WWE RAW RESULTS: Veterans and More Score MITB Spot with Some Pre MITB Scrapping Ensuing (April, 29th 2019)

Welcome all to this weeks RAW report. This week we finally find out whom on the RAW side will secure a spot in the next Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match, where the victor earns a future Women’s Championship Opportunity. To announce just that is Alexa Bliss, plus we have the escalation of tensions between Money in the Bank Opposers Becky Lynch and Lacey Evans.

Alexa, who had announced the Mens Participants on the RAW side for the Mens MITB ladder match, returns later in the night, this time on the stage for her second installment of a Moment of Bliss. She reminds the audience that she indeed announced who out of the men from RAW would compete in the Mens Money in the Bank ladder match, and now shes moving onto the women.

The first woman she brings out, the first woman added to the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match, is Natalya. Natalya goes over how shes never been the RAW Women’s Champion, promising all will change when she wins the contract. Alexa quickly tries to move to the subject of who next will take a spot in the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match, announcing that the next woman will compete in the stipulated match for the first time in her career, Dana Brooke.

Dana voices excitement upon arrival, and she cannot believe that opportunity is happening. She calls it her chance to jump in the front of the line, and turns herself to Natalya when expressing how shes told to wait at the back of the line. Natalya asks Dana if shes accusing her of being the one to hold her back, believing her body language tells her so. Dana says that, to no offense, Natalya is always given opportunities, but Natalya is sure that Dana means to offend, and adds that she has earned everything shes been given in WWE. Alexa cuts in on the twos arguments, seeming to notice that the two aren’t seeing eye to eye but wanting them to take their catty arguments outside of her show so she can move to the third competitor announcement.

The third competitor is a recent addition to Monday Night RAW, Naomi. A Happy Naomi comes out, remembering the times where she had been the Smackdown Women’s Champion, but now shes on RAW, her focus is on being the RAW Women’s Champion. She promises to climb the ladder and retrieve the contract, and whomever is the champion is going to get all of her glow. Dana tries to cut in on Naomi, as does Natalya, as shes been waiting on opportunities too. Dana and Natalya begin to argue again, this time over who will be champion, when Alexa puts them all on blast for arguing while there’s another women waiting in line, hoping she will be announced for the Ladder Match opportunity. She tells them to stop fighting for the sanity and dignity of the women’s division, then moves onto announcing the final competitor on the RAW side for the Women’s MITB ladder match, herself. A Joyous Alexa tells the rest to leave her show while basking in happiness over being the final selection, but Naomi calls her out by name, suggesting they give a preview of the match tonight, with her facing Alexa. Alexa first declines, not being in attire for a match. Naomi says she can beat her with shoes on or off, and Alexa eventually succumbs and decides to face Naomi, next.

We return from the commercial break to see Alexa, again not in ring attire, taking on Naomi. Naomi has momentum over the once Smackdown nemesis to begin, getting her on the ropes. Alexa is already showing to be against competing due to her attire, but Naomi just takes advantage of Alexa debating with the referee and rolls her up, getting a one count. Alexa tries to tie her shoe but gets a hard kick from Naomi, who sends her to a corner turnbuckle via a running bulldog. Naomi hits another kick to Alexa, this time from behind the ropes, before drawing Alexa into her rear then kicking her to the other side of the ring. Naomi follows with a sliding clothesline and split legged leg drop, a pin attempt then following, ending with her getting a near fall over Alexa.

Naomi charges at Alexa a short time later in the middle of the ring, but Alexa throws her up and drops her against the mat. Alexa goes back to lace tying before running Naomi face first into an earlier corners top turnbuckle, then taking her from the corner, snapmaring her to the middle of the ring and applying a side headlock to the fellow former women’s champion. Naomi arm drags Alexa to get out then unleashes her flurry of kicks on her. Alexa blocks the last and sends her back to the mat, a pin attempt shortly following, ending with Alexa getting a one count on Naomi. Alexa reverts to choking Naomi against the second rope, before being pulled into the opposers small package pin, which she kicks out of. Alexa kicks back at Naomi and applies another hold, though Naomi elbows out to escape, then kicking Alexa after a slam attempt is faltered. Naomi tries another running bulldog but Alexa avoids a corner collision, then sending her down to the mat by her hair. Alexa plants her face against the mat before the next pin attempt, which Naomi kicks out of at two. Alexa then knocks off more offense from Naomi and tosses her to ringside, also kicking her before she can fully make it back in the ring. Naomi shoulder tackles Alexa and sunset flips back into the ring, taking Alexa with her for one more pin attempt, but Alexa escapes at two.

Naomi connects with a sit out jawbreaker and begins to drag Alexa, though her shoes slip off and Alexa begins to clamber far from Naomi. Naomi makes a fast pursuit but ends up launched into the nearby second turnbuckle instead. Alexa seizes back the shoes, but then turns and steps into the rear view from Naomi. With Alexa out against the mat, Naomi heads up the ropes and connects with her finishing springboard moonsault for the three count. Naomi wins the match.

Lastly, out comes Becky Lynch, who is to address pulling double duty with two championship defenses awaiting her at Money in the Bank. In the ring with the double champion is Charly Caruso, noting that Becky’s decision to battle twice at Money in the Bank is potentially being seen as impulsive. She asks Becky why she would defend both belts in one night, but Becky makes it clear that the crowd noise is the obvious answer, as she is Becky Two Belts. Becky says there is nothing impulsive about her double title defense decision, especially after the journey undertook to get both belts. She has two decisions, to either protect all that she has or fight, and she knows how to fight. Charly worries that Becky defending both greatly reduces the likeliness of retaining, but Becky does not show care over odds. A year ago, no person thought she could main event wrestlemania, but she did. A Month ago also, it was thought that Ronda Rousey was unbeatable, until she beat her to become Becky Two Belts. She adds that the people know her career has been a long shot, but nothing has happened by accident. She ran her mouth for months about Charlotte holding divisions and titles hostage, and shes not stopping now as double champ, even if that puts her at a disadvantage. She tells Charly to remember that she made history by beating everybody, so she says bring on her opponents, from Charlotte who still has her pedigree, to Lacey Evans who has a great big right hand but is making a big mistake punching someone who likes it. She never knows where Laceys sneak attacks are coming from, but she will tell her when her beating is coming, and thats at the Money in the Bank Pay Per View.

Charly respects the confidence of Becky, but wonders if the right hands Lacey has given her is a preview of what she will give her at Money in the Bank, reflecting back to the recent punches Lacey has given her. Becky calls it not a preview, but a reminder, and takes the mic from Charly, calling Lacey down to the ring to receive some payback, to remind her exactly who shes dealing with. The fired up babyface gets Lacey, as her music hits and she starts walking down the ramp. Lacey has words first for Becky, calling it like a Man to want what he wants when he wants it. She can see Becky’s irish temper boiling up from afar, and while shes trying her best not to lose her manners, last week she reminded her to not let her emotions to get the best of her. Becky did not listen, therefore Lacey is done talking, and after chucking the mic, she goes after Becky, leading to an immense brawl that forces several officials to get involved. Even they struggle as the two ladies fight off them and continue to go after each other. Just as it seems they may be pulled apart with Lacey brought up the ramp, Lacey gets free and goes after Becky again. She punches Becky hard, but the fight continues regardless, with the officials seeming to eventually tame the chaos as they get Lacey up the ramp while Becky stands on the apron, likely calling for more.

(Alexa Bliss, Natalya, Dana Brooke and Naomi Segment)

(Dana Brooke on RAW Fallout)

(Alexa Bliss vs Naomi)

(Alexa Bliss on RAW Fallout)

(Becky Lynch and Lacey Evans Segment)

Thoughts On:
Alexa vs Naomi: They’ve had better matches for definite, but they had better time here than some have had in recent weeks. I’m surprised they would put Alexa in a match such as a Ladder Match after her injury scares, though i do wonder if they will limit her bumping like the last match, which she won. As much as i like Bliss, id rather not see her win this year. I Also like that Naomi feels like a big deal upon returning to RAW, building up a streak but thats most likely to showcase her and to build her up as a credible competitor (as much as we already know she is) for the MITB match. I’m expecting a Dana vs Nattie and/or a Alexa and Dana vs Natalya and Naomi match before MITB at some point.

Becky and Lacey Segment: Again, like Ive said before, i like the fresh feel the whole feud is giving, with a genuinely fresh woman and competitor in the title scene, something Smackdown originally gave only to now be recycling the same person in the title picture again and again now. Lacey has done fantastic upon transitioning to her first real main roster feud, and on top of her promos, she does especially well at brawling, making me enjoy every brawl like interaction with Becky on top of usual promo exchanges. It honestly feels like a smart move to position Lacey against Becky because shes become hate-able so easily, not on Vickie Guerrero Level obviously, but at the same time, i do wonder what will happen should Lacey lose in her first main roster title match, if thats what Vince has called for to happen anyway. Its tough because Becky would usually be expected to not lose both or even one of the titles so early but at the same time shes being positioned against a main roster newbie that feels like she has the rocket strapped to. Either way the RAW Women’s Division is gathering more interest from me than Smackdowns right now due to them having to actually push fresh and/or underused people whereas Smackdown use the usually pushed big names, and the fresh and/or big stars are nowhere to be seen.

– Catherine


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