WWE RAW RESULTS: Is the Huggers Legacy Tainted? (February, 20th 2017)


Its now a week clear of Bayleys sudden title win when RAW brought the party theme (with shocks to follow) to Vegas last week. Now Miles out of Vegas, RAW is back with another episode of action this week, one that allows Bayley to address her emotional title victory over Charlotte, with some naysayers and … Continue reading

Cattie’s Catch Up: Emma vs Bayley on WWE NXT (May, 27th 2015)


Welcome all to this weeks edition of Cattie’s Catch Up, and while everyones heads are rolling or in a state of confusion as to whats going on regarding the Emmalina character that showed up on RAW earlier this week, lets remind you of the Emma we hope was hinted on coming back to the main … Continue reading

WWE RAW RESULTS: 48 Hours of Championship Splendor (February, 13th 2017)


This weeks RAW would tend to be served as a pedestal for the women of the RAW brand hours after Smackdown looked triumphant with three women’s matches on their newest PPV with a surprise title win to add. Titles were on the line also on this weeks RAW, as we would find out the week … Continue reading

WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: Retribution Arises for Cleveland’s Own (January, 27th 2017)


Welcome all to this weeks Main Event report, a mirrored image of the previous episode as we get a second installment in the Alicia Fox vs Dana Brooke series. Will having a hometown crowd give the protege of the RAW Women’s Champion a defining edge or will she be flattened by her veteran opposer for … Continue reading

WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: The Champs Protege vs a Conflicted Beau (January, 20th 2017)


Welcome All to the first Main Event report of 2017, the first in a while too. If you didn’t know, well now you know. The WWE Superstars B Side Show is no more so there’s only one installment of in ring action for the least showed stars of the WWE per week. Alicia Fox, currently … Continue reading

WWE TRIBUTE TO THE TROOPS RESULTS: Bayley Brings the Holiday Spirit (December, 14th 2016)


Like any other year, WWE paid respect to the troops with another Tribute to the Troops Special on the recently closed year of 2016. Like the many years that have gone, this years special also gives a look in featuring the particular women of the WWE, offering up this year a singles match. But between … Continue reading

WWE RAW RESULTS: Bayley Wont Be Boxing Up Gold Just Yet (December, 26th 2016)


There was only a short break for the in ring performers of the WWE this week as WWE returned to Television for another week of action only 24 Hours clear of Christmas Day, and with 2016 closing, will the new year hand a stepping up horsewoman some gold by vanquishing a newly crowned champions own … Continue reading

Your Monday Post #141: Sasha Banks vs Charlotte for the RAW Womens Championship on WWE RAW (July, 25th 2016)


Welcome All to the Last Edition of Your Monday Post for the Year. As like past weeks, Ive been looking back on various moments featuring the women of the WWE this year, and as this year comes to a close, one comes to mind, and thats Sasha’s first championship win on the main roster, per … Continue reading

WWE RAW RESULTS: Seemingly Ending a Rivalry with a Little Bit of (Extra) Flair (November, 28th 2016)


Welcome All to this weeks RAW Report and as learned on last weeks Post Survivor Series RAW, Sasha Banks, having lost her Women’s Championship in her record breaking Cell Match at Hell in a Cell, would evoke her well known rematch clause for one more clash with the current champion Charlotte. The Pre Advertised Women’s … Continue reading

WWE RAW RESULTS: Shooting Down the Champ, Tie a Record, Rinse and Repeat? (November, 21st 2016)


Survivor Series for this year has closed, with RAW perceiving themselves as the currently dominant brand with their Women also winning and basking in the limelight that very night. With that winning moment not forgotten in Toronto, the WWE wrestlers are back for another night of business in Takeover Town, setting the stage for the … Continue reading


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