Your Monday Post #196: Paige vs Summer Rae on WWE Main Event (February, 19th 2016)

Welcome all to a new week of wrestling, okay a day late but….a new week has kick-started regardless.The new week got going with some bad news for Paige. The former Divas Champion who set social media abuzz upon rumors of retirement has been sidelined for the Royal Rumble due to an injury that was inflicted … Continue reading

Your Monday Post #193: WWE Womens Battle Royal at WWE Tribute to the Troops 2014 (December, 17th 2014)

Welcome all to a new week of wrestling and Happy Holidays. I Would have originally posted this yesterday as part of the Christmas Spirit, but it was Christmas Day, time with the family, time spent on my new DS game that i indulged in a little too long…OOPS. Anyway the Festive Spirit isn’t burning out … Continue reading

Your Monday Post #187: Team Alicia Fox vs Team Paige in a Traditional Survivor Series Tag Team Match at WWE Survivor Series 2014 (November, 23rd 2014)

Survivor Series Week is Upon Us, the Official event days away and as that wait lingers, this week follows up the theme of Survivor Series, a show that is not only one of the big 4 WWE Pay Per Views, but that showcases Traditional Elimination Tag Team Matches, many of which have been brand based. … Continue reading

Cattie’s Catch Up: Emma vs Summer Rae on WWE NXT (August, 28th 2013)

Welcome all to your midweek throwback to spectate. This week i appropriately look back at a match featuring once NXT rivals turned evolved WWE Superstars Emma and Summer Rae in light of their saddening releases from the WWE. Back in 2013, Emma, Rae, Paige and Sasha Banks were just some of a few stars that … Continue reading

Summer Rae and Emma Released by WWE (October, 29th 2017)

Today, WWE announced via their Twitter Page a number of talent releases, three currently at this time. First announced, in what was the most shocking move just days after her TLC Rematch with Asuka, was Emma, followed by the announcement of Summer Rae and Darren Young being released. BREAKING NEWS: WWE has come to terms … Continue reading

Cattie’s Catch Up: Summer Rae Splits Up with Rusev on Monday Night RAW (October, 12th 2015)

Welcome all to this weeks midweek throwback in women’s wrestling, and since last nights Smackdown (which i got the chance to catch up on) presented us a split (though not indefinite) between Carmella and James Ellsworth (report coming soon) i took up the chance to reflect on a past scripted break up, one that actually … Continue reading

Cattie’s Catch Up: Brie Bella vs Summer Rae (March, 7th 2016)

Welcome All to a rather late wrestling flashback this week (as ive been away for the NXT UK Tour amongst other commitments) and this weeks edition looks back to when we first got a look at Lana’s physical abilities in the ring, as Lana will be returning to the ring soon for her first championship … Continue reading

Cattie’s Catch Up: Team Total Divas vs Team BAD and Blonde at WrestleMania 32 (April, 3rd 2016)

Welcome All to a WrestleMania Themed Edition of Cattie’s Catch Up, in coordination with this weeks WrestleMania theme, and well….because of the fact that Sunday is WRESTLEMANIA. This years event plays host to three women’s matches, with last years presenting two. One was the ever so praised triple threat match between Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch … Continue reading

Cattie’s Catch Up: AJ Lee Defends the Divas Championship In a “Vickie Guerrero Divas Championship Invitational” at WrestleMania 30 (April, 6th 2014)

With the Road to WrestleMania narrowing and storylines all go as of this weeks RAW and Smackdown, this weeks edition of Cattie’s Catch Up is appropriately WrestleMania themed. This edition reflects on WrestleMania 30 back in 2014, the last time when the WWE Divas Championship was defended at the event by the then Divas Champion, … Continue reading

Your Monday Post #151: Paige vs Naomi on WWE Main Event (March, 25th 2016)

Welcome to the first post of the new week (and certainly not the last as i have Fast Lane, RAW and everything else soon to recap) and while i may have jumped ahead a bit with a spoiler, that being the surprise promo to hype the return of the original Evil Emma character last night, … Continue reading

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