Your Monday Post #163: Beth Phoenix vs Michelle McCool for the WWE Womens Championship at Extreme Rules 2010 (April, 25th 2010)

On Sunday, something wicked nears as WWE delivers their next Pay Per View, a dangerous one for most indeed in the form of Extreme Rules. Speaking of wicked, back in 2010 LayCool were the center evil of the Women’s Division, and were the focal disdain point for the Glamazon Beth Phoenix. LayCool also had Vickie … Continue reading

Your Monday Post #162: Lana and Alexander Rusev Continue to Warn the WWE Universe (March, 21st 2014)

Welcome all to a slightly late week opening wrestling related flashback, and with the Post Backlash episode of Smackdown not too long till airing time, one can wonder whether the newly repackaged Lana may saunter back onto the TV Screens? While that is yet to be known, lets be reminded of Lana and her former … Continue reading

Your Monday Post #161: Charlotte and Natalya’s Contract Signing for the Womens Championship Extreme Rules Match Main Events Monday Night RAW (May, 16th 2016)

Welcome All to this weeks first wrestling related post of the new week. I Just happen to be typing this well after midnight so this particular moment just so happens to be a year today, as Natalya and Charlotte, generational rivals of royal blood, met one last time before a scheduled Extreme Rules Match for … Continue reading

Your Monday Post #160: Brooke Tessmacher vs Gail Kim on Open Fight Night (April, 26th 2012)

Welcome to this weeks week opening wrestling related post, and this week opens with a match that was usually pretty hard to find until recently, looking back all the way to 2012 when Brooke Adams (Formerly known as Brooke Tessmacher) began to breakout as a singles competitor in IMPACT Wrestling. A Pin on then Knockouts … Continue reading

Your Monday Post #159: Alexa Bliss and Carmella Make Their Post WWE Draft Main Roster Debuts (July, 26th 2016)

Welcome all to a new week and the week has started off with a breath of fresh air with a new champion atop the recently changed RAW Women’s Division, as Alexa Bliss, who had asserted previous dominance over the Smackdown Women’s Division as a 2x Champion, beat Bayley this past Sunday to obtain her 1st … Continue reading

Your Monday Post #158: Awesome Kong vs Lei’D Tapa on IMPACT Wrestling (August, 12th 2015)

Welcome All to the first wrestling related post of the new week, and an IMPACT centric one this time around. Whether you’ve caught up yet or not, IMPACT Wrestling indeed merged with Karen and Jeffs Created Global Force Wrestling Company this past week, merging the IMPACT Roster with the remainder of the GFW Roster. While … Continue reading

Your Monday Post #157: Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks on Monday Night RAW (February, 1st 2016)

Welcome All to This Weeks Week Opening Wrestling Post, and with the news that Team BAD reunited for a photographic moment in Boston this past week, in coordination timing wise with Taminas Return to WWE Television as part of the Smackdown Brand, i thought it’d be appropriate to look back at a moment featuring the … Continue reading

Your Monday Post #156: Maryse Gets Drafted to Monday Night RAW (April, 13th 2009)

Welcome All to the first wrestling related post of the week (and apologies again for the delays). So WWE held a “Superstar Shake Up” a not so full blown draft that saw only various names switched between brands. The News first broke last week by Vince McMahon saw Maryse and the Miz leave the brand … Continue reading

Your Monday Post #155: AJ Lee vs Kaitlyn for the Divas Championship at Payback 2013 (June, 16th 2013)

With WrestleMania Season Closed, we are now on the road to WWE Payback, though some years ago it was actually the follow up to the Extreme Rules Pay Per View, now reverse. The Payback Pay Per View name sticks out in the mind of fans not only because its a chance for those who fell … Continue reading

Your Monday Post #154: Lita Reveals the Newly Christened WWE Womens Championship at WrestleMania 32 (April, 3rd 2016)

Welcome All to a New Edition of Your Monday Post, appropriately timed as its the start of WrestleMania week. This Sunday delivers to the WWE Universe the 33rd WrestleMania in NXT Central of Orlando, and it will serve as the first official defense of the RAW Women’s Championship, first introduced at last years WrestleMania without … Continue reading


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