WWE NXT RESULTS: Jessie Has Double Trouble in Full Sail Singles Showcase (May, 15th 2019)

Welcome all to this weeks NXT report, which focuses outside of the women’s title picture. We find out whats happening next in the evidently continuing Bianca Belair and Mia Yim rivalry, and Jessie is back for her first singles showcase since the Mae Young Classic, but has a tough battle ahead against an also Mae Young Classic entrant in Vanessa Borne.

We firstly see the next situation between Mia Yim and Bianca. Bianca is shown backstage, instructing Cathy to follow her to the General Managers office, vying for another title match against Shayna Baszler. However Mia Yim steps out of that same office, to the chagrin of Belair. She asks Mia what shes doing, and adds that the fellow superstar is really getting on her nerves. She accuses Mia of trying to steal her title opportunity, but Mia clarifies that she isn’t trying to get a match with Shayna, as she was actually talking to Regal about facing Bianca in a rematch. She tells Bianca she hasn’t taken care of her, but took a shortcut and now she can handle her business. Bianca watches Mia walk off and proceeds to the office anyway, demanding Cathy comes along too, only to shut her out along the way.

Its onwards to in ring action as Jessie Elaban returns to in ring action, having her first singles match in fact since the Mae Young Classic. Vanessa is the first to head to the ring, joined by her troublesome comrade of Aliyah. Jessie enters next, having her first Full Sail appearance as noted since the latest Mae Young Classic tournament. Former WWE Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix is also on commentary, having joined the commentary team in the place of a departing Percy Watson.

The somewhat taller Jessie locks up with Vanessa to start, and gets caught in a side headlock counter. Jessie pushes Vanessa to the ropes, but Vanessa runs back and takes Jessie down to the mat via a shoulder block. Vanessa ends the follow up athletic showing of Jessie with a drop toe hold, then presses her foot against Jessie, resulting in a pin attempt that ends at a count of one. Vanessa tries to step over Jessie at the end of that, but Jessie has her foot, but not for long as Vanessa gets free and unleashes a number of stomps. She tries taking Jessie to a corner after, but Jessie gets her foot against the corner to stop a collision then back elbows Vanessa. Vanessa fights back with aggressive forearms and more stomps, and utilizes more offense as the crowd begin backing Jessie. Vanessa forces Jessie to the middle of the ring then to the ropes, dropkicking her on her way back to her. She chokes her against the second rope, then distracts the referee as Aliyah steps in to dish her own offense to Jessie, slapping her across the face. Vanessa returns the focus to Jessie following that slap, delivering a behind bronco buster on the ropes to Jessie. She even shakes her rear in the face of Jessie before using it to knock her to the mat, returning to the ring after her.

Vanessa heads to the middle of the ring, readying a potential suplex for Jessie, countered by Jessie into a sudden small package pin. Jessie gets a near fall on that attempt and the same following her follow up crucifix. Jessie tries to keep up momentum with a drop toe hold that drops Vanessa against the nearby second rope. She follows with a roundhouse, then goes for a superman punch in a corner, only for Vanessa to dart to safety. Vanessa takes a groggy Jessie and headbutts her, then connects with her new finisher to take the win over her. Vanessa wins the match.

(Bianca Belair and Mia Yim Backstage Segment)

(Jessie Elaban vs Vanessa Borne w/ Aliyah)

(Beth Phoenix Backstage Exclusive)

Thoughts on This Match:
Its good to see NXT utilize lesser used women like Jessie, and it wasn’t a bad showing from her at all. I do wish we would have seen more charisma from her thats been shown in past YouTube Videos, but i don’t think they’ve found her character yet, nor are looking to utilize her bubbly babyface character yet. Jessie has given me OTT bubbly Bayley or Babyface AJ Lee vibes before so i wouldn’t mind them trying that route with her long term. Vanessa looked good, and if there’s no plans for the women’s tag team champions to visit NXT, especially as they are heels now, then Vanessa could be being built up as Io’s first challenger should she beat Shayna at Takeover, or if Shayna isn’t getting a rematch should she lose to Io. I feel they’ve struck gold with Vanessa and Aliyah as a pairing and they could prove quite troublesome for Champion Io, though of course Vanessa wouldn’t win. But i wouldn’t mind the feud at all. If Bianca, someone who was lesser used but has now found herself as the one of the top names in NXT women’s wise, can get on a Takeover, a once lesser used Vanessa who has found her character and something long term in regards to her alignment with Aliyah that can prove effective, also can.

– Catherine


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