Your Monday Post #247: Gail Kim vs Velvet Sky for the Knockouts Championship at IMPACT Wrestling Lockdown 2013 (March, 10th 2013)

Last Night at Homecoming saw Gail Kim transition into a One Night referee role for a match that saw the Knockouts Championship she once held transition into the hands of Taya Valkyrie, to the chagrin of the former champion Tessa Blanchard, who had tried to aggravate Kim throughout the match numerous times. As part of … Continue reading

IMPACT WRESTLING HOMECOMING RESULTS: Surprises and Controversy in the Asylum (January, 6th 2019)

Last night saw IMPACT Wrestling deliver their newest Pay Per View and their first of 2019, directly from Nashville, Homecoming. As part of the card were two Knockouts Matches, two that didn’t disappoint, from the Knockouts Tag Team Match that saw Kiera Hogan and Jordynne Grace battle the wicked duo of Dark Allie and Su … Continue reading

IMPACT WRESTLING HOMECOMING PREDICTIONS: Su Yung and Allie vs Kiera Hogan and Jordynne Grace and Taya Valkyrie vs Tessa Blanchard for the Knockouts Championship (January, 6th 2019)

Midnight has very much passed here in the UK, meaning its now Sunday, and the Day of IMPACTs Next Pay Per View, Homecoming. Two Knockouts Matches are scheduled for tonight’s event, from Tessa Blanchard’s next defense of the Knockouts Championship against long time nemesis Taya Valkyrie, to the recently announced Knockouts Tag Team Match featuring … Continue reading

IMPACT WRESTLING RESULTS: New Issues Sparked for Tessa Heading into Homecoming (December, 13th 2018)

Last week on IMPACT was a moment of redemption for upcoming challenger to the Knockouts title, Taya Valkyrie. To close mixed tag team action, she had her upcoming opponent at Homecoming, the title wielding Tessa Blanchard, tap out, and moving forward from that she looks to recreate that picture at the PPV event in Nashville … Continue reading

IMPACT WRESTLING RESULTS: Former Knockout Lays Down the Law Amidst Chaos (November, 29th 2018)

Two weeks ago began the recent IMPACT Tapings from Vegas, and on the very first night, we ended up finding out what would be coming regarding Tessa Blanchard and the Knockouts Championship at the companies upcoming Pay Per View, Homecoming. The Diamond of the Knockouts Division will defend her title at the beginning of the … Continue reading

UPCOMING IMPACT WRESTLING SPOILERS 15.10.2018 – 03.01.2019 (November, 14th 2018)

The following are Knockouts related spoilers to upcoming episodes of IMPACT Wrestling, taped over the course of Sunday, Monday and Tuesday Night in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Following Knockouts matches and more, including announcements for IMPACTs upcoming Pay Per View Homecoming, will take place. Airing November 15th Tessa Blanchard beat Ray Lyn. After the match, … Continue reading

Cattie’s Catch Up: Queen of the Knockouts Gauntlet Match at IMPACT Wrestling One Night Only Knockouts Knockdown (September, 6th 2013)

Welcome Everybody to this weeks throwback post, and this one is quite a few years old, more of a later throwback than the one i posted earlier this week. This one takes a look at the final match of IMPACT Wrestling’s Debuting All Knockouts Pay Per View, the One Night Only Knockouts Knockdown event that … Continue reading

Cattie’s Catch Up: Allie vs Gail Kim vs Sienna for the IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Championship at Bound for Glory 2017 (November, 5th 2017)

Welcome all to a Bound for Glory themed edition of Cattie’s Catch Up, appropriately because IMPACTs next Bound for Glory Pay Per View is days away, taking place this Sunday. This post looks at the One Knockouts Match that took place at last years over the Knockouts Championship, as then champion Sienna, in the midst … Continue reading

Your Monday Post #234: Brooke vs Gail Kim vs ODB for the IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Championship at Bound for Glory 2013 (October, 20th 2013)

A New week has begun, and as last weekend presented us another WWE Pay Per View, moving onward to this week its IMPACT Wrestling’s turn to bring Pay Per View action, as their biggest Pay Per View event of the year, Bound for Glory, takes place this Sunday. With days left until that said event, … Continue reading

Cattie’s Catch Up: Gail Kim vs Brittany vs Madison Rayne in a Number One Contenders Match on IMPACT Wrestling (June, 12th 2014)

Tonight, a Triple Threat Match will go down on IMPACT Wrestling for the Knockouts Championship held by Su Yung, who will defend against long tenured babyface Allie and rising heel Tessa Blanchard. With that coming along, this weeks midweek reflective, IMPACT Themed, looks at a past triple threat match in Knockouts History, and while it … Continue reading

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