WWE RAW RESULTS: Yowie Wowie, Bliss Has a Crazy (or Not So Crazy) New Best Friend? (May, 13th 2019)

Welcome to this weeks RAW report. The Go Home Show before this Sundays Stacked Money in the Bank Pay Per View hailed from the home country capital of London, England and as part of it, we got a promising in ring showing and a double contract signing that, like most, would end chaotically. Lets get to all that went down right away, including some surprises.

Even before any of the mentioned can happen, we see Alexa Bliss barely happy backstage. The former RAW Women’s Champion is missing luggage and is approached by (a normalized version of) Nikki Cross. Cross asks Bliss if shes okay, to which Alexa responds that she isn’t. She wonders how Cross grew up there, considering everyone is so hard to deal with. She calls it a week from hell but gives thanks to Cross for asking. She admits not everyone is as nice as Cross is and says she needs someone to talk to. Cross replies that shes been on RAW for four weeks and thought no one noticed that she was there, and Bliss believes thats due to the craziness of the Superstar Shake Up. Shes been dealing with her bags, and now she has to ramble to her about her issues, and apologizes. She tries to walk away but Cross stops her, insisting Bliss can talk to her. Hiding her deceiving smile beforehand, Bliss turns and lets out her issues on Cross, from losing her match with Naomi due to her lace becoming untied, to having lost luggage and no gear, to fearing she will get laughed at for competing in tonight’s four way when she doesn’t have her gear. Cross suggests Bliss approaches the McMahon’s, tells them whats going on and maybe they will find a suitable replacement. Bliss wonders if Cross is wanting to take her place in the four way, to which Cross states it would be an honor. Bliss says its settled before Cross can even fully finish the sentence. Bliss says she will go tell the McMahon’s that Cross is working in her place, leaving Cross to herself.

Later is the contract signing for Miss Becky 2 Belts, a double contract signing for her Smackdown and RAW Women’s Championship defenses, taking place at Money in the Bank this Sunday. She will defend in two separate matches, the Smackdown Women’s Title will be defended vs Charlotte and the RAW Women’s Title will be defended vs Lacey Evans. The Host of the Signing, Michael Cole, welcomes first the challengers for the individual titles, Lacey Evans then Charlotte, who clearly is allowed to cross to RAW due to Vince’s Wildcard rule. Becky is out last, and once all three ladies are seated, the contract signing ensues.

Cole speaks first, saying Becky’s never back down attitude has lead to her biting off more than she can chew. He asks if she realizes how grueling it will be to defend both titles on Sunday. Becky overhears the crowd noise, and announces how great it is to be back in London, before getting to Michael’s question. She admits Lacey and Charlotte are bigger and stronger than her, but its not about not knowing how much of a beating she is going to take, but about the fact she doesn’t care. She talks about pressure, and how Lacey will feel the crippling pressure when the bright lights come on, and that she will have to back up everything she has said when the champ stomps down on the back of her neck. She promises Lacey that she will end up questioning why she ever came looking for her in the first place. She tells her RAW Women’s Title challenger to ask her “twin sister” (Charlotte) how hard it is to beat her.

Following a pout, Charlotte takes the mic and tells the former ally that she never learns. She tells Becky that she has everything she ever wanted, but yet she still has to make digs. Her big mouth got her in trouble in the first place, and now she believes Becky is in a situation she cant win. Lacey shares agreement with Charlotte, and praises her for having the decency to show up to a formal event dressed appropriately, rather than Becky whose showed up like shes looking for a fight at a bar. Becky, however, remembers that Lacey has never been a part of a contract signing, and the crowd burst into “Who are Ya?” chants. Becky then switches her attention to Charlotte, and how she thought she was owed the history that Becky instead made at WrestleMania. She knows all too well that Charlotte was born into wrestling royalty, adding that she was groomed by the McMahon’s to produce results, but lately she hasn’t been delivering. She jokes that Charlotte will have to bring the next result home, joking about the pressure of that. At Money in the Bank, one challenger cant afford to lose their first ever title match (Lacey) and the other cant afford to lose their millionth (Charlotte) so the pressure really is on. In the conclusion of her statement, Becky signs the contracts.

Charlotte is back with another response, accusing Becky of it not being enough that she had her storybook ending by beating Ronda Rousey. While she may be Becky 2 Belts, Charlotte believes that shes built a reputation that she cant live up to. She says it will all come crashing down, which she finds hilarious. Her two titles cant hide her jealousy and insecurities according to Charlotte, and she will have to blame her stubborn pride when she bows down to the Queen. Charlotte gets on with signing her contract, then Lacey is back speaking. She tells the world that the WWE Universe needs a legitimate lady to set the proper example as champion, and calls the WWE Universe, Becky’s Backers, classless like their classless example of a champion. She accuses Becky of leading the young women of the WWE Universe astray with her confusing behavior, and therefore its time that she cleans up the nasties, restoring in turn class to the RAW Women’s Championship. She tells Becky to continue to swing around something she doesn’t have, because the fact is that she cant take out two real ladies such as Charlotte and herself. Becky suggests that if she wants to see her swing something then she can come closer for she offers her a free shot. Lacey gets to signing the contract, ignoring Becky, while Charlotte pushes for Lacey to show her the women’s right that breaks her glass jaw. Lacey doesn’t want to get her dress dirty, but Becky prompts another anti blonde response and Lacey soon comes at Becky. A Brawl breaks out that the heels get the upper hand in, ending with them putting Becky 2 Belts through a table and standing tall in the end holding the respective titles they shall compete for on Sunday.

And then its onto later, and onto in ring competition as a fatal four way ensues featuring three of four women competing in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. It will be Naomi vs Natalya vs Dana Brooke vs Nikki Cross, the noted replacement for Alexa Bliss in this one match. Naomi heads to the ring first, with a split screen promo also airing, where she says there is no athlete in the match like her, so the competition better get ready to be out shined by the Glow as she becomes Miss Money in the Bank. Dana enters second, also getting a split screen promo. She says winning isn’t just about a championship match or a contract, but about the validation of her hard work. Shes bringing everything shes got, not just because she wants to win but because she deserves to win. Thirdly is Natalya, also with a statement like the two prior. The former Divas Champion hypes having more experience than anyone in the match when it comes to being in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, and on Sunday, she will have been in all four ladder matches to have happened. She will be making history, and its a match she wants to win more than anything, and the feeling of winning that contract will be the best there is, was and ever will be. Finally entering is Nikki Cross, not an entrant in Sundays match, but in this match particularly, because as noted, she has replaced a luggage-less Alexa Bliss. Regardless of not being present at this point, Bliss gets a promo, reminding all that she was last years ladder match winner and cashed in later in the night. She promises to be Miss Goddess in the Bank on Sunday, and will reign over the division once again. In the conclusion of her promo, out comes Bliss herself, joining the commentary table.

When the bell rings, after some glances up at the hanging Money in the Bank briefcase, Natalya takes the first shot, kicking Dana in her midsection. Cross jumps onto the back of Natalya, quickly stopping her attack while Naomi goes after Dana. While Cross gets Natalya into one corner, Naomi whips Dana from the opposite corner into their corner, with Dana colliding with both Natalya and Cross. Naomi goes for a running forearm to the three, only hitting Natalya and Cross as Dana successfully escapes from the corner. Dana rolls Naomi over and attempts the first pin attempt of the match, getting a near fall. Natalya comes back, knocking away Naomi and discus clotheslining Dana, covering Dana shortly after though the pin attempt is broken by Cross. Cross chucks Natalya from the ring, then Dana does the very same to Cross, leaving her inside the ring with Naomi, who she attempts to forearm. Naomi dodges her move, then sets up for a backslide. Dana doesn’t budge and Naomi switches up to a sit out full nelson, with Natalya returning, looking to take advantage of boths position as she looks to hit her basement dropkick in the middle of the ring to the two, only to be pulled under the bottom rope by Cross. Cross gets Natalya stuck behind the apron cloth and unloads with shots to the chest and above. As this ensues, a pin attempt in the ring between Dana and Naomi ends with a near fall result. Naomi tries again, but gets a one count.

Naomi forearms Dana and whips her to the ropes, but Dana doesn’t run back to Naomi, instead baseball sliding into Natalya and Cross, knocking them to the floor. Dana heads to the outside after Natalya and Cross, and ends up being dived onto, as do them, by Naomi. The former Smackdown Women’s Champion stands tall heading into a break.

We return to see Natalya in the ring with Dana, readying to apply a surfboard to her fellow Money in the Bank competitor. Natalya applies that very hold, which Cross looks to drop in on as she climbs to the top rope, though Naomi pushes her upon intercepting. Naomi runs in and bulldogs Dana, freeing her in turn from Natalya. Naomi then connects with an enziguiri to Natalya, covering only to have the pin attempt broken by Cross. Naomi launches Cross back outside before being double teamed on by Natalya and Dana. Before they can do anymore, Cross runs back in, taking down Natalya then forearming Dana, then hitting another to Natalya. Cross uses more offense and eventually clears the ring of Dana and the veteran, before going to cover Naomi, who kicks out of the pin attempt at two. Cross applies a submission to follow, but Naomi counters by getting Cross’s shoulders on the mat, getting a near fall. Naomi fends off Dana, Cross and Natalya all by herself, concluding her moment of momentum with a split leg moonsault to Natalya and Dana below. Naomi covers Natalya, with the pin attempt broken at two by Dana. Dana throws out Naomi, gives her stomps then turns her attention to under the ring, and pulls out a ladder, with it being useful as the undergoing four way is contested under no disqualification rules. Dana starts setting it up but is forearmed to the floor by Natalya, who takes the ladder instead. Cross resurfaces, spearing Natalya to the floor and pounding on her head before Naomi gets involved. As a scrap ensues, Dana has ascended to the very top of the ladder, and dives onto Naomi, Natalya and Cross.

Once recovered, Natalya sends Dana into the barricade, also thwarting Naomi. Natalya throws Cross to the ring, but ends up shoulder tackled on the way back by the Scot. Cross hangs Natalya on the ropes and then hits with the spinning neckbreaker to the veteran superstar, covering her after and pinning her. Cross wins the match.

Post match, Alexa leaves commentary as Cross celebrates her recent win, and the pair take the recently used ladder to the ring. Cross sets it up and watches Alexa happily climb to the very top of it, retrieving the briefcase that hangs above and posing with it as Cross looks on with a big smile.

(Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss Backstage Segment)

(Lacey Evans, Becky Lynch, Charlotte and Michael Cole Segment)

(Naomi vs Nikki Cross vs Dana Brooke vs Natalya; Alexa Bliss on Commentary)

(Nikki Cross on RAW Fallout)

Thoughts On:
Contract Signing: I really enjoyed this segment. The crowd were engaged and reacting to every woman involved, giving Lacey what felt like Vickie Guerrero type heat, which she responded to well. No one in this segment felt lesser but more equally involved and important, and not only was the heel momentum needed but it made me ponder what Charlotte and Lacey could do as a team in future. The end seems to indicate Becky is prevailing on Sunday, but im honestly not sure.

Four Way Match: This in ring showing with the four was far better than what the women have been given over the past week or two, and i never saw the inclusion of Cross coming. Sure she hinted a character change this past week, but i didn’t think WWE would move to showcasing it so quick. As much as Cross didn’t need to change up her character (though it could honestly be a split persona thing going on) its nice to see her featured on RAW without being enhancement, and lets hope they didn’t do this just because they are in England, especially after what happened last time Cross worked the European Smackdown, where she had one match with Becky then faded out. A Part of me is wondering if Cross could cost Alexa on Sunday, which id prefer than helping her, especially if they have plans to stick with a split persona character, but like the title matches im honestly not sure whats going to happen. Maybe the Crazy Version of Cross doesn’t have the same memories as Nicer Cross and asks to be in Sundays Match because of her win, which she doesn’t get because of Alexa being in the match, which Crazy Cross doesn’t remember in comparison to Nicer Cross. Maybe then Crazy Cross looks to remedy what Nicer Cross did on Monday and instead of helping Alexa, she pushes her off the ladder instead? I honestly don’t know. Anyway, with the spot Dana gave in this match, i also hope so much that we see even more from her on Sunday and that the women aren’t limited on showing what different stuff they can do in Sundays Ladder Match overall.

– Catherine


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