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Allysin Kay, otherwise known by her TNA Ring Name Sienna, is an American Professional Wrestler Currently Signed to IMPACT Wrestling. Beginning her wrestling career in 2008, Kay worked for the likes of WSU, Absolute Intense Wrestling, Shimmer and SHINE Wrestling. Kay debuted on the 3rd May Episode of IMPACT Wrestling, debuting as a hired enforcer for Maria Kanellis, attacking Knockouts Champion Jade at Maria’s Command and confirming her alignment with Kanellis. A week later Sienna intervened in a match between Knockouts Champion Jade and former Knockouts Champion Gail Kim, beating down the two women. She worked her in ring debut a week later, defeating Velvet Sky, who would depart from the company following the match per a stipulation added by Maria’s debuting “Apprentice” Allie that would see Velvet fired if she lost the match. Sienna would then continue to set sights on Jades Knockouts Championship, defeating Madison Rayne for the contendership opportunity. During this time, both Sienna and Allie would also continue to target fellow Knockout Veteran Gail Kim. At TNA Slammiversary, the Knockouts Championship Match Between Jade and Sienna was Changed to a Triple Threat featuring Gail Kim due to a Legitimate Injury to the Left Hand of Maria, with Sienna winning the Knockouts Title due to a assist from a returning Marti Bell, who turned on former Dollhouse Member Jade, who was defending the Knockouts Championship in the match. On the June 28th edition of IMPACT, Sienna successfully defended the Knockouts Championship against Gail Kim, capitalizing on an outside attack from Marti Bell to an intervening Jade. On the July 12th episode of IMPACT, Sienna retained the Knockouts Title against Gail Kim, Jade and Marti Belle, capitalizing on a distraction provided from Allie to pin Gail Kim for a second time, the first being their first clash over the Knockouts Title. On the August 25th episode of IMPACT, Sienna’s Run as Knockouts Champion came to an end when she lost a Multi Knockout No Disqualification Match also featuring Madison Rayne, Marti, Jade and Allie. Allie would win the match and become Knockouts Champion, ending Sienna’s reign that began at Slammiversary. On the September 15th episode of IMPACT, Sienna would be defeated by Gail Kim in a Knockouts Gauntlet, leading to Gail becoming the Number One Contender to Maria’s Knockouts Championship. In December, on the Themed “Total Nonstop Deletion” episode, Sienna defeated ODB, who was returning for One Night Only, to retain her newly announced contendership status, but would lose to the Knockouts Champion Rosemary on the first One Night Only TNA PPV of 2017. On the January 19th episode of IMPACT, Sienna entered into an angle with the returning Brooke, attacking her following Brookes successful in ring return, at the command of Maria who had confronted Brooke prior to her re-debut. This lead to the two facing off on two different occasions, first on the February 2nd episode of IMPACT which Sienna won due to an assist from Maria, and on the February 16th episode in a rematch of which Brooke won. In March, Sienna aligned herself with newest IMPACT Wrestling Signee Kevin Matthews, abbreviated as KM, who was announced as Sienna’s Kayfabe Cousin, standing up to Karen Jarrett who accused Sienna of backstage bullying following Maria’s departure from the company. This lead to Sienna renewing her issues with Allie.

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Gail Kim (@GailKimITSME)

Gail Kim is a Canadian Professional Women’s Wrestler, Valet, model and Actress of Korean Descent. She is currently signed to IMPACT Wrestling and has worked Twice in the WWE, winning its Women’s Championship on her debut match. Kim is a 1x WWE Women’s Champion and 4x TNA Knockouts Champion as well as 1x Knockouts Tag Champion w/ Madison Rayne and is also the first ever Knockouts Champion in TNA History, which she won in her 1st TNA Run. Kim is well known for working show stealing matches, from her 2008 Final Resolution Match with Awesome Kong to her Slammiversary 2013 Last Knockout Standing Match with Taryn Terrell. Gail captured her 3rd Knockouts Title At Bound for Glory, beginning a storyline where she was aligned w/ Tapa, who became her bodyguard. Gail then remarked at her disgust for the current division, sending Tapa to decimate them and issuing an open challenge to anyone from outside the company, capitalizing over the likes of Hannah Blossom, Candice LeRae and Cherry Bomb. Kim and Tapa would then enter into a feud with ODB and returning Knockout Madison Rayne. On The December 19th Edition of IMPACT, Gail was pinned by Madison in her in ring return which was a tag match featuring themselves, ODB and Tapa. At Genesis 2014, Kim Dropped The Knockouts Championship to Former BFF, Madison Rayne. On The Feb 20th Edition of IMPACT Kim defeated Rayne in a Non Title Street Fight with Assistance from Lei’D Tapa. Kim unsuccessfully challenged Rayne in a Steel Cage Match for the Knockouts Championship at Lockdown, thus sealing their feud. On The March 13th episode of TNA Impact, Kim and Lei’D Tapa ended their partnership when Tapa accidentally cost her match with Newcomer Brittany, resulting in a brawl between the two. Kim would then write Tapa off Television by defeating her in a singles match the following week in which was stipulated so if Tapa loses, she’d leave TNA. Kim would then go on to compete in a Fatal 4 Way Match to determine the Number 1 Contender to Madison Rayne’s Knockouts Title in which she was pinned by Angelina Love after Love’s Co Partner Velvet Sky sprayed hair spray in her eyes at ringside. As Revenge, Gail came out to save Madison Rayne from the Beautiful People on the April 24th Edition of IMPACT, and challenged them to a match alongside Rayne, turning face in the process, her first time as a face since returning to WWE. Following Sacrifice, Kim began a feud with The Beautiful People, but was unsuccessful in capturing her 4th Championship at Slammiversary thanks to the Corrupt Official who seemed to be in the Beautiful Peoples favor. Gail welcomed Taryn Terrell back to the company on the June 19th episode of IMPACT, tagging with her against the Beautiful People the following week in a victorious effort. Gail would then go on a week later to defeat Angelina and capture her 4th Knockouts title. This would be her first reign as a babyface since her inaugural title win in 2007. A Week into the reign, Kim successfully defended against Madison Rayne, Brittany and Love in a Fatal 4 Way Challenge, also defending against Taryn Terrell 2 weeks later, though the match was cut short by the intervention of the Beautiful People, who continued their feud with Kim. Kim challenged Angelina one on one to a Last Knockouts Standing Match on the August 20th episode of IMPACT, the night TNA moved their show to Wednesdays, and thus put her Knockouts title on the line, successfully defending it. Kim would then successfully challenge Taryn Terrell again, only for herself and Taryn to be annihilated after the match concluded by a debuting Jessicka Havok. After weeks of clashes, Kim faced the Number 1 Contender, Havok, in October, dropping her 4th Knockouts Title. Gail returned eventually to save Rebel from Havok, and was Granted another shot at the Knockouts Title, and despite a brave outing, fending against Havok with the still injured shoulder, Havok retained. After Taryn defeated Havok to capture her 1st Knockouts Championship, Gail went on to respectfully face Taryn in numerous bouts featuring other Knockouts. In May 2015, Gail renewed her rivalry with now heel Taryn, teaming with Kong to face the Dollhouse in a 3 on 2 Handicap Match, which Taryn won with a roll up while Kim was looking to hit Eat Defeat on Marti Bell. Gail faced Taryn in a steel cage weeks later, defeated by Taryn, who broke her finger with the Dollhouse assisting to shortly write Kim off Television. In July 2015, Gail returned to TNA with a new “Dark Ninja” Gimmick, constantly distracting the Dollhouse during matches, one distraction of which allowed Brooke to pin Taryn to score a 3rd Knockouts Championship. Gail went on to defeat the Dollhouse in a number of matches before eventually ending her feud. During that time Gail also managed to win her overall 5th Knockouts Championship from Brooke, seemingly beginning a feud with Kong. Gail retained the title against Kong at Bound for Glory, also facing Kong weeks later in the main event of the October 28th episode of IMPACT, but in a non title match as this was a qualifier for the World Title Series. In 2016, Gail entered into a feud with Maria Kanellis. Kim would also feud with Jade of the Dollhouse after Jade pinned her in a Six Knockout Lethal Lockdown Tag Match, attacking her also a week later with the Knockouts Title following the ending of a promo between Gail and fellow nemesis Maria Kanellis. Gail faced Jade a week later with the title on the line, defeating her to retain the Knockouts Championship. On the March 29th episode of IMPACT, Gail dropped the Knockouts Title to Jade in a match also featuring Madison Rayne. Following this, Gail continued her feud with Maria, with the addition of Rosemary, who was seemingly summoned by Maria to take the nemesis out of a Ladder Match which the two Knockouts competed in, leading eventually to Maria’s Victory. A Week Later, Maria would cost Gail Kim a match with Rosemary, on the first night of her run as Head of the Knockouts Division. The Feud continued to further in the weeks that followed, eventually leading to an announcement on the May 31st episode of IMPACT that Gail would be facing Maria at TNA’s Slammiversary Pay Per View in a Singles Match. However at Slammiversary, a Hand Injury to Maria lead to the Singles Bout being cancelled and Gail went on to compete in the booked Championship match between Jade and Sienna as the Third Competitor, won by Sienna when Jades former partner Marti Belle returned to cost her. On the Post Slammiversary IMPACT, Gail Kim was announced as the first female inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame, due to be inducted at Bound for Glory. She was embraced by fellow co workers following a speech regarding the news of her upcoming induction. On the June 28th edition of IMPACT, Gail worked her first match since the Hall of Fame Announcement, facing Sienna for the Knockouts Championship, losing when Sienna sneak attacked Gail, capitalizing on outside shenanigans between Jade, Allie and Marti Belle. On the September 15th episode of IMPACT, Gail outlasted Jade, Marti, Raquel, Sienna, Madison and Laurel Vanness (Chelsea Green) in a Knockouts Gauntlet Match to become the Number One Contender to Maria’s Knockouts Championship. At Bound for Glory, Gail was officially inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame by Dixie Carter and Former Knockouts Christy Hemme, Awesome Kong and Taryn Terrell. Later in the night Gail would compete against Maria Kanellis-Bennett for her Knockouts Championship, winning the match and tying Angelina Love’s 6x Knockouts Champion record, winning even despite intervention from Maria’s Husband Mike Bennett throughout. Weeks Later, Gail vacated the championship due to a Back Injury, leading to her “Chosen One” Jade stepping up to challenge Rosemary for the Vacant Knockouts Title inside Six Sides of Steel, with Rosemary winning as Gail viewed from ringside. In January, Gail revealed she wasn’t cleared to compete, but still vowed to challenge Rosemary when 100%, thus Gail became side support for Jade in her angle with Rosemary during her recovery.

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Madison Rayne (@MadisonRayne)
Ashley Cabot, known by her ring name Madison Rayne, is an American professional women’s wrestler currently signed to IMPACT Wrestling. Since the beginning of her IMPACT Wrestling tenure, she has captured the Knockouts title 5 times and the Now Vacated Knockouts Tag Team titles twice. Rayne is well known for being a member of the Beautiful People, as well as being the storyline Best Friend of Gail Kim, aligning herself with Kim and then KO VP Karen Jarrett. She was also in a storyline to introduce the returning Tara as her bodyguard. Madison’s TNA contract had expired in July 2013, as she was on hiatus at the time due to pregnancy, but returned to TNA in November 2013, where she would save ODB from Gail Kim and LeiD Tapa, establishing herself as a face for the first time in years. At Genesis 2014, Rayne Captured her 5th Knockouts Championship by Surprisingly defeating Gail Kim. On The Jan 30th Episode in Glasgow, England, Madison and Velvet reunited as 2 Halves of The Beautiful People to defeat Gail Kim and LeiD Tapa. On the Feb 13th episode in Manchester, England, Rayne lost a Non Title Street Fight to Gail Kim. Rayne was also pinned by Lei’D Tapa in a Knockouts Tag Team Match due to a Blindsided Cheap-shot by Rival, Gail Kim. On March 9th, 2014 at TNA Lockdown, Rayne retained the Knockouts Championship in a Steel Cage Match against Gail. On the March 20th episode of IMPACT Wrestling, Madison was welcomed back into the Beautiful People stable by Angelina Love, but declined, and was attacked backstage by Love, turning Love heel in the process. Rayne also lost a match against her the following week after Sky turned heel at ringside and attacked her. Rayne then successfully challenged Sky in a Non title Street-fight on the April 17th edition of IMPACT, and a week later, reunited with Gail Kim against the Beautiful People, turning Kim face in the process, even though they lost the match. Days Later, at TNA Sacrifice, Rayne dropped her 5th Knockouts Title to Angelina Love after being sprayed in the eyes by Velvet Sky, ending her reign at 101 days. Rayne evoked her rematch clause on the June 5th episode of IMPACT, but lost the match due to shenanigans from Velvet Sky on the apron. Following the match, more tension was teased between herself and Brittany, after Brittany oddly declared her love for her the week prior. This eventually lead to Brittany attacking Madison, turning Brittany heel. This Lead to Brittany and Rayne squaring off a week after they both emerged unsuccessful in a championship fatal 4 way bout, with Madison Emerging Victorious. On the August 27th Episode of IMPACT, Rayne competed against Taryn Terrell in a Number 1 Contenders Match to crown a Contender to Gail Kim’s Championship. Rayne lost, showing some heel characteristics in the match by trying to pin Taryn with her foot exposed on the ropes. In October, Rayne would become the New Number 1 Contender to the Knockouts Championship, shortly after Havok won it from Raynes Former BFF Gail Kim, but was unable to win the title from Havok. Rayne turned heel Later in October by walking out on a tag match involving herself and Taryn Terrell, allowing the Beautiful People to score the win. Madison has since competed in numerous matches since her heel turn, recently against Awesome Kong during TNAs UK Tour. In June, Madison cut a promo on her disagreements on Velvet taking TV time upon her return despite being unemployed, and would be speared by Velvet, also taking a stunner before being arrested per orders of Velvet’s former Beautiful People partner, Angelina Love. On the July 8th episode of IMPACT Madison would face Velvet Sky in a singles match, which she lost. In August, Madison and Angelina both turned face, saving Velvet Sky from a beat-down by the Dollhouse’s Marti, Jade and Rebel. However, after a backstage attack from Jade, the Beautiful People would be cut-down to just Madison and Velvet, whom faced Jade, Marti and Rebel in a 2 on 3 Handicap Match, which they lost when Rebel blinded Madison with Powder. Madison and Velvet then challenge the Dollhouse alongside Gail Kim on the first TNA IMPACT Episode of 2016, defeating them but being attacked afterward by the Dollhouse and a newly turned heel Awesome Kong. Days Later Madison would compete in a Knockouts Gauntlet as part of TNAs One Night Only Live Pay Per View, making it to the final two alongside Kong before eventually being taken out by Kong’s finishing Implant Buster and losing her chance at contendership status. On the March 29th episode of IMPACT, Madison competed in a Triple Threat Match for the Knockouts Championship featuring Gail Kim and Jade, won by Jade, who, through this win, became Knockouts Champion for the first time in her wrestling career. On the July 21st episode of IMPACT, Madison Turned Heel when she attacked Gail Kim from behind and laid her out during a “State of the Knockouts” Address by Maria Kanellis-Bennett. However, she appeared to resume her babyface role on the August 25th episode of IMPACT when she was inserted into a Multi Knockouts Match with Sienna’s Knockouts Championship up for grabs, eventually won by Allie. Later in the year, Madison switched to a commentary role, present for all Knockouts Matches.

Rosemary (@WeAreRosemary)
Courtney Rush, known by her ring name Rosemary, is an American Professional Women’s Wrestler signed to IMPACT Wrestling. Prior to her signing with IMPACT Wrestling, she worked much of the Independent Circuit, including SHIMMER and Bellatrix, where she held SHIMMER’s Tag Team Titles with Sara Del Rey and Bellatrix’s World Championship. Rush debuted for TNA under the name of Rosemary on the January 26th episode of IMPACT, speaking in riddles after interrupting the TNA Tag Team Champions The Wolves. This soon lead to Crazy Steve and Abyss attacking and challenging the Wolves, and forming a stable known as “The Decay” of which Rosemary would be affiliated with. On the March 15th episode of IMPACT, Rosemary made her in ring debut in an Intergender match where herself, Abyss and Steve faced Eddie Edwards and the TNA World Tag Team Champions Bobby Roode and James Storm. Despite barely getting involved physically, Rosemary’s ending assist allowed the Decay the victory. On the April 19th episode of IMPACT, Rosemary would begin her insertion into the Knockouts Division by attacking Gail Kim (a possible plot by Maria) to take her out of a Ladder Match for the Control of the Knockouts Division, which both Maria and Gail would compete in. Rosemary, alongside Abyss and Steve would torment Gail by holding her captive backstage at the IMPACT Zone during the night before dragging her to the ring and using her as bait to force TNA Tag Team Champions Bobby Roode and James Storm to give them a shot at the Tag Team Championship, which they accepted, eventually leading to the heels relinquishing themselves of Gail and letting her back into the hands of Storm and Roode. A Week Later Rosemary would defeat Gail in singles action with an assist from Maria. Heading into Slammiversary, Rosemary and the Decay would feud with Raquel and the BroMans, leading to the two Knockouts having two separate altercations on the PPV and after on the post Slammiversary IMPACT. Rosemary then moved into an angle with Bram, continually persuading the former TNA King of the Mountain Champion to join the Decay through in ring and backstage encounters. In August, Decay transitioned into a feud with the Hardys after the newly “Broken” personas of Matt and Jeff Hardy (“Broken” Matt and Brother Nero) became the Number One Contenders to the TNA Tag Team Championships, eventually leading to Reby’s return to even the score against the champs and Rosemary. Rosemary and Reby then had their first altercation since the #DeleteOrDecay Home Turf Match on the September 15th episode of IMPACT when Reby speared Rosemary during a promo featuring the two teams. In November, Rosemary won her first Knockouts Championship, defeating Jade for the title then vacated by original holder Gail Kim. On the first One Night Only PPV of 2017, Rosemary would successfully defend the title against Sienna in a lengthy match, then being confronted on the January 12th episode of IMPACT by Jade, who accepted Rosemary’s proposal for them to face off in a Monsters Ball Match for the Knockouts Championship. The Match took place on the January 26th episode of IMPACT, with Rosemary winning via a superplex to retain, also retaining in the twos second effort weeks later in a stipulated Last Knockout Standing Match. In March, Rosemary began a storyline with the newest reincarnation of LAX and their manager Diamante (Angel Rose) as the Decay looked to pursue the IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Championship again. She then moved into a feud with ODB over the Knockouts Championship.

Allie (@AllieIMPACT)
Laura Dennis, known by her ring name Cherry Bomb and current TNA Ring Name Allie, is a Canadian Professional Women’s Wrestler signed to IMPACT Wrestling. Prior to her signing to the company in 2016, Laura made numerous appearances for the company, working as part of Gail Kim’s Open Challenge angle in 2013, also appearing on the 2015 Knockouts Knockdown Pay Per View to oppose Gail Kim again, and also on the TKO Night of Knockouts edition of IMPACT Wrestling where she defeated a debuting Jade by Disqualification, only used as an enhancement talent at the time. Laura also worked in promotions such as Shimmer, SHINE and WSU amongst others prior to joining TNA. Laura’s addition to the Knockouts Roster was confirmed on March 24th, signed to TNA also alongside her husband, Professional Wrestler Pepper Parks, whom she managed during TNA One Night Only Pay Per View appearances. In May Heading into June Laura made her official TNA debut as a contracted talent under the ring name of Allie, aligning with Maria Kanellis and Sienna (Allysin Kay). Working as the “Apprentice” of Knockouts President Maria, Laura made her debut under the name of Allie on the May 17th episode of IMPACT where she booked Velvet Sky to face Sienna in Sienna’s in ring debut, with the added stipulation that a defeat for Velvet would lead to the Beautiful People Member being fired. After Slammiversary, Allie would manage Sienna as Maria transitioned into a temporary angle with Dixie Carter, attempting to get involved in the Knockouts Championship Match between Sienna and Gail Kim on the June 28th edition of IMPACT, leading to her being near-piledrived by Jade, prevented by a behind sneak attack from Marti Belle, which Sienna capitalized on to win the match and retain the Knockouts Title. On the July 12th episode of IMPACT Wrestling, Allie interfered in a Fatal Four Way Match for Sienna’s Knockouts Championship, disallowing Gail’s Pin attempt near to the end of the match. Gail looked to target Allie as revenge but became the victim of Sienna’s Silencer signature maneuver, securing Sienna the victory and leaving again with the Knockouts Championship, capitalizing in turn on Allie’s assist. Weeks after Maria booked for Gail to challenge her fellow Knockouts for a chance at the Knockouts Title, Allie would be inserted into a Multi Knockouts Match on the August 25th episode of IMPACT, featuring Jade, Marti, Madison and Knockouts Champion Sienna. Allie would win the match, under No Disqualification Rules, and become the New Knockouts Champion. However this reign only came to last seven days as Maria would force her to lay down after crashing Allie’s championship celebration, allowing Maria to mercilessly pin Allie and win the title. After revealing Maria was cleared to compete at Bound for Glory, Allie would witness Maria losing the Championship, and Maria would spend weeks taking her loss out on Allie alongside Laurel Van Ness, who was also flirting with Allie’s Love Interest and Real Life Husband Braxton Sutter. In December, Braxton revealed his alignment with Allie, supporting her at ringside in a match against Laurel, of which Allie won. In the first impact of 2017, Allie would face Sienna in a singles match made by Maria, distracted by Laurel who fraternized with Braxton Sutter at ringside, leading to her eventual loss. Allie got payback a week later on Maria as Braxton would defeat Maria’s Husband Mike Bennett. Out of revenge, Maria would forceably split the pairing, forcing Braxton to associate with Laurel to the point of Marriage, with Allie’s Job on the line if such conditions weren’t met. However, Braxton and Allie would still continue to support one another despite Maria’s wicked tendencies, as Braxton officially announced he would not marry Laurel amidst the set up wedding ceremony on the February 23rd episode of IMPACT, leading to Allie turning on Maria and attacking her, also announcing she was quitting her partnership with the former Knockouts leader before making out with Braxton, leaving Laurel jilted.

Laurel Vanness (@ImpactLVN)
Chelsea Green, Otherwise Known by her TNA Ring Name Laurel Vanness is a Canadian Stunt Woman and Professional Womens Wrestler Signed to IMPACT Wrestling. She also competed on the 6th Season of WWE Tough Enough, ultimately a replacement for the departing Dianna Dahlgren, but did not win a contract with the company. She also appeared on WWE’s main roster as Daniel Bryan’s “Therapist” under the Name of Megan Miller during the Angle between Stephanie McMahon and Brie Bella in 2014. Laurel appeared sporadically in 2016 on IMPACT Wrestling Television, where she worked multiple matches prior to her signing, including a Multi Knockout Contendership Match and a Singles Match against Jade, back then under the name of Chelsea Green. Her Signing was confirmed on TNA’s Official Website in June. She was Officially re-introduced in a Knockouts Gauntlet in September, repackaged as Laurel Vanness and working as a heel, but did not win the match, which was won by Gail Kim. Laurel then competed in a singles match on the Pre Bound for Glory episode of IMPACT, defeating Madison Rayne with Allie forced to announce her entrance and victory from ringside by Maria. Laurel continued to feud with Allie into December, flirting with Allie’s Love Interest and Real Life Husband Braxton Sutter. Sutter revealed his zero interest in Laurel by supporting Allie in a match against her on the first IMPACT episode of December, of which Allie won. In January, the feud between Allie, Maria, Laurel and Braxton continued when Allie appeared during a match between Mike Bennett and Braxton Sutter, which Sutter won. On the January 19th episode of IMPACT Braxton and Allie broke off their on screen relationship following a confrontation between Maria and Braxton, leading to Braxton force-ably escorting his forced love interest Laurel out of the IMPACT Zone at Maria’s demand later in the show. The forced love angle continued into February, with Maria forcing Braxton Sutter to affiliate further with Laurel to the point of Marriage, threatening to fire Allie if the orders weren’t met. On the February 23rd episode of IMPACT, Laurel would participate as the bride of the set up wedding ceremony, but was jilted by Braxton, who instead declared his love for Allie, who broke off her partnership with Maria after months of cruelty. With Maria’s departure, Laurel began a “drunken bride” gimmick, continuing her feud with Allie and Braxton and retaining her alignment with Sienna.

Brandi Rhodes (@TheBrandiRhodes)
Brandi Runnels, Otherwise known by her TNA Ring Name of Brandi Rhodes, is an American Professional Women’s Wrestler, Model and Former Ring Announcer signed to IMPACT Wrestling. Prior to her Signing, Brandi, who is the real life wife of Professional Wrestler Cody Rhodes, also worked as a ring announcer for the WWE, going under the name of Eden Stiles during her two runs with the company, leaving in 2016 alongside her husband to end her second tenure. In September, TNA officially announced the signing of Brandi to their Knockouts Division, days after rumors surfaced that Brandi would be signing with the company. Brandi wold then officially debut alongside her husband Cody at Bound for Glory, interrupting an aggravated Mike Bennett and his wife Maria after Maria dropped her Knockouts Title to Gail Kim. Weeks Later, Cody would take time away from TNA while Brandi would progress as a Knockout, targeted by Maria and Sienna. While Allie was hesitant to side with Brandi due to her forced allegiance to Maria, Brandi eventually enlisted the veteran support of Madison Rayne to face Sienna and Laurel in Tag Team Action, with the babyfaces winning the match. Brandi returned to Television in February 2017 in a short feud with Rosemary and Decay, bringing a temporary alignment between Brandi and Moose which caused Cody Rhodes eventual disdain and heel turn.

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Brooke (@RealBrookeAdams)
Brooke Adams, Otherwise known by her TNA ring name of Brooke, or formerly Brooke Tessmacher, is an American Professional Women’s Wrestler and Model signed to IMPACT Wrestling. Brooke is a 3x Knockouts Champion, winning the championship twice in 2012 from Gail Kim and Madison Rayne then from Taryn Terrell in 2015. She is also a 1x TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champion alongside TNA Alumni Tara, having won the belts in 2011. In late 2013, Brooke would also have her first run as a heel in TNA by managing the frontal stable of the Aces and Eights, more specifically the Aces and Eights leader and eventual TNA World Champion Bully Ray. Following the break up of the group and the pairing themselves, Brooke took a several month absence from Television, before returning in 2015 to feud with former real life boyfriend and fellow Amazing Race Contestant Robbie E, who was being managed by The Beautiful People. After closing her angle with Robbie, Brooke then began being pushed towards title contention, earning a shot at the Knockouts Championship on the TKO Night of Knockouts episode of IMPACT which was originally scheduled to be headlined by Taryn Terrell defending the Knockouts Championship against Awesome Kong, though the two did not compete in the main event. The Same night, Taryn transitioned to a heel per the debuting Dollhouse’s interference in the match in order to help her retain. Brooke would challenge for the title, at first unsuccessful due to the numbers game (the stables interferences) but sometime after Slammiversary, Brooke managed to end the record breaking reign of Taryn, hitting a face-buster to the heel champion and capitalizing on an interference by Taryn’s longtime rival, Gail Kim. Brooke dropped the title in September that year to Gail near to the closure of TNAs episodic run for that year, only reemerging during TNA’s filler World Title Series, unable to advance to the finals of that tourney alongside Madison Rayne who she tied with in points. In November, Brooke left the company, revealing some months later she was expecting her first child, who she gave birth to in September 2016. In January 2017, it was revealed Brooke was returning to TNA, and to Wrestling, returning to TNA officially on the January 7th TV Taping where she defeated indy wrestler Deonna Purrazzo, officially airing on the January 19th episode of IMPACT. Following the match, she was attacked by Sienna as a repercussion for standing up to Maria Kanellis-Bennett backstage, leading to the two facing off on the February 2nd episode, with Brooke losing per an assist from Maria. Brooke challenged Sienna again on the February 16th episode of IMPACT, this time winning the match to Sienna’s dismay.

Angelina Love (@ActualALove)
Lauren Williams-Richards, Otherwise known by her TNA ring name of Angelina Love, or formerly Angel Williams, is a Canadian Professional Wrestler currently signed to IMPACT Wrestling, where has been a 1x TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champion and 6x TNA Knockouts Champion, a feat she singularly accomplished up until it was tied due to Gail Kim’s Victory over Maria Kanellis-Bennett at Bound for Glory 2016, making Kim a 6x Knockouts Champion also. Love had left TNA on three separate occasions, once in 2009 and the second time in 2012 during the phasing off of her on screen partnership with then TNA Knockout Winter, who had turned her against her longtime TNA Tag Team Partner and Fellow Member of the Beautiful People Velvet Sky. Love returned to TNA in 2014, proceeding to rekindle her tenured partnership with then babyface Velvet Sky to the chagrin of then Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne. The Continuing tension between the Beautiful People members lead to Velvet eventually turning heel on Madison Rayne in aid of Angelina Love. Sky would also be in Loves corner as she closed out her feud with Madison Rayne at Sacrifice that year, defeating Rayne to earn her 6th Knockouts Title, a feat unmatched until Gail Kim’s win over Maria Kanellis-Bennett in 2016. Love retained the championship against Gail Kim at Slammiversary 2014, later dropping it to her on the July 3rd episode of IMPACT. Love rekindled her feud with Kim weeks later in a Last Knockout Standing Match, but was unable to regain the title, and thus Love and Sky moved on to managing the BroMans up until Velvet was released in January 2015. In May that year, Velvet returned to TNA under a new persona, mocked by Angelina, who had shown happiness over Velvet’s Release in January. Scuffles between the two over the weeks lead to an eventual singles match between the two, which Velvet won. The Feud culminated there and Angelina reunited with Sky as well as Madison Rayne in Late 2015 when Sky was targeted by the Dollhouse stable, headed by Taryn Terrell. The Dollhouse had attacked Angelina to write her off TV due to her pregnancy, leaving Velvet and Madison to be defeated by the Beautiful People to close 2015. Love would appear on the first IMPACT of 2016 to show her support for Velvet and Madison as they went up again against the Dollhouse with the addition of Gail Kim on their side to replace Love. In March of 2016, Angelina announced she was no longer contracted to TNA, a week after she gave birth to her first child. In 2017, Angelina returned to TNA as one of two Knockouts returning to the Promotion, participating in a One Night Only PPV Match against Madison Rayne. Love was then entered into an official TV angle when herself and real life husband Davey Richards attacked Eddie Edwards and Alisha (Alexxis Neveah) following Davey costing Eddie his last world title match with Lashley on the February 9th episode of IMPACT, turning both heel in the process and making Angelina Davey’s manager. On the February 16th episode of IMPACT, Angelina got herself involved in a Street Fight main event featuring Davey and Eddie, teasing attacking Alisha though Eddie threw himself over Alisha to protect her, taking a brutal assault from Davey. Angelina then took out the referee and counted Davey’s pinfall over the former tag team partner, awarding him the victory in his first match since turning heel. In March, Angelina and Daveys Alliance Became Newly Referred to as the “Natural Born Killers”.

Alisha Edwards (alexxisneveah)
Alisha Edwards, known also by her Indy In Ring Name Alexxis Neveah, is an American Professional Womens Wrestler currently signed to IMPACT Wrestling under the name Alisha. She is Also Married to One Half of the Wolves Tag Team, former IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Champion Eddie Edwards. Alisha began her wrestling career in 2006, making one appearance for IMPACT Wrestling in 2008 under the name of Mercedes Steele, facing Awesome Kong. She appeared at the 3rd Knockouts Knockdown One Night Only Pay Per View in 2015 as an Opponent for Madison Rayne, defeated by the former Knockouts Champion. She then returned to IMPACT in 2017 as Support for Eddie Edwards in his last ever chance at regaining the IMPACT World Championship from Bobby Lashley, though he would lose when his tag team partner Davey Richards turned on him, leading to Davey’s wife, Veteran Knockout Angelina Love, also knocking out Alisha, who had watched the match with her from the crowd. The Two were violently attacked by Davey and Angelina following Lashleys successful title defense, leading to the pairings engaging in an angle with each other. On the February 16th episode of IMPACT Wrestling, Alisha charged down to the ring to attack Angelina Love amid a street fight between Davey and Eddie that Angelina had got involved in, but ended up handcuffed to the ring ropes by Angelina, leading to Alisha being forced to watch Davey execute a violent attack on Eddie that Angelina had counted as Daveys victory after taking out the referee. In March 2017, Alisha signed a contract with IMPACT Wrestling in the conclusion of their Knockouts Knockdown 5 taping after she pinned Laurel Van Ness to earn the victory for her team (a replacement idea from the usual battle royal finish for One Night Only Events.)

Diamante (@Savethe_Roses)
Priscilla Zuniga, Known by her Indy Ring Name Angel Rose, is an American Professional Womens Wrestler currently signed to IMPACT Wrestling under the Name Diamante. Prior to her appearances with the company, Zuniga had made an appearance for WWE NXT, where she faced NXT Womens Champion Asuka. Zuniga went on to appear at the IMPACT Wrestling March Television tapings as the female manager of the newest incarnation of famous IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team LAX, made up of Konnan, Homicide, Angel Ortiz, Mike Draztik and Zuniga, who debuted under the name of Diamante. The Team feuded with Decay heading into the newly announced Tag Team Championship Tournament made due to the Hardys Departure from IMPACT Wrestling, with the group eventually winning the titles.

odb shoot
Jessie Kresa, known by her IMPACT Wrestling in ring name ODB, is an American Professional Womens Wrestler Currently signed to IMPACT Wrestling. ODB started her wrestling career in 2003, making appearances for IMPACT Wrestling (then TNA) in that year and in 2004, facing the likes of Trinity and Traci Brooks. ODB worked Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) in 2006 and into 2007 where she became the companies womens champion, dropping her first championship to Serena Deeb and then her second to WWE Alumni Milena Roucka (Rosa Mendes). ODB made her return to IMPACT Wrestling in 2007 at their Bound for Glory event, participating in a Gauntlet that would crown the companies first Knockouts Champion, won by Gail Kim. In 2008, she earned her first contendership opportunity by challenging Awesome Kong at Against All Odds that year. She Lost that match, and a triple threat the same year at Destination X which featured Gail Kim. ODB and Kim would then successfully challenge Kong and her then manager Raisha Saaed (Alissa Flash) at Lockdown. After some time, ODB returned to the title picture in 2009, unsuccessfully challenging Awesome Kong again at Against All Odds. ODB later found an alliance in Cody Deaner, and the alliance found success at Hard Justice when ODB won her first Knockouts Championship in a Tag Team Match which would see Angelina Loves Knockouts Championship up for grabs if pinned. The Pair teased dissension when they argued over who the true champion is, meaning the championship would be left up for grabs again, with ODB winning it and her second title at No Surrender 2009. ODB proceeded to focus on the Knockouts Division after, successfully defending the championship against the likes of former enemy Awesome Kong and Tara. The Feud between Tara and ODB lead to ODBs Heel Turn in December that year, and that same month, ODB would drop her 2nd Knockouts Championship to Tara at Final Resolution. She tried since to regain the championship and failed, departing from the company in 2010, though making an appearance for the company in February. In May, ODB returned to the company, kayfabe not under contract, attacking Velvet Sky and starting a feud between the two, which ended in July, with ODB and her then tag team partner Jacqueline (Jackie Moore) turning face and “earning” contracts with the promotion. In 2011, ODB aligned with Eric Young, and the pair became the first ever intergender Knockouts Tag Team Champions, and eventually the longest reigning champions before the title was vacated in 2013 and ODB was moved into a role as Knockouts Referee, refereeing the famous Last Knockout Standing Match between Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell at Slammiversary. ODB then feuded with Gail Kim, leading to her eventually becoming the contender to the Knockouts Title again, and ultimately winning her 4th Knockouts Championship from then heel Mickie James, who then left the company. ODB dropped the championship at Bound for Glory 2013 in a triple threat featuring Brooke and Gail Kim after she was taken out by the most recent acquisition to the division at that time Lei’D Tapa, who was revealed post match as the new bodyguard of Gail Kim, who had won the match. The Angle between ODB, Gail and Tapa lead to the return of Madison Rayne, who had a short partnership with ODB before moving into title contention. ODB left the company again in 2014, pursuing opportunities with Ring of Honor in 2015. ODB made a one night appearance again for IMPACT Wrestling in 2017 by challenging Sienna at “Total Nonstop Deletion” a show that invited the IMPACT Roster to the Hardys Home to compete, with ODB Challenging Sienna. Sienna would win the match and later challenge Rosemary for the Knockouts Championship Unsuccessfully. ODB returned to IMPACT Wrestling officially in March 2017, defeating fellow former Alum Rebel and then moving into a storyline with Knockouts Champion Rosemary.

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