LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Worldwide Underground Return to Exact Revenge with More Incoming from Catrina (June, 20th 2018)

Welcome all to this weeks Lucha Underground report. We’re 2 episodes into the recently debuted fourth season and while theres yet to be a Luchadora v Luchadora match, it seems one may be incoming. The Women are regularly featured this week, including in builds to upcoming feuds. But who exactly is appearing on this weeks … Continue reading

LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Santos Stands Against the Sickly Siblings (September, 20th 2017)

Beginning next week is the third overall Ultima Lucha event, containing four weeks of sure to be insane action. With Fenix already on the card, set to square off against Marty the Moth, this week served a final chance for Melissa Santos to get revenge on Marty and his equally sickening sibling Mariposa for their … Continue reading

LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: As Battles Are Set, Plots Begin to Thicken (August, 9th 2017)

Welcome all to another action packed Lucha Underground report. Whether you know the details from last week or not, i will give anyway, as recent failings came to be recognized from Dario Cueto regarding the Worldwide Underground. He presented the stable minus Johnny Mundo a chance at redemption, pitting Taya, PJ Black and Ricky Mandel … Continue reading

LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Former Gift of the Gods Champion Turns the Tables (July, 12th 2017)

Another week in the temple, here we go. Catherine here, and its time to review this weeks action on Lucha Underground, featuring one of my all time fave Luchadoras of the promotion Taya up against a very vicious Jeremiah Crane. Will Taya go on to be the furthest woman advanced in the Cueto Cup or … Continue reading

LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Mid Season Finale Provides Sexy Star an Unexpected Target (January, 11th 2017)

Welcome all to a rather short Lucha Underground report, and the last for a while as the past week served us the promotions mid season finale. While no Luchadora was booked to compete, there was plenty developments, most particularly in the story regarding Sexy Stars Pursuer and Mariposa’s response to her brothers betrayal from the … Continue reading

LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Famous B Seeks Out, Sexy Star Seeks Her Pursuer (December, 28th 2016)

The Last Lucha Underground of 2016 aired this Past Wednesday, and while it does not serve us any in ring action for the Luchadoras, plenty are present. Sexy Star continues to be targeted by a mystery foe, Catrina looks to force her hugely powerful comrade Mil Muertes to destroy her recent pursuer Jeremiah, and Beautiful … Continue reading

LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Aztec Warfare Creates History for the Luchadoras (November, 16th 2016)

Welcome All to this past weeks Lucha Underground report, and this week brought along the Third Aztec Warfare Rumble in the promotions history. Various Luchadora’s will also take to the ring in this very match for a chance to become the first Female Lucha Underground champion in history, but are chances slim considering the dominant … Continue reading

LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: The Show Must Go On….for All But Puma at the Hands of Catrina and Mil (November, 9th 2016)

Its Safe to Say that this weeks Lucha Underground was action packed, Luchadora-a-Plenty and a Costly Mistake (Maybe?) for One Prince Puma. Following the daring challenge made by the former Lucha Underground champion last week to his nemesis Mil Muertes (accepted by Catrina) the two longtime rivals face off in a match Mil is much … Continue reading

LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Is Catrina Making a Grave Mistake? (November, 2nd 2016)

Just Like some weeks ago, Lucha Underground cut down on focusing on the in ring action for their female Luchadors, and this past week, while the women of the Boyle Heights Temple ring were nowhere to be seen, we did see certain managers play some parts in excelling and participating in feuds, most notably Catrina. … Continue reading

LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Brutality Awaits Mariposa and Those Who Stand Against a Revived Mil (September, 14th 2016)

Welcome All to this past weeks Lucha Underground Report. Now Considering there was no in ring action between the Luchadora’s of the Temple this week, or even featuring Luchadora’s, i nearly admittedly forgot to review the episode, however i can say the Women of Lucha Underground were featured in a short but simple capacity this … Continue reading


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