana soon cartwheels and forearms Tamina in the face. Tamina fires back quickly, bringing Dana to a corner that she kicks her against. Dana kicks back more than once, adding on forearms before Tamina overturns her whip attempt, drawing her into a short arm clothesline. Tamina throws her to the outside but Dana soon looks to rebound upon rolling into the ring, only to be pursued by Tamina, who throws instant forearms down at her before utilizing corner turnbuckles to send her head first into. Dana counters later on by taking Tamina into a corner instead, shoulder tackling her against it. The fiery offense of Dana soon ends when Tamina takes her down to the mat. Tamina throws Dana back to the outside, additionally ensuring she stays when she knocks Dana off the apron upon her attempt to climb back in. Dana still comes back regardless, but walks into Tamina’s slam attempt. Tamina hits it, then covering Dana as she executes the first pin attempt of the match, ending with her getting a near fall.

Tamina tries to wear out Dana with a side headlock applied, but Dana musters energy to force herself upright, also throwing elbows at Tamina. Dana gets free, running the ropes instantly only to be clotheslined to the mat by Tamina. Tamina goes back to the headlock after brief shots to Dana’s chest, Dana fights out via a standing jawbreaker, also booting Tamina away as she tries to attack while shes resting against a corner. Tamina tries to make a move again only for Dana to elbow her away, creating more distance. Dana then ducks a clothesline, connecting after with an enziguiri then a handspring back elbow. Dana follows both moves with a running bulldog towards the center, covering Tamina afterward, though the opposer kicks out at two. Dana gets a near fall.

Dana runs the ropes again, running into another move from Tamina, this time a powerslam. Tamina covers instantly after bringing Dana to the mat, but Dana stays resilient, fighting out again at two, resulting in a near fall. Tamina chucks Dana across the ring with ease, shades of her partner, Nia. Knees follow to the chest of Dana, then a whip to an opposite corner. Tamina elevates Dana onto both shoulders after her corner collision, teasing the Samoan Drop but Dana slips free and rolls up Tamina, pinning her. Dana wins the match.

(Tamina vs Dana Brooke)

Thoughts On This Match:
Though i wish Dana had been on RAW, its nice to see Dana being utilized on TV nonetheless. While ignoring the utterly uncalled for comments from Sam Roberts, i thought this match was good, and that Dana played her role well here of being resilient, of continuing to get in the ring and fight against the easily imposing Tamina regardless of usual disadvantage, and making comebacks regardless of everything Tamina quickly launched back at her. Tamina worked well as the heel who used her experience and power advantage to overcome Dana continuously, thus Dana had to resort to the roll up finish because its unknown as to whether her finisher would have worked on Tamina. The crowd received Dana well once again, which is also welcome. With Smackdown filling with star power, RAW now has to utilize Tamina and Dana so lets hope something is coming thats useful for both of them, especially since Dana’s reactions and her resiliency and passion needs to be recognized, and Tamina will desperately need something due to Nia being sidelined.

– Catherine


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