UPCOMING IMPACT WRESTLING SPOILERS 16.11.2017 – 11.01.2018 (November, 12th 2017)

The Following are Knockouts Related Spoilers to upcoming episodes of IMPACT Wrestling, taped this past week at the Aberdeen Pavilion in Ottawa, Canada. The Following Knockouts Segment, Matches and Title Changes are set to take place. (Note that Some Matches MAY have been taped out of order therefore the airdates may not be as suggested) … Continue reading

New Knockouts Champion Crowned at Post Bound for Glory IMPACT Wrestling Tapings (November, 10th 2017)

(WARNING: The Following Post Contains Spoilers for an Upcoming Episode of IMPACT Wrestling). This week IMPACT began their Television Tapings in Ottawa, Canada to follow up from this past Sundays Bound for Glory Pay Per View. With that came various qualifying matches for the Knockouts Division following Gail Kim surrendering the newly won Knockouts Championship … Continue reading

Cattie’s Catch Up: Gail Kim vs Jessicka Havok for the Knockouts Championship (November, 5th 2014)

Welcome all to another Gail Kim-centric post for the week in light of her recent retirement from the ring. As Ive already covered some of Gail’s toughest IMPACT matches before in previous posts, heres one i had yet to reflect on and thats when Gail channeled inner courage to take on a woman who dominated … Continue reading

Your Monday Post #186: Awesome Kong vs Gail Kim for the Knockouts Championship at Final Resolution 2008 (January, 6th 2008)

Welcome all to a rather late but better than never edition of Your Monday Post. The first post of the week post Bound for Glory focuses on matches that the newly retired Gail Kim contributed to competing in to put the Knockouts Division on the map, most notably her biggest match known with storied rival … Continue reading

IMPACT WRESTLING BOUND FOR GLORY RESULTS: Going Out in a Blaze of Glory (November, 5th 2017)

Last Night was legit fireworks with some of the storylines culminating last night at Bound for Glory (Ironic Bonfire Night Pun). We saw Laurel seek revenge on Grado amidst a brutal Monsters Ball Match, OvE and LAX decimate each other, Alberto Revealing his True Self and Sienna…well girls gonna be angry!! With Taya vs Rosemary … Continue reading

New Knockouts Champion Crowned at IMPACT Wrestling’s Bound for Glory Pay Per View (November, 5th 2017)

Tonight at IMPACT Wrestlings Biggest Event of the Year, Bound for Glory, a Triple Threat Match (Once a Fatal 4 Way Until Taryn Terrell’s departure forced changes) took place, one that saw Sienna defend the Knockouts Championship against once ally Allie and the Soon to Retire Hall of Famer and first ever Knockouts Champion Gail … Continue reading

IMPACT WRESTLING BOUND FOR GLORY PREDICTIONS: Knockouts Championship Triple Threat Match (November, 5th 2017)

Welcome All! Happy Bonfire Night and Also….Happy Bound for Glory Dayyyy!! With IMPACTs limited amount of Pay Per Views, each event is a long wait but Bound for Glory Night is officially here and im excited to see a lot of the matches taking place tonight as IMPACT shy away from their usual home base … Continue reading

Cattie’s Catch Up: Awesome Kong vs Gail Kim for the Knockouts Championship at Bound for Glory 2015 (October, 4th 2015)

The Thirteenth Overall IMPACT Wrestling Bound for Glory is just over a week away from taking place and as the days narrow until that particular event, which, may i add has a solid card and another Knockouts Championship defense, there’s been many Knockouts Championship defenses that has happened at the companies biggest event of the … Continue reading

Fatal Four Way Match for the Knockouts Championship Announced for IMPACT Wrestling Bound for Glory (October, 5th 2017)

As Confirmed earlier by IMPACT Wrestling Personnel Karen Jarrett during tonights episode of IMPACT Wrestling, a Knockouts Championship Match will indeed take place at IMPACT Wrestlings Bound for Glory Pay Per View, set to take place in Ottawa, Canada. Tonight Karen announced that current champion Sienna would be pitted against Allie, Taryn Terrell and Gail … Continue reading

GFW IMPACT WRESTLING RESULTS: A Dollhouse Member Is Back to Resume The Anti Gail Chaos (August, 17th 2017)

Last night kicked off a new round of televised content for the company formerly known as TNA, GFW. The Company presented its Destination X Themed episode of IMPACT, kindly opening with a pre hyped match for the Unified Knockouts Championship, as the champion crowned back at Slammiversary Sienna defended against a veteran making a return … Continue reading


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