New Smackdown Womens Champion Crowned On This Weeks WWE Smackdown Episode (February, 21st 2017)


This Week on Smackdown saw the follow up to Naomi’s decision as to whether she would abdicate or keep her newly won Smackdown Women’s Title. Ultimately, it was revealed that Naomi’s Injury reportedly inflicted in the closing moments of her victorious contest at WWE Elimination Chamber was more serious and more extensive than first thought, … Continue reading

WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Elimination Chamber Rehash and Fear Impending? (February, 14th 2017)


Welcome all to the Post Elimination Chamber Smackdown Report. Of course the blue brands newest showcase comes days clear of the PPV, and days clear of a Surprise title win for the hard working Naomi, so that is enough for loyal supporters to tune in. But there’s not only that to look forward to, but … Continue reading

WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Female Oneupmanship Before A Double Arizona Showdown (February, 7th 2017)


The Elimination Chamber returns with a reported new look this Sunday, and while we know now its certain no women’s matches will take place within the structure to up the anti, Elimination Chamber itself makes history this weekend with three women’s matches on a main PPV card. Prior to that history making, Smackdown claims its … Continue reading

WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Its Time for the Glow to Envelop the Chamber (January, 31st 2017)


Welcome to this weeks Smackdown Report, which appropriately follows up the aftermath of the past weeks Royal Rumble Pay Per View which saw the feuding forces of the Smackdown Women’s Division take center stage on the Kickoff Show in a Six Woman Tag which ultimately ended with a recently returned Naomi pinning Smackdowns Women’s Champion … Continue reading

WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: The Reinvention of Mickie James and the Return of Naomi (January, 24th 2017)


As the Royal Rumble Draws Closer, this week wasn’t only the last chance for the RAW brand to set the stage for their immense feuds, but for Smackdown as well, and while only a meager two competitors made the main card for the brand outside of the Rumble Match, all women currently engaged in heated … Continue reading

WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: A Lethal Structure Is No Problem for “La Luchadora” (January, 17th 2017)


Welcome All to this weeks Smackdown report, and it was all Straight Fire for the Women of the Blue Brand this week, as Alexa Bliss faced off against Becky Lynch one more time with the Womens Championship on the line, only this time would the two be surrounded by a steel cage for the first … Continue reading

Mickie James Returns to WWE on Tuesday Night Smackdown (January, 17th 2017)


After News spread over the weeks that Mickie James had signed a new contract with the WWE, sometime after a suspected One Night Only Return at NXT Takeover Toronto where she took on NXT Women’s Champion Asuka Unsuccessfully, the former Women’s Champion made an official return to the main roster during Tuesdays Smackdown Broadcast. James … Continue reading

WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: The Heat Is On As Former Friends Brawl and Rivals Face Up to History (January, 10th 2017)


Welcome Wrestling Fans to this weeks Smackdown Report, highlighting continuing development in the blue brands women’s division with some exciting history to be made. Yes im currently writing this at 04.08am on my Birthday but to heck with it…its been an action packed week of wrestling and i couldnt wait anymore to give my pleasing … Continue reading

WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Bex’s Own Trickery Comes Back to Bite Her (January, 3rd 2017)


Welcome All to the First Smackdown Write Up of 2017, and Smackdown was set to kick off in a big way with all the fallout from the Wild Card Finals that closed off 2016 for the Blue Brand. After being cost her most recent shot at Bliss’s Smackdown Women’s Championship by a Woman donning her … Continue reading

WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Is It The Wicked Witch? Is It The Lasskicker? No. Its La Luchadora (December, 27th 2016)


This Past Tuesday, the WWE hosted their final Smackdown episode of the year, particularly dubbed the “Wildcard Finals” as the blue brand closed 2016 with several high octane matches, including championship title defenses. Amongst these title defenses, we had Alexa Bliss face off against Becky Lynch one more time with her Smackdown Women’s Championship on … Continue reading


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