IMPACT WRESTLING ONE NIGHT ONLY RIVALS RESULTS: The Beautiful People Have a Sacrifice Rematch (March, 17th 2017)

Welcome All to March’s One IMPACT Wrestling One Night Only Pay Per View, suitably titled Rivals. The Pay Per View played host to reigniting some known feuds that have taken place over time, whether recent or of olden day, and not only that, but it served as the in ring return of a long awaited … Continue reading

TNA ONE NIGHT ONLY KNOCKOUTS KNOCKDOWN 4 RESULTS: Another Night of Hopefuls Stepping Up to the Plate (April, 22nd 2016)

Welcome All to Another Wrestling Report for this week, and this ones a fairly old flashback featuring a Pay Per View that slipped my mind on many occasions, that and writing up a whole female Pay Per View is a lot of work and a lot of time consumption. Anyway with free time on my … Continue reading

TNA ONE NIGHT ONLY JOKERS WILD RESULTS: Unexpected Alignments Between Disgruntled Knockouts, All for a Grand Prize (February, 10th 2017)

Welcome One and All to this years IMPACT Wrestling One Night Only Jokers Wild Report. Now this is a little late, completely slipping my mind on a few occasions until now, so lets talk about this particular show which of course features the weirdest of alignments for one night only, all for a grand sum … Continue reading

TNA ONE NIGHT ONLY DECEMBER RESULTS: Second Times the Charm in the Red vs Blue Series (December, 12th 2016)

This Past Month, the year closing month of December, brought TNA fans the first ever TNA One Night Only December Pay Per View, and as part of the concept, two Knockouts feuding at the particular time would bring their rivalry back to the stage as Two Women set to clash in some huge events in … Continue reading

TNA ONE NIGHT ONLY LIVE RESULTS: The Demon Assassin Silences the Bigger, Faster, Stronger Opposer (January, 6th 2017)

Hello All and welcome to the first TNA One Night Only report of 2017. This particular PPV followed up the first semi-live edition of IMPACT of 2017, and booked for the show Knockouts wise was a Knockouts Championship showdown as Rosemary, crowned in December as the newest Knockouts Champion after surviving a brutal affair with … Continue reading

TNA ONE NIGHT ONLY AGAINST ALL ODDS RESULTS: Is the Babyface Momentum Against All Odds? (November, 4th 2016)

Welcome All to the TNA One Night Only Against All Odds Report, and the PPV non surprisingly takes the name of a former TNA Pay Per View. This Particular Pay Per View has a fair few Knockouts to showcase, as Gail Kim battles Laurel Van Ness for the first time in a singles match, and … Continue reading

TNA ONE NIGHT ONLY SEPTEMBER RESULTS: The Sassy One Puts Away the Former Champ Plus Another Rare Encounter (September, 16th 2016)

Welcome All to Another TNA One Night Only Report, this time looking at the Month Exclusive September Pay Per View featuring plenty action between various TNA Superstars and of course Knockouts. While im aware i still have a flurry of Xplosion Reports and even the Knockouts Pay Per View to still write up, lets focus … Continue reading

TNA ONE NIGHT ONLY WORLD CUP RESULTS: Teams Vie for Ultimate Control with Fellow Knockouts Aside (July, 22nd 2016)

Welcome All to the TNA One Night Only World Cup Report and admittedly i hadn’t tuned into this Pay Per View at all until earlier this week when the Knockouts (fresh) four way found its way onto the net. The World Cup follows simple rules, with Various Teams fighting for victory and for points, with … Continue reading

TNA ONE NIGHT ONLY VICTORY ROAD RESULTS: Can The Former Dollhouse Cohort Shine Like Her Former Now Champion Friend? (May, 20th 2016)

Welcome All to Another of Many Reports to be done this week. This Particular post looks at the Knockouts Match that went down on the recently aired TNA Victory Road One Night Only Pay Per View, as Two Members from once feuding sides faced off, the Dollhouse’s Marti Belle battles the recently departed Beautiful People … Continue reading

TNA ONE NIGHT ONLY JOKERS WILD RESULTS: The Ninja and The Destroyer Join Forces (March, 4th 2016)

Welcome All to This Years TNA One Night Only Jokers Wild Report. Okay So I Did Leave This Pretty Late, but anyway, whether you are new to the rules of this rather peculiar PPV or not, its basically where odd partnerships are formed as names are drawn for booked matches, where qualifiers/victors go on to … Continue reading


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