WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: A Not So Iconic Night for the Aussies, Nor a Fun One for a Former Champion (January, 15th 2019)

Welcome to this weeks Smackdown report, and just like this week on RAW, there’s a fair few moments happening this week regarding the Smackdown Women’s Division. We are just over a week away until Becky Lynch clashes with Asuka in a first time ever match, which of course will be over the Smackdown Women’s Championship. … Continue reading

WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Blue Joins Red In Crowning a Womens Championship Contender with Immense Triple Threat Battle (January, 8th 2019)

Welcome to this weeks Smackdown report, and there is plenty to discuss regarding the Ladies of the Blue Brand this week. Not only is there a triple threat this week, a main event one at that, to determine the newest contender to Asuka, but the Naomi and Mandy Rose angle gets immensely heated! But first, … Continue reading

WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Old Feud Resumes and Fresh Tag Ensues to Kickstart 2019 with the Blue Brand (January, 1st 2019)

Welcome all to the first report of 2019, and 2019 broadcasts WWE wise start off with Smackdown Live (even if its a pre tape). This week sees Naomi and Mandy Rose finally go at it after weeks of trying to add intensity to their already existent animosity on social media, plus Becky Lynch happens to … Continue reading

WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Former Title Challengers Feud Resumes Heading into 2019 (December, 25th 2018)

Welcome everybody to the Christmas Day edition of Smackdown report, and what will be a rather short one as we got no women’s action on the holiday episode, even though the women were involved in ways. Whether it be Carmella witnessing Daniel Bryan being a non festive Grinch, Mandy trying to get someones husband under … Continue reading

WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Post TLC Changes Afoot and Opportunities (December, 18th 2018)

Welcome all to the Post TLC Smackdown report. This past Monday Night on RAW, The McMahon’s (minus Linda) resurfaced on Television, Triple H included, to indicate the beginning of “changes” in WWE, also proclaiming that us fans are the authority. Indeed we have some different and fresh moments on this weeks Smackdown, but regardless of … Continue reading

WWE MIXED MATCH CHALLENGE SEASON 2 EPISODE 12 RESULTS: May the Semi’s Soon Commence (December, 4th 2018)

This week presents the Quarter Finals of the Mixed Match Challenge, and the results on this action packed episode will determine who will go through to the semi’s, and may give hints as to which teams head to the final at WWE TLC. Battling this week, its Charlotte and Jeff Hardy against Carmella and R … Continue reading

Your Monday Post #242: Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch at WWE TLC 2015 (December, 13th 2015)

Welcome all to a (rather late) edition of Your Monday Post, and the weeks are shortening until we have our last WWE Pay Per View of the soon to close year of 2018. This years will see Becky Lynch walking in as Smackdown Women’s Champion for a second time, this time defending the belt in … Continue reading

WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: The Champ Is Back and a New Tough Challenge Follows (November, 27th 2018)

Exciting times were ahead for Smackdown this week with the announcement made on RAW that the much missed Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch would be making her return. Indeed the champ did, luckily in good spirits and keeping her title, but with it came the potential future of her Smackdown Women’s Title reign. Whats ahead … Continue reading

Cattie’s Catch Up: Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan Make Their Main Roster Debut on WWE Smackdown (November, 21st 2017)

This week held two important dates for particular female talents in WWE. This Past Tuesday marked One Year since the call up of Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville to the main roster, having joined the then returning Paige to lay claim to dominating the RAW Women’s Division as Absolution. Wednesday this week also marked one … Continue reading

WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Who Will Suffer the Queen’s Wrath Post Survivor Series Chaos? (November, 20th 2018)

At Survivor Series this Past Sunday, the Smackdown Brand were (sadly) barely successful in their attempts to overcome Monday Night RAW, but nonetheless attention was drawn to the brand through the actions of Charlotte Flair that followed her match with Ronda Rousey, a match Flair hadn’t even been allocated to battle in until her rival … Continue reading

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