Your Monday Post #182: Kelly Kelly vs Beth Phoenix for the WWE Divas Championship at WWE TLC 2011 (December, 18th 2011)

Last Night the RAW Brand set up more matches, including an extra women’s match, for the upcoming usually year ending Tables, Ladders and Chairs (TLC) Pay Per View. The several year chronology has seen many matches take place on the said event, whether over the once existent Divas Championship or the current Smackdown or RAW … Continue reading

Your Monday Post #174: Interpromotional Womens Number One Contendership Battle Royal at WWE Summerslam 2007 (August, 26th 2007)

Summerslam Week has finally dawned on us, as the 29th overall Summerslam Pay Per View airs this Sunday Live on the WWE Network, with two women’s matches set. Jump back 10 or 20 years ago it was rare for any women to compete on the card, with action being nil or sparse. 2007 served its … Continue reading

WWE RAW RESULTS: 48 Hours of Championship Splendor (February, 13th 2017)

This weeks RAW would tend to be served as a pedestal for the women of the RAW brand hours after Smackdown looked triumphant with three women’s matches on their newest PPV with a surprise title win to add. Titles were on the line also on this weeks RAW, as we would find out the week … Continue reading

Your Monday Post #110: Brie Bella vs Kelly Kelly for the WWE Divas Championship at Money in the Bank 2011 (July, 17th 2011)

Welcome All to a Post Extreme Rules Edition of Your Monday Post, suitably representing the theme of the upcoming Money in the Bank Pay Per View. The Show that usually would establish the rising stars of the WWE with matches that would establish only one as an eventual main title holder, also has set the … Continue reading

Former WWE Diva Gets Married (February, 29th 2016)

Former WWE Diva Kelly Kelly, who as some may know, currently stars on the renewed E! Television Series WAGs, got married this past weekend to longtime partner, Sheldon Souray. The Former Divas Champion Married Souray in Mexico, with noted fellow WAGs cast members in attendance. It remains unknown, however, as to whether any former divas … Continue reading

Cattie’s Catch Up: Traditional Diva Team Elimination Match at Survivor Series 2008 (November, 23rd 2008)

Hello and Welcome to this Special Survivor Series Themed Edition of Cattie’s Catch Up as we draw somewhat close to the upcoming Pay Per View, One Indeed Known for its numerous team matches that have taken place over the years. The Divas have also played a part in this Pay Per View Tradition, including last … Continue reading

Your Monday Post #77: Beth Phoenix vs Kelly Kelly for the Divas Championship at Hell in a Cell 2011 (October, 2nd 2011)

Hello Folks and Welcome to This Weeks edition of Your Monday Post, though noticeably late. Anyway lets just pretend its Monday Shall We? Anyway since the Road to Hell in a Cell is Narrowing, i think its best to look back at one of the divas matches that has taken place at the Pay Per … Continue reading

Your Monday Post #62: Nikki Bella vs Kelly Kelly In A Submission Match (June, 27th 2011)

Under 24 Hours Clear of Last Nights Money in the Bank Spectacle, welcome to another edition of Your Monday Post. This Week is looking back to when Kelly Kelly, one week clear of her first WWE Divas Title Win, Courageously battled Nikki Bella, who was looking to avenge her Sisters loss from the week prior. … Continue reading

Cattie’s Catch Up: Layla vs Kelly Kelly for the WWE Womens Championship at Money In The Bank 2010 (July, 18th 2010)

Hello Everyone and welcome to a Money in the Bank edition of Cattie’s Catch Up. In What surely wont be the first Money in the Bank reflect, we jump back for this edition to the debut PPV in July 2010, where Layla, who split the title with her Flawless Partner Michelle McCool to give them … Continue reading

Cattie’s Catch Up: 8 Divas Tag Match at Tribute to the Troops 2011 (December, 13th 2011)

Hello Folks and Welcome to the Christmas Day edition of Cattie’s Catch Up, so Happy Christmas to all my Readers out there! For this weeks edition, I’ve decided to show a Tribute to the Troops Divas Match, in honor of the yearly event that WWE kicked off in 2003. Joined by Celeb guest Maria Menuonos, … Continue reading


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