WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Team B-A-D Have The First Words Following The “Revolution” (July, 16th 2015)

Time to Jump to the Happenings on the WWEs Blue Brand on the first televised WWE show since this Mondays Huge Divas Segment. Even though we didn’t get a match this week, we got some development in the alliance of Naomi, Tamina and the Reigning NXT Women’s Champ Sasha Banks. Banks, backstage with Snuka and … Continue reading

WWE RAW RESULTS: Confusing Match, But A Summer Resurrection (June, 22nd 2015)

Hello Folks and welcome to another RAW report as we reach closer to the Battleground…Now i didn’t really have the motivation to write this weeks RAW report because of the absolutely disgusting non-motivation of the creative team to distinguish faces from heels in the divas match that was brought ahead on the RAW episode, but … Continue reading

WWE NXT RESULTS: Championship Matches, Traps and Slaps! (March, 25th 2015)

Hello There Everybody! So as this week was WrestleMania NXT Programming had a little shuffle, as the match that originally was taped for episode 4 of the NXT Tapings aired this week in coordination with the issues that went down last week between Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss, issues so tense that General Manager William … Continue reading

WWE NXT RESULTS: Can Becky Rock Her Way Into A NXT Takeover Three Way Championship Battle? (August, 21st 2014)

Hello Everyone and welcome to this weeks Late NXT Report. I Was All Ready to report on 2 Divas Matches this week, but i was also ready for the Bad News (No Barrett Pun Intended) over one in particular not getting shown. Of course this weeks card was stacked, and for some reason WWE felt … Continue reading

UPCOMING WWE NXT SPOILERS 21.08.14 – 04.09.14 (August, 1st 2014)

The Following are Diva Related Spoilers to another 3 weeks of WWE NXT Episodes, beginning August 21st. Airing August 21st Note: JoJo was Ring announcing for all episodes. Becky Lynch is out first. Becky had new ring gear but lost to NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte with the Bow Down Natalya def Carmella w/ the Sharpshooter. … Continue reading

Your Monday Post #12 – Eva Marie, JoJo & Natalya vs Aksana, Rosa Mendes & Alicia Fox (October, 7th 2013)

Your Monday Post edition 12 comes to you from a show from last year, the October 7th Edition of Monday Night RAW to be exact. Some Months after the Launch of the New Total Divas Show, Natalya would join Debuting Divas, The Controversial Eva Marie and the Spirited and athletic JoJo (Now former Total Diva) … Continue reading

WWE TRIBUTE TO THE TROOPS RESULTS: A Unique, Fiery Divas Battle Royal For the Festive Holidays (December, 28th 2013)

Okay Guys welcome to my FIRST EVER Blog on WWE’s annual Tribute to the Troops show. Every Year, the Wrestling Entertainment Organization honors the soldiers who go out and fight in Afghanistan and this year is no different. Plus give Props to WWE’s own JBL for creating this amazing, honorary yearly event. Whats an annual … Continue reading

TOTAL DIVAS EPISODE #15 – Ready To Ride (December, 15th 2013)

Oh My Gosh Guys, i didn’t even see this happening! Total Divas is coming back in MARCH of all Months…NOT JANUARY? I Cannot wait that long!!! But Anyway, Last Night was the Shows Major Season Finale, which presented problems, and a few joyous moments. Here is what you must look out for…. – Stephanie Confronts … Continue reading

TOTAL DIVAS EPISODE #13 – Saying Goodbye (December, 8th 2013)

Hey Guys, sorry its late. Last Night i would’ve watched Total Divas but one cannot be late for college, right? RIGHT? Anyway now I’ve caught up on the pre season finale episode, im in absolute shambles no thanks to Gismo. The Emotions shown between Tyson and Natalya is just heartbreaking to watch. Don’t know what … Continue reading

TOTAL DIVAS EPISODE #12 – Get That Chingle Chingle (December, 1st 2013)

Hello Folks, Hope the New December Week is going well, even though i have yet to put up my Xmas tree….Okay So Total Divas last night, i did miss it but now im catching up on it, and not to mention how much i love the show every week. For those who have yet to … Continue reading

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