IMPACT WRESTLING RESULTS: The Demon Assassin Meets Her Longtime Rival. The Victor…..Undecided? (March, 15th 2018)

As announced last week, a rivalry would be renewed for this weeks episode as Rosemary finally gets her rematch with the recently returned Taya Valkyrie, making this week a must watch for Knockouts Fans. On current analysis, Taya remains undefeated since arriving in the IMPACT Zone, but will that streak remain as well as Taya’s … Continue reading

IMPACT WRESTLING RESULTS: A Chapter Closes and Others Re-Open (March, 1st 2018)

Welcome all to a new IMPACT report, and on a new month. March looms and with it comes the debut of “IMPACT Crossroads” a PPV-like special that sees gold up for grabs. Laurel Van Ness may have picked the right time on this weeks episode to declare her commitment to the title as she is … Continue reading

UPCOMING IMPACT WRESTLING SPOILERS 01.02.2018 – 19.04.2018 (January, 16th 2018)

The Following are Knockouts Related Spoilers to upcoming episodes of IMPACT Wrestling, taped over the past few days at Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida. The Following Matches, Debuts, returns and more are set to take place. Airing February 1st Kiera Hogan defeated Laurel Van Ness after an Allie distraction. Airing February 8th Laurel Van Ness defeated … Continue reading

GFW IMPACT WRESTLING RESULTS: The Last Moments Before the Big Evening (November, 2nd 2017)

Bound for Glory the 13th Extravaganza is days away and with that in mind, that leaves one episode of IMPACT left to serve us final building moments for the feuds culminating at the show. IMPACT takes us to all sorts of places this week to give us plenty of content featuring their soon to compete … Continue reading

Rosemary vs Taya Valkyrie in a “Red Wedding” Match Confirmed for IMPACT Wrestling Bound for Glory (October, 28th 2017)

The Second Knockouts Match to be added to the card has finally been confirmed, as Taya Valkyrie’s Next Singles Battle with Rosemary was announced to take place at Bound for Glory during the companies exclusive Bound for Glory Pre Show, which highlighted all matches taking place on the show in Ottawa on November 5th. The … Continue reading

GFW IMPACT WRESTLING RESULTS: Changes and Expansion to Come on the Bound for Glory Card (October, 19th 2017)

Welcome all to this weeks IMPACT Report, featuring the first Knockouts related main event in a while. After being outsmarted via Taya and her own utilized mist last week, Rosemary looks for vengeance against the most recent arrival in the Knockouts Division, as the twos rivalry hits a new high with a main event encounter. … Continue reading

LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: With Returns and Twists, Say It Aint Over! (October, 18th 2017)

Welcome One and All to What I Sincerely Hope is not my last ever Lucha Underground Write Up. Season Three has gone on for what has felt like forever, but with its conclusion, its safe to say we should cherish the content we have gotten over that long period of time, especially since the show … Continue reading

GFW IMPACT WRESTLING RESULTS: Something Wicked This Way Comes (October, 12th 2017)

Welcome all to what is actually a Knockouts packed episode of IMPACT to report. Maybe its to make up for the one storyline related segment we got last week, but anyway there’s plenty hype this week, and even the badass chick of LAX Diamante is getting involved to a height! Lets see what goes down … Continue reading

IMPACT WRESTLING XPLOSION RESULTS: The Showcase of Amber Nova and Ava (September, 30th 2017)

Welcome to a new Xplosion report, and this time around we have another fresh match up. A Knockout looking to soon rise in the ranks and further exploit her in ring ability, Ava Storie faces a competitor looking to possibly be a part of the companies Knockouts Division, whose made a fair few appearances as … Continue reading

LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: The Double Reina De Reinas Clash Sees One Stand in the Conclusion of Battle (October, 11th 2017)

Welcome all to this weeks report highlighting what indeed is the last female match of this season of Lucha Underground. Maybe we’ll get Ivelisse involved in Jeremiah Cranes upcoming match but anyway….This weeks female focus as part of the third half of Ultima Lucha Tres sees Sexy Star and Taya finalize their lengthy feud in … Continue reading


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