IMPACT WRESTLING RESULTS: Rivals Clash and Controversy Hits Battle Royal (May, 17th 2019)

Welcome to this weeks IMPACT Wrestling report, and with two Knockout related clashes afoot. The first is the first Knockouts Battle Royal in a while, a ten Knockout Battle Royal for that matter. Plus Rosemary and Su Yung have their most recent clash in what will be a Demon Collar Match.

As a matter of fact, the Knockouts open with their battle royal. Already in the ring are Tasha Steelz, Solo Darling, Karissa Rivera, Kiera Hogan, Alisha and Ashley Vox, while Jordynne Grace, Madison Rayne, Scarlett Bordeaux and Tessa Blanchard get televised entrances. The match also marks Karissa, Tasha and Ashley’s IMPACT Wrestling TV debuts, and Solo Darlings first appearance since working a Knockouts Knockdown Pay Per View years back. The women are about to get underway with competing when out comes Glenn Gilberti, whining about being beaten recently by Scarlett Bordeaux, calling that a once in a lifetime fluke. He calls it hard enough watching two women wrestle, but now he has to see ten of them. He asks if IMPACT are trying to get kicked off Television and insists that the only way it would be happening is if it was a bra and panties battle royal. The Knockouts begin to surround as he tells them it’d be better for them to keep their clothes on, and they are quickly done with the misogynistic statement. They all beat down on Gilberti at once when the bell rings, with him quickly in retreat and making his way to commentary instead as the Knockouts switch their attention to competing against each other.

Alisha, Karissa and Tasha attack Tessa in one corner, while Jordynne knocks off Kiera, Madison and Solo in the other corner. With them out of the way briefly, Jordynne and Tessa come face to face, Their encounter comes to an end when the other Knockouts unleash a beat-down to the two. Karissa then focuses on attacking Tessa nearby an earlier corner, while Scarlett goes after Alisha. Karissa gives Tessa forearms then comes in between Kiera and Scarlett, knocking the two ladies heads together. Scarlett soon recovers and ends up nailing a corner bronco buster to Alisha, while Tessa goes back to Karissa. Jordynne also attempts to lift Madison upward in another corner, but struggles and resorts to weakening via forearms instead. Scarlett returns to Kiera, dishing a forearm to her before she and Kiera are again intercepted by Karissa, who takes them down with a double clothesline. Karissa misses a dropkick to Scarlett but makes up for it by bicycle kicking Kiera. Karissa tries to lift Scarlett over the top rope, but Tessa is in pursuit, trying to do the same to Karissa instead. Tasha comes in between this, freeing Tessa from Karissa and throwing some punches at the former Knockouts Champion. She sends Tessa hurtling into an earlier corner via a hurricanrana, but her momentum is ended when Alisha plants her in the middle of the ring, connecting with a reverse DDT and back senton. Alisha throws Tasha between the ropes, but Tasha stays on the apron, not hitting the floor. Solo turns over Alisha and starts hitting her with offense, also blocking the next reverse DDT attempt with forearms and basement dropkicking her, then exposing her chest and back to a load of kicks. She adds on a slap, goes to slam Alisha but Alisha escapes the set up and drives Solo to the mat using her hair. Alisha gets some boos before being scooped by Jordynne, who gets her over the top rope and onto the apron. Jordynne fights off Solo too, laying her out with a piledriver. Madison then ends the powerhouse’s momentum with a crucifix bomb, also DDT’ing Tessa to the mat. Scarlett then steps in, connecting with a backbreaker to Madison and locks a grounded headlock after, only to end up stomped on by Karissa. Tessa, meanwhile, takes a hurricanrana and running dropkick from Ashley, then a rolling senton. Ashley then dodges an oncoming Jordynne’s offense, chopping her and hitting a knee. A Suplex attempt doesn’t work out for Ashley, brought over the top rope instead. Ashley throws a forearm to separate herself from Jordynne, who is intercepted by Karissa, only to also end up over the top rope. Karissa and Ashley both exchange forearms before being sent off the apron by Tessa. Both Ashley and Karissa have been eliminated.

Alisha and Tessa come face to face, but like past face to face meetings in the match they end up short, as Tasha attacks both. Alisha readies to DDT Tessa but Tasha hits a neckbreaker to Alisha, with Tessa hitting the mat also along with her. Tasha then charges at Kiera, who ends up elevating her over the ropes and onto the apron. Kiera superkicks Tasha to follow but she stays hanging on the apron post blow. Meanwhile Kiera is being targeted by Solo, who moves on the ropes before DDT’ing her. Kiera and Tasha team up on Solo, ending with Solo and Tasha on the apron and Solo driving Tasha back first into the apron. Tasha tumbles to the floor after her maneuver and has been eliminated. Jordynne, however, dropkicks Solo as she starts getting herself back up on the apron and she hits the floor, joining Tasha. Solo has been eliminated. Back in the ring, Tessa raises Alisha high up and drops her atop Ashley, Karissa, Solo and Tasha. Alisha has been eliminated.

Jordynne comes at Tessa suddenly with a rolling elbow, then ends up encountering a mouthy and clearly newly heel Kiera. Kiera tries to slap Jordynne, but Jordynne blocks the attempt and smacks her hard, then performing a strong whip into the corner. She tries to follow up with a corner attack though instead is kicked by Kiera. Kiera moves to the middle rope but Jordynne comes back with a palm strike before she can do much else, and lifts her from the ropes, teasing the muscle buster. Kiera escapes her and superkicks her, following with clotheslines before trying to force her over the ropes. Kiera struggles, having Jordynne’s elbow driven into the back of her neck instead. Jordynne channels her strength and gets Kiera over the ropes, but Kiera doesn’t tumble, instead hanging on. As Kiera slides back in, Tessa delivers offense to Jordynne, who ends up lifting her instead. Jordynne gets Tessa over the top rope and to the apron but Kiera sees opportunity and springs over and gets Jordynne not only over the top rope but to the floor. Jordynne has been eliminated.

Kiera’s celebratories run short, forearmed by Tessa. Meanwhile, Madison and Scarlett trade blows, with Scarlett one upping Madison by whipping her to a corner. Scarlett smothers Madison in the same corner with her rear, but her follow up attack never hits when Madison moves to the apron. Madison forearms Scarlett but doesn’t see the oncoming intruder of Knockouts Champ Taya Valkyrie, who sweeps Madison to the apron. The angered Knockouts Champion follows by throwing Madison face first into a nearby ring post, then throws her to the ring, where shes collected by the remaining Knockouts, who then send her over the top rope and to the floor. Madison has been eliminated. Its down to Kiera, Scarlett and Tessa heading into a commercial break.

When we return, Tessa is looking strong, knocking off Scarlett and hitting her codebreaker to Kiera. However Scarlett recovers and returns to Tessa, powerbombing her. She aims to hit a crossbody to her and Kiera to follow, but Kiera moves out of her path and Scarlett lands atop Tessa instead. Scarlett and Kiera double team on Tessa, up until Kiera shows her true colors and superkicks Scarlett. Kiera nails a clothesline to Scarlett on the ropes, sending her over them and to the floor. Scarlett has been eliminated and she and Tessa remain.

Tessa aims offense first to Kiera, who hits back and tries to follow her momentum with a hurricanrana that is stalled by Tessa. Tessa channels her strength to lift up Kiera and she gets her over the ropes and to the apron. Tessa ends up on the apron also, where offense is exchanged. Kiera tries to German suplex Tessa onto the floor but Tessa hangs on. Kiera goes for a superkick but is caught by Tessa, with Kiera losing her footing and hitting the floor. Kiera has been eliminated, Tessa wins the match…..or so thought. Glenn Gilberti, who has been claiming throughout the contest that hes an actual participant in the match, runs in and clotheslines the unsuspecting Tessa. Even more unfortunate for her, she is sent easily over the top rope by Glenn, apparently eliminated in turn. Glenn “wins” the match.

We go to later in the night for Knockout Match number two, the Demon Collar Match between Su and Rosemary. Su is first to head to the ring, followed by Rosemary and her accompanying chain. Once in the ring, Rosemary has eyes on she who lead to the slaying of Allie, and both are chained up by the referee, per the stipulation of the match, though it must end either way via pinfall or submission.

The two back out of a tug of war early on to instead beat the hell out of each other, forearms coming at each other swiftly. Rosemary takes charge and uses the chain to chuck Su across the ring. Rosemary then gets Su onto the turnbuckles, but before she can do anything else, Su sends her to the mat. Su scales the apron and tries to forearm Rosemary from there, but Rosemary avoids her shot and runs her into the nearby top turnbuckle. Rosemary locks in the upside down from within the ring to Su, then climbs to the outside, looking to choke and potentially hang Su. Rosemary takes Su back to the ring, but shes soon back out, using the equipped chain to her advantage, forcing Rosemary into the ropes. Su uses it advantageously again, driving her also into the ring post. Su next pulls out a steel chair, not to use yet however as she gives Rosemary palm strikes instead. Su pulls more at the chain while Rosemary is seated on the chair, then hits her rolling senton from the apron to Rosemary. Su then pulls Rosemary up the ramp, but along the way Rosemary forces herself in the direction of Su and takes her down with a clothesline.

Both return to the ring, exchanging offense until Su uses the chain to trip Rosemary. Rosemary avoids all attempts from Su to hit her with the chain and drives her back first to the mat, going for her first pin attempt of the match after, ending with her getting a near fall over Su. Su attempts a clothesline next and misses, though she also prevents from being on the end of a German suplex attempt. Su forearms Rosemary hard in the face and proceeds with a pin attempt of her own, getting a one count. Rosemary whips Su to the ropes, attempting an attack from behind to follow but Su stalls her with a back kick then uses both legs to tilt her head first into the corner. Su connects with the hangman’s pedigree after, covering once more, this time getting a near fall. Su unveils her bloody glove for use, but Rosemary blocks her from using it to choke her. She goes to use her mist as an alternative but ends up missing with that also, though she gets the mandible claw in Rosemary’s mouth. Rosemary releases herself of Su’s glove with a forearm, then pulls at the chain while Su is on the ropes, pulling her back towards her and into her green mist. Rosemary spears Su after, but is not done there with the Undead Bride, hitting lastly with the Red Wedding before the last pin secures Rosemary the victory. Rosemary wins the match, and seems to bring Su into her possession post result, dragging her up the ramp by the chain after.

We hear after from Madison Rayne as shes seated in the backstage area, approached by Melissa Santos. Melissa says everyone saw what happened earlier in the night with Taya and Madison, as the Knockouts Champ lead to her elimination from the battle royal. An angry Madison is fully aware, and she sees Taya, she sees what shes doing and she knows her mind games because shes mastered them. She accuses Taya of being afraid of defending her Knockouts Championship because she knows that when she does defend the title, Madison will beat her and her reign will be over. She holds three wins as it is over Taya, who she says is hiding behind the 30 day clause and turning to management to postpone the inevitable. 30 days are up, and next week when Taya has to defend her championship, her reign will be over.

(Knockouts Battle Royal feat Glenn Gilberti)

(Su Yung vs Rosemary; Demon Collar Match)

Thoughts On:
Knockouts Battle Royal: I’m really happy to see Karissa and Ashley get opportunities as Ive seen their work and think they’re immensely talented. This was my second look at Tasha in the ring and she is great as well. Solo has also massively improved over the years. Regarding the signed Knockouts, a lot of this went an understandable route. Kiera is now an official heel and gathers heel heat by surprisingly eliminating Jordynne. Alisha’s elimination being the earliest of the signed wasn’t shocking either as they (once again) don’t really have a route/plan with her. Madison’s elimination was well thought out due to her ongoing filler story with Taya. Scarlett is immensely over so keeping her in for a while seemed like a crowd pleasing thing, and i was fine with it. I loved it coming down to Kiera vs Tessa as well as i loved their earlier Impact matches and now its under a different dynamic. From there, it should have stayed with Tessa winning to be further elevated as a face, but they planted a story for Tessa instead, vs Mr Annoying Misogynist. I guess we have to deal with it because the only immensely hated heels in the KOs Division are in different stories and cant really be placed with Tessa right now, but its a shame that they had to involve Glenn in this to get him over, even if it means Tessa getting more over which seems the plan. Hopefully when Tessa/Glenn is over, they can keep him away from the Knockouts. I get why they are using him in a Knockouts angle because of what his character is and because it gets whoever opposes him cheered, but id rather not see him involved with the Knockouts to be honest.

Su vs Rosemary: I’m glad they haven’t really overdone the two versus each other in singles matches, but i honestly feel like Rosemary and Su thrive more against each other in stipulations that represent their kayfabe animosity. I wasn’t sure about this stipulation at first though, but the structure of the match itself came across well thought out to me and by the end of the match, i found it to be really good, and its not an easy match stipulation either, rather a must be careful one. Had it not been for the spoilers, i would’ve thought that this would lead to Rosemary getting her revenge on Su and moving onto other things, but im really excited for the next development in this story.

– Catherine


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