Your Monday Post #163: Beth Phoenix vs Michelle McCool for the WWE Womens Championship at Extreme Rules 2010 (April, 25th 2010)

On Sunday, something wicked nears as WWE delivers their next Pay Per View, a dangerous one for most indeed in the form of Extreme Rules. Speaking of wicked, back in 2010 LayCool were the center evil of the Women’s Division, and were the focal disdain point for the Glamazon Beth Phoenix. LayCool also had Vickie … Continue reading

Your Monday Post #101: Naomi vs AJ Lee; Vickie Guerrero Sets Up the WrestleMania Divas Invitational (March, 24th 2014)

Welcome All to a Late Edition of Your Monday Post, another weekly post to tie in with WrestleMania Build Up as Opposed to last weeks post, dedicated to the Upcoming Hall of Fame Induction for Jacqueline. This weeks post looks back at the major announcement declared by One Vickie Guerrero that followed a clash between … Continue reading

Your Monday Post #87: Mickie James vs Michelle McCool on WWE Smackdown (April, 16th 2010)

Hello All and Welcome to a Late Edition of Your Monday Post, highlighting past moments in womens wrestling. This week reflects on dirty finishes in divas matches, and one sprang to mind from the Singles Match between WWE Womens Champion Michelle McCool and longtime rival Mickie James. Michelle, who was at the top of the … Continue reading

YOUR MONDAY POST #64: Aksana Attacks Vickie Guerrero on Monday Night RAW (March, 19th 2012)

Hello Folks and welcome to a Mid RAW edition of Your Monday Post. So Tomorrow i get the fun opportunity to report on a cat-fight that literally went down on tonight’s RAW between Summer Rae and Lana, so i thought to bring up the theme of diva cat-fights for this weeks post. And a Cat-fight … Continue reading

Your Monday Post #49: Trish Stratus vs Vickie Guerrero (March, 14th 2011)

Moving on from last weeks post that had a look in into the latest woman to be inducted into WWEs Hall of Fame, this weeks edition of #YourMondayPost heads to the theme of WrestleMania Build up, featuring a Hall of Famer itself, that being former WWE Womens Champion, Trish Stratus. Stratus became centered in a … Continue reading

WWE RAW RESULTS: One Says GoodBye, One Says Hello to Title Opportunity (June, 23rd 2014)

Last Nights RAW was just amaze-balls in several ways! The Pre Money in the Bank RAW developed quite a few things, whether it’d be the Upcoming Match between Naomi and Paige (Yes you are reading this correctly) or the not too shocking, but still really upsetting departure of probably one of WWEs top heels ever … Continue reading

WWE RAW RESULTS: AJ Starts Counting Down The Number of Days in Her Title Reign as she Faces Huge Competition for WrestleMania! (March, 24th 2014)

Okay Guys So Here I Am, Catherine, recapping a bombshell of a RAW for sure. We Got for a Change a Great Crowd, Big WrestleMania Build Ups and Dare i even say it, Respect for ALL the Divas Division, see AJ was going to compete in a Multi Diva Match at WrestleMania like Rumors suggested, … Continue reading

WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Langston Shares a Moment with the Crazy Chick….Or Nearly Did Anyway (July, 19th 2013)

Here I Am, Catherine here, with my 2nd Blog of the day, pretty busy considering im away all day tomorrow. This time its Smackdown coverage, which to my dismay, and some other peoples dismay also, features NO Divas Match, but dont despair as Former Miss Ziggy, AJ Lee, who is still your Divas Champion, is … Continue reading

WWE Smackdown Spoilers: (July, 19th 2013)

The Following are Spoilers for this weeks Smackdown, which was taped tonight. The Show will feature No Divas Match but the Champ, AJ Lee did appear in a backstage segment after No Ex Dolph Ziggler slated her on National Television. 1. Dolph Ziggler beat Jack Swagger (w/Antonio Cesaro and Zeb Colter). Ziggler won after hitting … Continue reading

WWE RAW RESULTS: Vince Defies the Fans while Kaitlyn defys AJs Mind Games with a Promising Ending: THE SPEAR! (July, 8th 2013)

Hello and welcome to another Edition of Monday Night RAW, one of which saw the undoubtedly controversial firing of the Cougar in Charge Vickie Guerrero and the promotion of NXT Star Brad Maddox (and also what looks like a Vince McMahon Heel Turn) But as Im Covering Divas News I Guess i have not much … Continue reading


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