WWE MIXED MATCH CHALLENGE EPISODE 9 RESULTS: Can Ravishing Rusev Day Pick Up Their Biggest Tourney Win Yet? (March, 13th 2018)

Hello Everyone! Following the WWE Fast Lane fallout on this weeks Smackdown Live episode, we got Episode 9 of the WWE Mixed Match Challenge, and would you believe we’re only three weeks away from the closure of this fun fest? Lets not think about that but rather the current times, the current action as the … Continue reading

WWE MIXED MATCH CHALLENGE EPISODE 8 RESULTS: Will Team Uce Be Put Out By a Monstrous Shadow? (March, 6th 2018)

We are less than half way from the end of the tourney as week 8 of the Mixed Match Challenge arrives. The newest round continues as Jimmy Uso and Naomi from Smackdown take on RAWs formed unit of Braun Strowman and RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss. The match serves as Alexa and Naomi’s first in … Continue reading

WWE MIXED MATCH CHALLENGE EPISODE 7 RESULTS: Nobody is Ready for Awe-Ska (February, 27th 2018)

Its time to roll into week seven of the WWE Mixed Match Challenge, and this week truly is an advancement as its now the semifinals. The next few weeks will determine who contributes to the final of this 12 week tournament and our first decider will see either Boss Club (Sasha Banks and Finn Balor) … Continue reading

WWE MIXED MATCH CHALLENGE EPISODE 6 RESULTS: Not a Result to Hear Worldwide (February, 20th 2018)

Welcome all to week 6 of the Facebook Exclusive Mixed Match Challenge. We have reached the half way point in this first time ever tournament and its taken this long to debut probably one of the biggest mixed duos from the Smackdown Live roster. Smackdown Women’s Champion Charlotte and the current United States Champion and … Continue reading

WWE MIXED MATCH CHALLENGE EPISODE 5 RESULTS: Will It Truly Be Ravishing Rusev Day? Or Will the WWE Universe Walk with Baylias? (February, 13th 2018)

Welcome all to another Mixed Match Challenge episode im delighted about writing up on. Ive really dug the show over the past few weeks, in fact, since its even started and this week sees a particular pairing that had a long tenured alliance, reunite to compete alongside each other for the first time, as Rusev … Continue reading

WWE MIXED MATCH CHALLENGE EPISODE 4 RESULTS: Team Uce Meet The Golden Duo of Rose-Gold (February, 6th 2018)

Welcome all to week 4 of the WWE Mixed Match Challenge. This week has to be my most conflicting episode to watch by far, with two teams who i both equally want to win, as the Married Couple of Naomi and Jimmy Uso battle Goldust and his newly revealed partner of Absolution’s Mandy Rose, due … Continue reading

WWE MIXED MATCH CHALLENGE EPISODE 3 RESULTS: Rivalries Renewed As the Tourney Continues (January, 30th 2018)

Welcome all to this weeks WWE Mixed Match Challenge report. We have officially reached Week Number Three and for a third week i cant watch live due to it not broadcasting here in the UK but now that im caught up on it, i get to review the match that sees these unique pairings team … Continue reading

WWE ROYAL RUMBLE RESULTS: A Winner Decided, History Made But Things Are About to Get More “Rowdy” for the WWE Womens Divisions (January, 28th 2018)

Welcome to the WWE Royal Rumble Report, and years ago when i started this site writing about women’s wrestling matches, the thought of a Women’s Royal Rumble may have only just crossed peoples minds and years later, the divisions have drastically changed, the match qualities have been better (though we know the women from several … Continue reading

WWE MIXED MATCH CHALLENGE EPISODE 2 RESULTS: “Awesuka” Wont Take An L (January, 23rd 2018)

Its officially a week following the debut of WWEs newest concept, the WWE Mixed Match Challenge. The very concept itself sees some odd yet some powerful pairings on both the RAW and Smackdown Brands and last week we got a taste of how well cohesion can be with Sasha Banks and Finn Balor managing to … Continue reading

WWE MIXED MATCH CHALLENGE EPISODE 1 RESULTS: Boss Club vs NakaMeowa (January, 16th 2018)

Welcome all to the first ever Mixed Match Challenge report. Whether you are new to the introduced concept or not, allow me to explain what exactly is going on. The WWE, last year, announced its first ever Mixed Tag Team Tournament, consisting of 12 weeks of actions, with the teams being announced over the past … Continue reading


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