WWE RAW RESULTS: Steps to Be Made to Summerslam, But More So….Evolution (July, 23rd 2018)

Welcome all to this weeks RAW report, and there is a Lot….and i mean…A LOT….to talk about. Just days before this episode even sprang up onto our TV screens, news broke that Stephanie McMahon was set to make a “historic announcement” and ironically around the same time that rumors swirled that an all women’s PPV … Continue reading

WWE RAW RESULTS: Seeds Planted for Deviousness Heading Closer to the Big Stage (March, 14th 2016)

Welcome All to Another RAW report heading even closer to this years WrestleMania. While the Championship feud this week wouldn’t have its seeds entirely planted until Smackdown this week, mass focus on RAW turned to the side feud as Lana continued to make extra enemies for Brie and her reunited comrade Alicia Fox, amongst others. … Continue reading

WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: NaoMina Show Unity, Momentum And A Preview for the Boss (February, 5th 2016)

Greetings to All and Happy Superbowl (American Football Version of WrestleMania) Sunday! Now i didn’t realize till recently which teams were playing, i haven’t even kept up with the whole palava but i see its not the Seahawks that Ive come to enjoy over the past two years in our typical British one night viewing. … Continue reading

WWE RAW RESULTS: With The Friendship Over, The Claws Come Out (January, 11th 2016)

Greetings to all and welcome to the second RAW of 2016, and just like last week, the RAW report was little in terms of number of divas, but plenty in regards to storyline development. A Late, hopefully not too repetitive match up between Brie and Divas Champion Charlotte would serve as part of Becky’s revenge … Continue reading

WWE RAW RESULTS: Another Match Loss For Becky And Possibly A Lost Friend Heading into 2016 (December, 28th 2015)

As I Write This Im Wondering Where the Hell 2015 has gone. It doesn’t feel like 11 months since i turned 19, it hasn’t felt 6 months since the NXT Divas got called up…regardless for WWE, it has been a whirlwind year, from having to shut up us fans for speaking up through the #GiveDivasAChance … Continue reading

WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: PCBs Remnants Begin to Have Major Problems (December, 3rd 2015)

Hello All and welcome to this weeks Smackdown Report, fresh off a rather interesting episode of RAW that began to display (much needed) tension between Becky Lynch and Supposed Bestie and Divas Champion Charlotte. As Becky Lynch looked to shut off her losing streak via a Battle with Brie Bella days later on Smackdown, it … Continue reading

WWE RAW RESULTS: There Can Only Be One Contender and One Diva Ruling the House (November, 2nd 2015)

Last Nights RAW saw the Divas put on one big spectacle before heading off to a Currently Very Cold Europe (thats if you live in the UK like me). So after spending my spare time today watching Old Damien Sandow moments to appreciate his Royal Underrated-ness, lets summarize what went down on last nights RAW … Continue reading

WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Making Marks and Un-Justifying Disrespect (October, 1st 2015)

Hello Everyone and welcome to this weeks Smackdown report, more diva-ful than i thought it would be. Guess Spoilers do conceal some things ey? Anyway to answer the never ending question of where are Team BAD? Well they are on this weeks Smackdown and possibly seeking out title contention should they pull a major upset … Continue reading

WWE RAW RESULTS: The Submission Sorority Are Further On Their Way To Total Dominance (August, 3rd 2015)

The New Week of Wrestling has begun so time to wind down the latest happenings in Womens Wrestling this week, beginning with another diva-a-plenty episode of Monday Night RAW. As the Road to Summerslam began to narrow we saw a hopeful contender and plenty matches to review. Firstly we saw Charlotte and Becky Lynch take … Continue reading

WWE BATTLEGROUND RESULTS: St Louis Welcomes Some Fab Divas Action (July, 19th 2015)

Originally i wouldn’t be planning to write up last nights PPV until the company added a last minute divas match, and one with some heavy build. Last Night Stephanie took some time to promote the ongoing #DivasRevolution (even though the Main Roster Divas can work just as great) before the feuding teams picked out a … Continue reading

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