IMPACT WRESTLING XPLOSION RESULTS: On the Road to Momentum or the Road to Valhalla for the Fiery Mrs Edwards? (April, 28th 2018)

Welcome all to this past Saturdays IMPACT Wrestling Xplosion report, featuring Knockouts action like the show seems to have plentifully this year. On this past weeks edition is a match not seen before on IMPACT Wrestling Television as Lucha Royalty herself, Taya Valkyrie, takes on Alisha Edwards, who also made her in ring return on … Continue reading

IMPACT WRESTLING XPLOSION RESULTS: Hot Mess Van Ness Battles a Familiar and Also Returning Face (April, 7th 2018)

Welcome all to a new-ish IMPACT Wrestling Xplosion report. This report looks at the Knockouts match taking place on last weekends Xplosion episode, which features now former Knockouts Champion Laurel Van Ness taking on Alisha Edwards, which will be Alisha’s first match on IMPACT Wrestling Television since the conclusion of her and her husbands heated … Continue reading

IMPACT WRESTLING XPLOSION RESULTS: Nova Is Back to Take On a Tough Test (March, 24th 2018)

Welcome to a new IMPACT Wrestling Xplosion report, and this weeks episode sees Rosemary back on IMPACTs B Side Show, facing returning regular enhancement talent, Amber Nova, who was last seen on IMPACT Television earlier this year when she faced the wrath of Rosemary’s now former nemesis, Hania the Huntress. Has Amber learned her lesson … Continue reading

IMPACT WRESTLING XPLOSION RESULTS: The Girl On Fire vs Hot Mess Van Ness Medley Isnt Over (March, 3rd 2018)

Welcome all to this weeks Xplosion report as the Knockouts matches on the show this year continue to be more regular. Its also become a more regular occurrence for recently debuted Knockout Kiera Hogan to hunter for redemption victories over the Knockouts Champion, Laurel Van Ness, having fallen to her on the last Knockouts match … Continue reading

IMPACT WRESTLING XPLOSION RESULTS: The Girl On Fire Looks for Swift Redemption (February, 11th 2018)

2018 has been quite the year for IMPACT already with new Knockouts on the scene and more to come believe it or not. Recently, Kiera Hogan, who actually signed a while before, has made her IMPACT debut and in her first showing, overcame the Knockouts Champion Laurel Van Ness, but when given a title opportunity … Continue reading

IMPACT WRESTLING XPLOSION RESULTS: A Pre IMPACT IMPACT Made by the Arriving Huntress (February, 3rd 2018)

Welcome Everybody to a new IMPACT Wrestling Xplosion report. This recent one welcomes a Knockouts Match from the Post Bound for Glory tapings taped specifically for the show, as KC Spinelli, competing at the Canadian tapings regularly, takes on a woman who made her debut at those very tapings also, the newest nemesis for the … Continue reading

IMPACT WRESTLING XPLOSION RESULTS: Will Ava Storie Close the Dominant Chapter of the Demon Assassin? (November, 17th 2017)

Welcome to a new IMPACT Wrestling Xplosion report. So i would say this is the first for 2018, but this match just so happened to be two months before the new year even began, and i only just happened to find it. Imagine the chronology of other Knockouts Matches Ive possibly missed….eeekk. Anyway This one … Continue reading

IMPACT WRESTLING XPLOSION RESULTS: The Showcase of Amber Nova and Ava (September, 30th 2017)

Welcome to a new Xplosion report, and this time around we have another fresh match up. A Knockout looking to soon rise in the ranks and further exploit her in ring ability, Ava Storie faces a competitor looking to possibly be a part of the companies Knockouts Division, whose made a fair few appearances as … Continue reading

IMPACT WRESTLING XPLOSION RESULTS: No Storied Win for Ava or Maybe? (September, 2nd 2017)

Welcome all to an all new Xplosion report. So surfacing on the net sometime ago, or more recently via IMPACT Wrestlings YouTube is a match between Laurel Van Ness and Ava Storie. Taped before Laurel would be set to “marry” Grado, Laurel appears very much still as the “broken bride” she will revert to as … Continue reading

Cattie’s Catch Up: Brandi Rhodes vs Angelina Love on IMPACT Wrestling Xplosion (March, 25th 2017)

Welcome all to your second throwback post of the week, and if anything its rare that throwbacks will ever include a match featured on what was once known as TNA Xplosion, but i selected it as its a rare match up we surprisingly didn’t see again on IMPACT Television, and probably wont again with Brandi … Continue reading


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