WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Plenty Of Lass Kicking to Go Around (September, 11th 2018)

Last night was the blue brand of Smackdowns turn to deliver the last main roster content before the various battles taking place at this Sundays Hell in a Cell. Prior to her upcoming championship battle with now former comrade Becky Lynch, Charlotte has a different challenge in the form of the Ruthless Combatant Sonya Deville … Continue reading

WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: A Defensive Bella Has Risen As Has a Lasskicker with a Vengeance (August, 21st 2018)

Welcome all to a female packed Smackdown report, featuring plenty fallout from Sundays Summerslam, including the much anticipated explanation of Becky Lynch, who made her transition onto the villainous side to the chagrin of newly crowned champion Charlotte, letting out her frustrations at the now former best friend over holding the title she desperately wanted … Continue reading

WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Only One May Reign After Brooklyn (August, 14th 2018)

Four Days remain until Summerslam, and till the next defense of both the RAW and Smackdown Women’s Championships. As Known, Alexa Bliss will defend the RAW Women’s Championship against Ronda Rousey, while Carmella’s Smackdown Women’s Championship title defense is slightly different, in the form of a triple threat that was originally a single match like … Continue reading

WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Becky Balboa May Be Flying (Forearming) Her Way to the Next Big Event of the Summer (July, 17th 2018)

Welcome all to this weeks Smackdown report, and just like with RAW, all the fallout is provided for the opposing brand from this past weeks Extreme Rules Pay Per View. Records heightened for Carmella this past Sunday as she became the only woman on the main roster to now pin the once undefeated Asuka not … Continue reading

WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Ellsworth vs Asuka, the Womens Division and……..a Shark Cage? (July, 10th 2018)

Extreme Rules is looming and just like the brand before it of RAW, Smackdown was all set to deliver the last build up to the said pay per view this recently closed Tuesday. Asuka, the challenger to the Smackdown Women’s Title, gets her rematch with James Ellsworth prior to the said show, coming out of … Continue reading

WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Momentum Rolls On For One In Ontario (June, 26th 2018)

Following on from the events of Monday Night RAW in San Diego, we jump a day forward to Smackdown now, with a slightly reduced roster as neither Carmella nor Asuka nor WWE Champion AJ Styles in attendance. However with the latter missing, other talents get spots in the 2 hour show, as Becky Lynch gets … Continue reading

WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: The Blue Brand Ladies Have a Huge Collision Ahead of Next Historic Bout (June, 12th 2018)

Well its the last main roster show before the two specific main roster brands collide this Sunday at Money in the Bank. Three women’s matches are taking place overall, including the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match (the third overall) and set to represent the Smackdown Brand are Naomi, Lana, Charlotte and Becky Lynch, … Continue reading

WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Women Rule the Show With Multi Bouts (June, 5th 2018)

Welcome all to this weeks Smackdown report and there is a Lot…and i mean A LOT….to talk about regarding the ladies of Smackdown Live this week. An “expose” of Asuka courtesy of her future opponent, Smackdown Womens Champion Carmella, leads to physicality, a mixed tag team match is happening and a battle of besties on … Continue reading

WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: A Dance Floor Unconquered But A Battle Conquered by the Recently Returned Empress (May, 29th 2018)

Welcome all to the Smackdown report for this week. The culmination of RAW sees confirmation of every woman competing in the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match in Chicago at the same name PPV, and with that being said, its time to build tension between opposers. Lana and Naomi are just two of those … Continue reading

WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: A Ravishing Glow to Descend Upon Chicago (May, 22nd 2018)

Welcome all to this weeks Smackdown report and coming out of the two women’s clashes coming up, only one spot will remain in the heavily filling dual brand Women’s MITB Ladder Match, set to take place in Chicago at this years Money in the Bank Pay Per View. Charlotte and Becky Lynch, both former Smackdown … Continue reading

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