Cattie’s Catch Up: AJ Lee Defends the Divas Championship In a “Vickie Guerrero Divas Championship Invitational” at WrestleMania 30 (April, 6th 2014)

With the Road to WrestleMania narrowing and storylines all go as of this weeks RAW and Smackdown, this weeks edition of Cattie’s Catch Up is appropriately WrestleMania themed. This edition reflects on WrestleMania 30 back in 2014, the last time when the WWE Divas Championship was defended at the event by the then Divas Champion, … Continue reading

Your Monday Post #150: Layla and Michelle McCool vs Natalya and Beth Phoenix in a Tag Team Tables Match (December, 19th 2010)

Its Just Minutes Before the Last Monday Night RAW of February, and with it comes another week opening feature here on the Site. Now whether you are caught up or not, the news has broke today that the 2017 Hall of Fame Female Inductee will be Beth Phoenix, and in honor of this fairly early … Continue reading

Your Monday Post #136: Mickie James vs Michelle McCool for the WWE Womens Championship at WWE TLC 2009 (December, 13th 2009)

Welcome All to a Rather Late Edition of Your Monday Post, and as Smackdown is Live on the air, it can be noted that WWE TLC is only two weeks away, this time with the Smackdown Brand taking the stage on the show that has some lethally stipulated matches. While the Women haven’t had a … Continue reading

Your Monday Post #126: Michelle McCool vs Melina at Night of Champions 2010 (September, 19th 2010)

Welcome All to a Sort of Late Edition of Your Monday Post, and with WWE Backlash now out of the way, its now time to focus on a PPV up and coming that more or less forces to showcase the women of the WWE, Night of Champions (now renamed Clash of Champions) where every championship … Continue reading

Your Monday Post #101: Naomi vs AJ Lee; Vickie Guerrero Sets Up the WrestleMania Divas Invitational (March, 24th 2014)

Welcome All to a Late Edition of Your Monday Post, another weekly post to tie in with WrestleMania Build Up as Opposed to last weeks post, dedicated to the Upcoming Hall of Fame Induction for Jacqueline. This weeks post looks back at the major announcement declared by One Vickie Guerrero that followed a clash between … Continue reading

Cattie’s Catch Up: Eve Torres vs Michelle McCool vs Natalya vs Layla at Royal Rumble 2011 (January, 30th 2011)

Hello All and Welcome to a Royal Rumble Themed Edition of Cattie’s Catch Up, expectedly so with the next Royal Rumble Pay Per View being just days away. To Stick with the theme (and to celebrate the long tenured Pay Per View itself) lets look back at the LAST TIME the Divas Championship was defended … Continue reading

Your Monday Post #87: Mickie James vs Michelle McCool on WWE Smackdown (April, 16th 2010)

Hello All and Welcome to a Late Edition of Your Monday Post, highlighting past moments in womens wrestling. This week reflects on dirty finishes in divas matches, and one sprang to mind from the Singles Match between WWE Womens Champion Michelle McCool and longtime rival Mickie James. Michelle, who was at the top of the … Continue reading

Former WWE Divas Champion Gets Married (December, 12th 2015)

Earlier this week, WWE published an article sending out Congratulations to former WWE Divas and Womens Champion Layla, who married former WWE Superstar Ricky Ortiz earlier this month. The Former Diva, who was also the final WWE Womens Champion before the title was vacated, got engaged some time after announcing her retirement from the WWE, … Continue reading

Cattie’s Catch Up: Kaitlyn vs Layla vs Eve Torres for the Divas Championship at Hell in a Cell 2012 (October, 28th 2012)

Greetings And Welcome to the 121st Edition of Cattie’s Catch Up, Appropriately recapping a past Divas Match from a Past Hell in a Cell Pay Per View in coordination with this Sundays Pay Per View. This edition flicks back to 2012, the year of the infamous Kaitlyn/Eve Torres feud, displaying a match that not only … Continue reading

Cattie’s Catch Up: Layla vs Alicia Fox (Kaitlyn on Commentary) (August, 24th 2012)

In Light of the Oncoming Night of Champions Pay Per View, this weeks Edition of Cattie’s Catch Up reflects on past storyline builds heading into the PPV, heading back into 2012 when Layla was champion, and it was on this year that we saw the arrival of a very well played out heel in Eve … Continue reading


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