LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Santos Stands Against the Sickly Siblings (September, 20th 2017)

Beginning next week is the third overall Ultima Lucha event, containing four weeks of sure to be insane action. With Fenix already on the card, set to square off against Marty the Moth, this week served a final chance for Melissa Santos to get revenge on Marty and his equally sickening sibling Mariposa for their … Continue reading

LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Atomicos Action and a Debut to Come! (September, 13th 2017)

Welcome all to this weeks Lucha Underground report, and we’ve got quite a few developments with the women of the temple to talk through. First we see the Worldwide Undergrounds Johnny Mundo, Taya and PJ Black joining the odd ally of Marty the Moth to take on the formed unit of Prince Puma, Fenix, Cage … Continue reading

LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Beware the Enemies of Sexy Star (August, 30th 2017)

Welcome all to what i promise is a longer Lucha Underground report compared to last weeks. This week sees a longer showdown between Joey Ryan and Sexy Star, making up for last weeks abrupt end when the former Lucha Underground Champions match with Veneno was interrupted by Joey Ryan, who unveiled the then opponent to … Continue reading

LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Sexy Star and Veneno Clash, But the Opposition is Also on Anothers Radar (August, 23rd 2017)

Welcome all to a rather short Lucha Underground report. That being as we only have brief action featuring a particular Luchadora this week, but action in the ring for a Luchadora nonetheless. An Angle that began to kick off right before the season’s hiatus saw Sexy Star suspect Veneno as her recent pursuer, sending eerie … Continue reading

Cattie’s Catch Up: Mariposa and Sexy Star vs Ivelisse and Taya on Lucha Underground (June, 22nd 2016)

Welcome all to a midweek wrestling throwback. So its rare or far and few between that i feature Lucha Underground Matches when it comes to these throwback posts, mainly because most matches disappear from the internet nowadays. In Light of Taya’s move to Global Force Wrestling, i thought it’d be good to take a look … Continue reading

LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Tensions Rise Over the Gauntlet And The Need for Battle (August, 16th 2017)

Welcome to this weeks Lucha Underground report, and while there wasn’t any Luchadoras in action, this episode had everyone’s favorite Mistress of the Underworld Catrina all over the place. A Week after it was revealed that she bared relation to Captain Vazquez, it seems Catrina has gone ahead with her mothers plan to try and … Continue reading

LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: As Battles Are Set, Plots Begin to Thicken (August, 9th 2017)

Welcome all to another action packed Lucha Underground report. Whether you know the details from last week or not, i will give anyway, as recent failings came to be recognized from Dario Cueto regarding the Worldwide Underground. He presented the stable minus Johnny Mundo a chance at redemption, pitting Taya, PJ Black and Ricky Mandel … Continue reading

LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: The Heinous Worldwide Underground Make the Temples Biggest Feud Personal (August, 2nd 2017)

Its another action packed night at the Boyle Heights Temple with another Lucha Underground episode underway. However, maybe not so much for the Luchadoras with just an assisting role for the appearing Kobra Moon and Taya this week, but regardless some heat is going to be produced. But whose behind all that? Well… There might … Continue reading

LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: The Temptations of the Dragon (July, 26th 2017)

Welcome all to a new but rather brief but new anyways report on this weeks Lucha Underground episode. So none of the three Luchadoras featured this week were in action, but there were developments nonetheless. Lets see what exactly went down shall we? The First Luchadora appearing on screen is Kobra Moon, leading Drago into … Continue reading

LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Former Gift of the Gods Champion Turns the Tables (July, 12th 2017)

Another week in the temple, here we go. Catherine here, and its time to review this weeks action on Lucha Underground, featuring one of my all time fave Luchadoras of the promotion Taya up against a very vicious Jeremiah Crane. Will Taya go on to be the furthest woman advanced in the Cueto Cup or … Continue reading


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