WWE RAW RESULTS: Is the Huggers Legacy Tainted? (February, 20th 2017)


Its now a week clear of Bayleys sudden title win when RAW brought the party theme (with shocks to follow) to Vegas last week. Now Miles out of Vegas, RAW is back with another episode of action this week, one that allows Bayley to address her emotional title victory over Charlotte, with some naysayers and … Continue reading

WWE RAW RESULTS: What Happens Before Vegas, Stays Before Vegas (February, 6th 2017)


Welcome to this weeks pre Las Vegas edition of RAW. Yes the Crew of the red brand are in Las Vegas for some interesting action next week as we get the friendship celebration of Jeri-KO (the LOL’s will be heavy) and Bayley will be getting a title shot against the woman undefeated on PPV, none … Continue reading

WWE RAW RESULTS: Ups and Downs for the Faces of the RAW Womens Division (January, 30th 2017)


A Weekend of Hellacious Wrestling has concluded, and with the events of Takeover San Antonio and Royal Rumble now in the past, its now a look towards the future, the future path towards WrestleMania and its Roadblock of Fast Lane, as the main roster women gear up to continue their rivalries. Bayley and Charlotte join … Continue reading

WWE RAW RESULTS: Feuding Forces Meet On Monday Night (January, 9th 2017)


Welcome All to this weeks RAW Report, focusing on the developing dramas between various women’s superstars on the brand for the second week of 2017. Several heated encounters has us a match in the works, some on the night and maybe some on a later date. What entirely am i on about? Lets see shall … Continue reading

WWE RAW RESULTS: One Female Superstar Is Ready to Rumble (January, 2nd 2017)


This Past Monday, WWE kicked off a new year of Televised action, beginning of course with Monday Night RAW. With a New Year comes a New Challenger for Charlotte Flairs WWE Women’s Title, which was made a decider on this very show, plus appearances from Lana, Alicia Fox and of course Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie, sometime … Continue reading

WWE RAW RESULTS: Bayley Wont Be Boxing Up Gold Just Yet (December, 26th 2016)


There was only a short break for the in ring performers of the WWE this week as WWE returned to Television for another week of action only 24 Hours clear of Christmas Day, and with 2016 closing, will the new year hand a stepping up horsewoman some gold by vanquishing a newly crowned champions own … Continue reading

WWE RAW RESULTS: Resident Hugger Avenges “Ceddy Bear” (December, 12th 2016)


Welcome All to the Pre Roadblock RAW Report. In what is either a smart or confusing move, the main women of the Red Brand, Sasha Banks and Charlotte had no presence this week, instead having their major match for this Sunday, the 30 Minute Iron Man Match, hyped via a video package. Does that mean … Continue reading

WWE RAW RESULTS: Overseas Elation for Bayley, to the Chagrin of the Royal Captain (November, 7th 2016)


Welcome to this weeks RAW Report wrestling fans, and on this particular show, we saw the RAW Brand in its full glory re-emerge for the UK Audience, still midway through a UK Tour that i happily got to be a part of just a day before. To Correlate with Timezones, this weeks episode was taped, … Continue reading

WWE HELL IN A CELL RESULTS: Historic Main Event Sets Records for Two Top Athletes (October, 30th 2016)


This Past Sunday History was added to the record books not only for women’s wrestling in WWE, but for two particular athletes who laid all on the line as Sasha Banks, the defending WWE Women’s Champion, courageously defended the main gold against the former champion and enemy Charlotte within the Satanic Structure, within Hell in … Continue reading

WWE RAW RESULTS: Non Flattering Moment for Bayley As She and a Crowned Champ Await Hell (October, 24th 2016)


Welcome all to this weeks RAW Report on this pre Halloween week, but its not just pre Halloween week but this week marked the last RAW before the upcoming Hell in a Cell Pay Per View. While we indeed have a dubbed first time ever women’s clash inside Hell in a Cell upcoming, WWEs creative … Continue reading


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