WWE GREAT BALLS OF FIRE RESULTS: Legitimate Enemies Bring Legitimate Fire (July, 9th 2017)

Welcome all to the report on the most oddly titled Pay Per View in WWE History (in recent memory of course) and if Kurt’s hint on RAW meant anything, it may not be the last ever Great Balls of Fire Pay Per View. But we aren’t talking about Kurt on RAW, but rather what lead … Continue reading

WWE GREAT BALLS OF FIRE PREDICTIONS: Sasha Banks vs Alexa Bliss for the RAW Women’s Championship (July, 9th 2017)

Tonight, WWE looks to deliver with its oddest named Pay Per View to date, WWE Great Balls of Fire (Vince, what were you drinking man?). Jokes aside, there’s quite a few interesting showdowns, from the breakdown of Enzo and Cass from once allies to enemies, to Samoa Joe competing in fantasy warfare against Brock Lesnar, … Continue reading

Sasha Banks Set to Face Alexa Bliss for the RAW Womens Championship at WWE Great Balls of Fire (June, 27th 2017)

Sasha Banks looks to unleash some Fire and chase a fourth RAW Women’s Title, earning a contendership spot this past Monday in a Heart-racing Main Event Gauntlet Match, crowning her the newest contender to Alexa Bliss’s RAW Women’s Championship which will be defended at WWE’s Annual Great Balls of Fire Pay Per View. The Match … Continue reading


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