LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Former Gift of the Gods Champion Turns the Tables (July, 12th 2017)

Another week in the temple, here we go. Catherine here, and its time to review this weeks action on Lucha Underground, featuring one of my all time fave Luchadoras of the promotion Taya up against a very vicious Jeremiah Crane. Will Taya go on to be the furthest woman advanced in the Cueto Cup or … Continue reading

LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: No Sleazy Victory for Reina De Reina But a Sneaky One for the Rabbit Tribe (June, 28th 2017)

Welcome to this weeks Lucha Underground report, the last of the month of June. The Luchadora’s of the Temple were on show this week, whether it would be as accompaniments or as competitors. While Catrina and Kobra Moon looked to watch their men rise to victory, one Luchadora looked to obtain victory of her own, … Continue reading

LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: La Wera Loca and The Queen of the Snake Tribe Assure Dominance (June, 7th 2017)

At Last Lucha Underground is back to bring some more high octane action. Ok…it was back a week ago but with some focus on particular Luchadoras this week anyway. The Particular Women of the Temple in mind, Kobra Moon and Taya, have plans to ascend their male companions to victory, one to continue a championship … Continue reading

Cattie’s Catch Up: Derrick Bateman Interrupts the Wedding Ceremony of Maxine and Johnny Curtis (January, 18th 2012)

Welcome All to a New Edition of Cattie’s Catch Up, and in honor of the wedding of Laurel and Braxton on this weeks IMPACT, which you will have me talk about very soon, this weeks edition is suitably focused on the theme of wrestling weddings. Plenty have taken place as angles in the wrestling business, … Continue reading

LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Mid Season Finale Provides Sexy Star an Unexpected Target (January, 11th 2017)

Welcome all to a rather short Lucha Underground report, and the last for a while as the past week served us the promotions mid season finale. While no Luchadora was booked to compete, there was plenty developments, most particularly in the story regarding Sexy Stars Pursuer and Mariposa’s response to her brothers betrayal from the … Continue reading

LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Manipulation and Forthcoming Betrayal in the Temple (January, 4th 2017)

Hello All and again apologies for the lateness with this past weeks Lucha Underground Report. The Action continues in the Boyle Heights Temple prior to the Promotions Mid Season Finale as Sexy Star is granted her singles clash with Mariposa in a heated rivalry renewed, plus Trickery is up the sleeve for the Vivacious Catrina … Continue reading

LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Famous B Seeks Out, Sexy Star Seeks Her Pursuer (December, 28th 2016)

The Last Lucha Underground of 2016 aired this Past Wednesday, and while it does not serve us any in ring action for the Luchadoras, plenty are present. Sexy Star continues to be targeted by a mystery foe, Catrina looks to force her hugely powerful comrade Mil Muertes to destroy her recent pursuer Jeremiah, and Beautiful … Continue reading

LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: One Last Chance for the Formerly Top Woman of Lucha Underground (December, 21st 2016)

Hello Wrestling Fans. Im Back after a Christmas Break (with work commitments on top) and its time to get updated on the recent showdowns in wrestling in the past week and beyond, beginning with the pre christmas edition of Lucha Underground. After being granted her shot at the Lucha Underground Championship she lost to Johnny … Continue reading

LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Sexy Star About to Meet Mundo In A Certain Satanic Structure? (December, 7th 2016)

Welcome to an all new Lucha Underground report, and this past week Sexy Star is of course on the hunt for the Lucha Underground Championship she lost to a Villainous and Conniving Johnny Mundo. Dario looks to set her on the track to a possible title victory, but as one would know with Dario Cueto, … Continue reading

LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: A Night of Mass Violence Sees the Feared Triad Dominate (November, 30th 2016)

This Past week on Lucha Underground, we were welcomed with a lengthy exchange of offense and snapped arms as the Black Lotus Triad, lead by a vengeful returning Black Lotus, made their debut in the Boyle Heights Temple against their one common enemy, Pentagon Dark. The Man formerly mentored by a sneaky Vampiro, Pentagon Dark, … Continue reading


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