WWE RAW RESULTS: Southern Belle Sparks Trouble Again (May, 6th 2019)

Welcome to this weeks RAW report, in what i can say appears to be a short one. The ladies didn’t get as much time as desired this week, but some is good anyway i guess. This week turns to Lacey Evans and her plans to build momentum heading into her women’s title match at Money in the Bank, but she isn’t just looking to send a dominant message to the soon to defend (dual) champion Becky Lynch but to her fellow RAW Women competing in this years Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

Backstage are Naomi and Natalya, two of RAWs female combatants in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Both have an envelope, encasing a message from Lacey Evans, as first read out by Natalya. She has requested the particular women perch themselves at ringside for her scheduled match later in the night, with the requirement of formal attire as so demanded. Naomi isn’t surprised but is sure she cant tell them what to can and cant wear. Meanwhile, Lacey has already begun to get on the nerves of Natalya. Naomi tells her fellow superstar that if Lacey even tries to sucker punch her, she will receive her right and left. Dana approaches Naomi and Natalya also, as shes been given one of Lacey’s specific envelopes. Naomi sees it a coincidence that they all received it, with Natalya telling her fellow ladies that they are onto whatever Lacey is planning. To add to their disapproval of Lacey Evans, they show to be non too keen at her scenting her envelopes too. Naomi slings hers and she, Natalya and Dana depart.

Its then to the ring as out comes Lacey, and before she can even start in the ring, out come the invited guests. First out is Naomi, then Dana Brooke, then Natalya then lastly Alexa Bliss who more than likely also received Lacey’s invitation. All four keep an eye out from the bottom of the ramp as Lacey starts off her match against local enhancement talent, Alyx Sky.

Lacey locks up with Alyx and quickly throws her to a corner, bashing the back of Alyx against that same corner. Lacey continues with a kick to the unlucky opponent, then a bronco buster before forcing her ruthlessly into the center of the ring, knocking her down with the wicked woman’s right punch. Following the clear KO’ing, she covers Alyx and pins her. Lacey wins the match.

Post match, Lacey takes the mic and gives her thanks to the Money in the Bank Competitors for coming to witness such a “classy event”. She makes it clear quick her reason for inviting Bliss, Natalya, Naomi and Dana, as she feels they deserved a front row seat to watch what a legitimate lady is capable of, just like at Money in the Bank as she claims Becky 2 Belts will lose everything she ever worked for, courtesy of a woman’s right. In the meantime, shes aware one of the four standing before her may win the upcoming ladder match, but shes hoping they are smarter than they look. She warns each of them that if they even have the audacity to cash in on her once she wins the RAW Women’s Title, she will make them quickly regret losing any opportunity they had to become a champ, as she vows they will come up short just like Becky. Such reference to the champion is no longer going unanswered however, as out comes Becky. Bliss, Natalya, Dana and Naomi clear the path quickly and Becky hits the ring for another brawl with Lacey, though Lacey soon escapes after the short heated exchange.

(Naomi, Natalya and Dana Brooke Backstage Segment; Lacey Evans vs Alyx Sky feat Dana Brooke, Alexa Bliss, Natalya, Naomi and Becky Lynch)

Thoughts On This Match:
I wasn’t surprised Alyx didn’t get any offense in as it was wholly about putting over Lacey and making her look dominant heading into Money in the Bank. Sure Fox and/or Tamina could have been in a spot to enhance Lacey, but maybe they might actually be legitimately putting them together as a team after last weeks Main Event episode? I Dont Know? That and i guess it saves them being literally jobbed out and losing further credibility? I wish they had used the MITB entrants better here though i guess none of them going after Lacey and/or Becky leaves unpredictability for the MITB match and doesn’t give away who WWE plans on having win? Maybe they will all scrap next week and someone will stand tall to give a hint? To be fair, i don’t even know what they have planned for the go home show but repeating this week with Becky instead having a squash then nothing much else doesn’t cut it. If anything, with Naomi and Alexa already having competed lately, next week should be Dana and Natalya’s chance to look like a threat before MITB, even if its two separate matches or them facing each other. I Liked that Becky and Lacey brawled, and that WWE didn’t forget that Lacey needed to get momentum post contendership crowning, and that Lacey and Becky had another brawl, though short of course, but lets hope for more better time for the women next week, especially with it being the go home show.

– Catherine


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