WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: The Road Back to Momentum Not as Ravishing as Thought (July, 25th 2017)

Its finally time to see what exactly went down on Smackdown a short two days clear of a critiqued but eventful Battleground Pay Per View. With Natalya in the high ranks as the singular number one contender to Naomi’s Smackdown Women’s Title, Natalya gets the chance to address why shes so deserving of championship gold, … Continue reading

WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Team Lana’s Momentum Resumes Pre Battleground (July, 18th 2017)

The Battleground looms for five particular women as Tamina, Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Lana and Natalya meet in a number one contendership opportunity this Sunday. However on this weeks Smackdown, which sees its leading women capitalize on their own tensions one last time, its more than affirmative tensions will be displayed. But how?….Well lets get to … Continue reading

WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Onward to the Battleground (July, 11th 2017)

While RAW were delivering the fallout to their most recent Pay Per View, the Blue Brand of Smackdown have their own coming in just over a weeks time. The Suitably titled Battleground (in no need of attention drawing names like the RAW brand) has yet to have a women’s match for all to view, but … Continue reading

WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: A Playing Field Once Evened (July, 4th 2017)

Welcome all to the Independence Day Smackdown Report. So we had John Cena back in the fold this week, but without his future wife Nikki Bella. But while the Bella remains missing from the division, there’s plenty others using their time in the spotlight, as Carmella and Ellsworth’s continual bragging lead to Certain Punishment plus … Continue reading

WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Tuesday Night Smackdown Presents Round Two. Money In The Bank (June, 27th 2017)

Tuesday Night served as a big night for the Smackdown Women’s Division as the Fallout last week from the Money in the Bank Pay Per View made Daniel Bryan hear the views of a hectic women’s division to bring forth another Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Noting at how furious the latter were over … Continue reading

WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Money In the Bank Round Two Comes This Way (June, 20th 2017)

Welcome to all the fallout from this Past Sundays Money in the Bank Pay Per View. With a controversial ending, one of the most in recent history, concluding the first and only Women’s MITB Ladder Match in history, the non victors were expectedly upset and pledging for some sort of reversal. So with that being … Continue reading

WWE MONEY IN THE BANK RESULTS: The Stars Break Out But Not Without Controversy (June, 18th 2017)

Welcome all to a report on a historic (but also controversial) event as WWEs Money in the Bank Pay Per View played host to WWEs first ever Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match, where either Natalya, Carmella, Becky Lynch, Tamina or Charlotte would walk out of this brutal affair with a future shot at … Continue reading

WWE MONEY IN THE BANK RESULTS (Live): First Miss Money in the Bank and Champion Retains (June, 18th 2017)

Tonight WWE Made History with their Smackdown Womens Division as Natalya, Carmella, Charlotte, Tamina and Becky Lynch battled in the first booked Womens Money in the Bank Ladder Match in history, one that would crown a future contender to the Smackdown Womens Championship. The Match has ended in reviewed controversy as James Ellsworth, after knocking … Continue reading

WWE MONEY IN THE BANK PREDICTIONS: Womens Money in the Bank Ladder Match and Lana vs Naomi for the Smackdown Womens Championship (June, 18th 2017)

Tonight the Smackdown Brands Newest Pay Per View Truly Delivers Opportunity, not only for two particular superstars to cash in on a championship opportunity whenever they please, but for the women to set a new bar with the first ever Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match. While Carmella, Charlotte, Natalya, Becky Lynch and Tamina … Continue reading

WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Glowing Results for The Queen and the Ravishing Russian By Sunday? (June, 13th 2017)

This Sunday, the five lucky women of Smackdown, the first Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch, the Princess of Staten Island Carmella, the Superflying Tamina, the Self Proclaimed Genetically Superior Charlotte and the Queen of Harts Natalya all share the same ring, duking it out in the first ever women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match … Continue reading


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