WWE PAYBACK RESULTS: The Personification Of What The New Era Looks Like (April, 30th 2017)

Last Night I Went into Payback with barely any expectations, but lets be honest, there were times we were actually blown away. While the Universal Title was non shockingly left off the card, the Payback Pay Per View, the first since WrestleMania, delivered to us the second round of Neville vs Aries, the first PPV … Continue reading

New RAW Womens Champion Crowned at WWE Payback (April, 30th 2017)

Tonight, San Jose played host to the first WWE Pay Per View since this years 33rd WrestleMania Event, and in turn, it saw Hometown Girl Bayley defend her title for the first time since retaining at WrestleMania against RAW Newcomer Alexa Bliss, who had been brought to the roster from Smackdown on the first night … Continue reading

WWE PAYBACK PREDICTIONS: Alexa Bliss vs Bayley for the RAW Womens Championship (April, 30th 2017)

So with Sunday now here, its the last day to post my wrestling content for the week, and its indeed the day of a new Pay Per View, as the RAW Brand delivers its first Pay Per View since the 33rd WrestleMania Extravaganza, in the form of WWE Payback. While Former Contenders to the RAW … Continue reading

Alexa Bliss to Battle Bayley for the RAW Womens Championship at WWE Payback (April, 18th 2017)

Hours ago on RAW, Four of the Flagship Brands Elitist Women Did Battle in a Booked Fatal Four Way Which would crown a New Number One Contender for NXT Alumni Bayleys RAW Women’s Championship. The Match, featuring Royal Rumble Rivals Nia Jax and Sasha Banks as well as RAWs Newest Additions Courtesy of the “Superstar … Continue reading

Your Monday Post #155: AJ Lee vs Kaitlyn for the Divas Championship at Payback 2013 (June, 16th 2013)

With WrestleMania Season Closed, we are now on the road to WWE Payback, though some years ago it was actually the follow up to the Extreme Rules Pay Per View, now reverse. The Payback Pay Per View name sticks out in the mind of fans not only because its a chance for those who fell … Continue reading

WWE PAYBACK RESULTS: Chicago Screwjob Doesnt Entirely Succeed (May, 1st 2016)

Welcome All At Last to The Report on this Past Sundays Post WrestleMania Payback Pay Per View. The Show welcomed us Charlottes first PPV title defense since winning the Newly Introduced WWE Womens Championship at WrestleMania 32, her first challenger being the Generational Rival and Queen of Harts Natalya, whose past chances of success at … Continue reading

WWE PAYBACK PREDICTIONS: Natalya vs Charlotte for the WWE Womens Championship (May, 1st 2016)

Happy Pay Per View Sunday Everyone! Tonight Victory Looms for Some and the Chance of Payback against their opposing rivals, and for Natalya, tonight seeks Payback for a previous chance having been duped to capture the Womens Championship, as she battles her generational rival Charlotte in a rematch for the Genetically Superior Superstars Title, only … Continue reading

Women’s Championship Match Set for WWE Payback (April, 18th 2016)

During Tonights Pre Taped Episode of RAW in London, England, as part of WWEs first European Visit of the Year, it was learned that Recently Crowned WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte will defend the Championship Gold against fellow Generation Wrestler, Rival and Long Tenured Competitor Natalya at WWE Payback airing May 1st from the Allstate Arena. … Continue reading

Your Monday Post #95: Brie Bella “Quits” WWE In Favor of Daniel Bryan Keeping His WWE World Championship at Payback 2014 (June, 1st 2014)

Today The Wrestling World has hit emotional meltdown stage over the announced retirement of multi time WWE Champion and Leader of the Yes Movement, Daniel Bryan. Bryan, husband of 1/2 of the Bella Twins, Brie Bella, was struck with multiple injuries during his WWE career, and the recent one left many wondering as to whether … Continue reading

WWE PAYBACK RESULTS: Naomi and Tamina Are The Driving Force…And More Has Yet To Come (May, 17th 2015)

Hello Again Everybody! Catherine here, and im feeling im going to be pulling more PPV duty in the next few weeks than TNA can do in an entire year…OOPS. Anyway moving away from the no shade comment, WWE do have an Elimination Chamber special in around 2 weeks, but lets talk the PPV that just … Continue reading

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