Your Monday Post #191: AJ Lee Confronts Paige Over Her Heel Turn on Monday Night RAW (July, 28th 2014)

Welcome all to this weeks opening post. With that being said, a throwback is indeed being showcased as per tradition, and while its unknown at this time what the recently returned Paige and her newest comrades Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose may be doing on RAW this week, hows about a throwback to one of … Continue reading

Your Monday Post #169: Brie Bella vs AJ Lee for the Divas Championship at Battleground 2013 (October, 6th 2013)

Welcome all to a new edition of Your Monday Post, and this weeks theme is based on past WWE Battleground clashes as the now Smackdown Roster Centric Pay Per View rolls around the corner in just over a weeks time. The first Battleground Pay Per View was introduced by the WWE in 2013, back in … Continue reading

Your Monday Post #155: AJ Lee vs Kaitlyn for the Divas Championship at Payback 2013 (June, 16th 2013)

With WrestleMania Season Closed, we are now on the road to WWE Payback, though some years ago it was actually the follow up to the Extreme Rules Pay Per View, now reverse. The Payback Pay Per View name sticks out in the mind of fans not only because its a chance for those who fell … Continue reading

Cattie’s Catch Up: AJ Lee Defends the Divas Championship In a “Vickie Guerrero Divas Championship Invitational” at WrestleMania 30 (April, 6th 2014)

With the Road to WrestleMania narrowing and storylines all go as of this weeks RAW and Smackdown, this weeks edition of Cattie’s Catch Up is appropriately WrestleMania themed. This edition reflects on WrestleMania 30 back in 2014, the last time when the WWE Divas Championship was defended at the event by the then Divas Champion, … Continue reading

Your Monday Post #132: AJ Lee and Kaitlyn Participate in the First Ever Womens Contract Signing (July, 12th 2013)

This Week on RAW saw another Women’s Contract signing take place (report coming soon) but not just another women’s contract signing as stated, but a contract signing for the first ever Women’s Hell in a Cell Match. While we are constantly reminded about the history the two participants Sasha and Charlotte have made and will … Continue reading

Your Monday Post #129: CM Punk and AJ Lee vs Daniel Bryan and Eve Torres (July, 9th 2012)

Welcome All to a Rather Late but again better than never early reflective on moments in women’s wrestling. So Just last night the Women shared a singles main event for the first time in Twelve Years, and as Sasha and Charlotte get to reminisce on that history, its not the first time RAW have had … Continue reading

Cattie’s Catch Up: Naomi vs Natalya vs Brie Bella vs AJ Lee for the Divas Championship at Night of Champions 2013 (September, 15th 2013)

Welcome all to this weeks late Cattie’s Catch Up, and with Clash of Champions (formerly Night of Champions) looming, its only logical to reflect on another past championship bout in WWE history from the particular event. This time we jump back to (unbelievably) 3 years ago when now Alumni AJ Lee (now AJ Brooks) defended … Continue reading

Cattie’s Catch Up: Paige vs Nikki Bella for the Divas Championship; AJ Lee Returns (March, 2nd 2015)

Welcome All to a Late edition of Cattie’s Catch Up (since Ive been busy with life outside of all this) and for this weeks edition, i thought id look back at one of Nikki Bella’s past matches since the training heading into her eventual return has been highlighted by the WWE as of late. Sure … Continue reading

Cattie’s Catch Up: AJ Lee vs Tamina on Monday Night RAW (December, 3rd 2012)

Welcome All to the 148th Edition of Cattie’s Catch Up. While the earlier reflective women’s wrestling post of the week focused on Women’s Matches of Extreme Stipulations, this post will be focused on feuds that could have advanced to/taken place at Extreme Rules. Remember Post WrestleMania 30 when Paige made an impactful debut by dethroning … Continue reading

Your Monday Post #102: Paige and AJ Lee vs Brie Bella and Nikki Bella at WrestleMania 31 (March, 29th 2015)

Happy WrestleMania Week Everyone and Welcome to This Weeks Your Monday Post focused specifically on the topic of WrestleMania, which is soon upon us. As we continue to predict who goes over whom in this Sundays multiple diva bouts, lets jump back in time to the 31st WrestleMania that went down last year, as frenemies … Continue reading


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