WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: Absolutions Enforcer Meets the Huggable One (February, 2nd 2018)

Welcome all to this past weeks Main Event report. So this episode, not the first to feature women this year either, features Bayley making a rare appearance on the B Side show to take on Sonya Deville on what i believe is a first time ever match, and furthermore Sonya’s first singles match since facing … Continue reading

Your Monday Post #196: Paige vs Summer Rae on WWE Main Event (February, 19th 2016)

Welcome all to a new week of wrestling, okay a day late but….a new week has kick-started regardless.The new week got going with some bad news for Paige. The former Divas Champion who set social media abuzz upon rumors of retirement has been sidelined for the Royal Rumble due to an injury that was inflicted … Continue reading

WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: Brooke and Foxy Meet Again (January, 12th 2018)

Welcome all to the second WWE Main Event report of the new year, and this week we are given a match that was a regular showcase last year on the very same show. Dana Brooke, who obtained a stunning victory over WWE Veteran Mickie James just last week, looks to test her luck further under … Continue reading

WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: Can The Statistician Overcome Odds to Overcome a Tough Opponent? (January, 5th 2018)

Welcome all to the first WWE Main Event report of 2018 because the last episode to feature women was so last year right? Speaking of last year, the attempt to elevate one Dana Brooke was executed via her wrestling regularly on the B Side Show and shes looking to further impress on this new year, … Continue reading

WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: Motivation Rolls On for Dana Brooke (September, 1st 2017)

Welcome all to this weeks WWE Main Event report. I Was intending to get IMPACT written up first but i am waiting on someone to upload the Taya hype promo otherwise i may have to just leave the said video out. Anyway….back to the actual topic of discussion and this weeks WWE Main Event serves … Continue reading

WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: Retribution for the Defeated vs the Veteran (August, 4th 2017)

Welcome all to this past weeks main event report. I Had intended to write this up yesterday but the week has started off pretty busy, but here i am and ready to review a rematch coming out of a rare singles match ever to happen in WWE, as Emma and Mickie James battle in their … Continue reading

WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: Evil Emma Gets a New Challenge (July, 14th 2017)

Welcome all to this past weeks Main Event report, allowing the chance for fresh encounters, a definition easily capitalized on as Emma met Mickie James for the first time in a WWE ring this past Friday on Main Event. But with a certain once assistant looking on, is Emma looking to intimidate with her viciousness … Continue reading

WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: The Queen’s Former Protege Faces a Non Glamorous Beat Down (May, 19th 2017)

Welcome All to the first Main Event report in a while, and the B Side Episode welcomes a fresh encounter between two ladies seemingly fizzled off Monday Night RAW for a brief period as the continually improving and evolving babyface Dana Brooke takes on the Powerful Teased new hench for RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss, … Continue reading

WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: A Pre Mania Outing for the Solo Star (March, 31st 2017)

So After Much waiting, welcome to this past weeks episode of Main Event, the only remaining B Side Show with WWE Superstars now non existent in case anyone didn’t know. This weeks episode women’s wise allows a showcase between two women who unfortunately would have no part in this years WrestleMania, as a newly building … Continue reading

Your Monday Post #151: Paige vs Naomi on WWE Main Event (March, 25th 2016)

Welcome to the first post of the new week (and certainly not the last as i have Fast Lane, RAW and everything else soon to recap) and while i may have jumped ahead a bit with a spoiler, that being the surprise promo to hype the return of the original Evil Emma character last night, … Continue reading


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