WWE Women’s Superstars (RAW, Smackdown)

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Danielle Moinet, otherwise known by her WWE and FCW Ring Name Summer Rae, is an American Model, Former American Football Player and Professional Womens Wrestler signed to WWE. Rae was FCW General Manager at one point, and debuted as a Ring Announcer on WWE NXT, before turning heel and attacking the Anti Diva Paige, beginning a feud between the two. She also aligned herself with Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair on NXT, dubbing themselves the Beautiful Fierce Females. Rae made her main roster debut on RAW in April 2013, as Fandango’s Dancer. At Hell In A Cell 2013, Summer made her in ring debut on the main roster in a mixed tag with Fandango against Khali and Natalya and won, but would lose the following night in a singles match to Natalya. Rae also competed in the 14 diva survivor series elimination tag, but ended up on the losing team. On the Following Night, Rae competed in the rematch, being the last diva on the heel team eliminated. In January 2014, Summer, along with Fandango, started a feud with Xavier Woods and the Funkadactyls. However, the feud fizzled out as Naomi was entered into a feud with AJ Lee. In Late 2014, Rae replaced JoJo Offerman as the Newest Cast Member of Total Divas. In February, Rae began a feud with the newest main roster addition Emma, and after weeks of interventions, she brawled with the NXT Diva on the Valentines Day Episode of Smackdown. Rae would lose dance offs and singles matches to Emma since. On the March 24th Edition of RAW, Rae was announced 1 of 13 Competitors for AJ Lee’s Divas Championship at WrestleMania, but was overall unsuccessful. A Week Later, Rae (kayfabe) split with Fandango over Twitter, leading to Fandango pairing with Layla, as revealed on the April 11th Smackdown episode. This was to write off Rae for the Filming of the 4th Marine Movie, which she was announced to star in months prior. On May 19th 2014, Summer made her return to RAW, smooching with Fandango and laying out Fandangos Partner, Layla. Days Later on Smackdown, Rae would ignite her feud with Eva Marie, costing her a tag match by fast counting Cameron’s pin. She would only be pinned by Eva in a singles match days later on RAW thanks to Layla and Fandango causing a distraction. The Feud between them furthered weeks later with backstage and in-ring altercations. Layla defeated Summer Rae to win Fandangos heart on a permanent basis at Money in the Bank. Despite claiming a truce the following night on RAW, Summer gained revenge, kissing Dolph Ziggler while he was competing against Fandango. On the July 11th Smackdown, Rae and Rival Layla swerved Fandango as they both attacked him, thus aligning with each other. On the 22nd September edition of RAW, Rae renewed her rivalry with Natalya. Rae unsuccessfully competed in an 8 Divas Tag at Survivor Series alongside team mates Cameron, Layla and Paige. In January 2015, a face turn was hinted for Rae after she came to the aid of Naomi, who suffered a backstage attack courtesy of Alicia Fox. However a week or so later, Summer returned to being a heel, working several singles matches. In March 2015, Summer formed an alliance with Cameron and a returning Eva Marie as the result of the #GiveDivasAChance movement. However, that quickly ended and weeks later, Rae turned face again and aligned with Damien Mizdow. However, she returned to being a heel weeks later by costing Damien Mizdow his match with The Miz days before the Extreme Rules PPV. In Late June, Summer aligned herself with a Lone Rusev, beginning a new feud with Dolph Ziggler and Lana. On the June 29th episode of RAW, Summer and Rusev confronted the pairing, leading to a catfight between Lana and Summer. After weeks of being overcome by Lana, Summer got revenge on the August 10th episode of RAW, locking in Rusevs Signature Accolade Submission on Lana after causing a Disqualification by attacking Lana during Rusev’s Match with Mark Henry. However in September, Lana would get injured pre training for a WWE Live Event, halting the feud between herself with Summer while Ziggler continued feuding with Rusev. On the October 12th episode of RAW, Summer officially split off from Rusev, also costing him a match the same week on Smackdown against Dolph Ziggler, which she officiated, fast counting the pin and awarding the victory to Ziggler. On the October 22nd Episode of Smackdown, Summer was turned down by Ziggler again during a MizTV confrontation, leading to Summer later revealing her newest alignment with NXT Superstar Tyler Breeze. However the Pairings alignment came to an unexpected end on the final Smackdown of 2015. On the February 15th edition of RAW, Summer made her televised in ring return, defeating Paige. She was defeated by Paige days later on Main Event, then defeated Alicia Fox a week later on Superstars. The Following Week she would be defeated by Natalya on Superstars. Summer would also put her past storyline issues with Lana behind, working a Ten Divas Tag Team Match with Her at WrestleMania, ending up on the losing team.

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Tenile Dashwood, known by her WWE Ring Name Emma, is an Australian Professional Women’s Wrestler Currently signed to WWE. She Debuted as Part of WWE’s NXT Brand in November 2012, and eventually began to receive a big push, feuding with the likes of Summer Rae and Paige. During her NXT Run, Emma had several high profile matches, One being with Natalya, and 2 NXT Women’s Championship Matches with Then Champion Paige. She would then be drafted to the Main Roster in 2014, where she had a short feud with also promoted WWE Diva Summer Rae. Emma aligned herself with Santino Marella, whom she’d also worked with temporarily on NXT against Summer Rae and Her Former Partner Fandango. She and Marella would also have a short feud with Fandango and his Backup dancer, Layla, but their feud faded out upon Summers return after Fandango replaced Summer with Layla. Emma has since been working singles matches and appeared in segments with Marella. Marella retired in July 2014 from In Ring Competition, thus ending the twos alignment. On July 15th 2014, Following Weeks of Inactivity due to an Arrest which lead to a 2hr Release before being reinstated, Emma returned to WWE TV, defeating Cameron in a singles effort. On the July 21st episode of RAW, Emma and Natalya unsuccessfully challenged Paige and AJ Lee. Emma has since worked singles matches. In October, Emma and AJ Lee faced Paige and Alicia Fox in a Tag Team Match, One Emma was ultimately pinned in when Lee walked out of the match. Emma joined the team of Natalya, Naomi and Alicia Fox to successfully defeat Paige, Cameron, Layla and Summer Rae at Survivor Series. In February 2015, Emma returned to NXT to begin a frustration storyline, defeated by Carmella upon her return, before trying to turn Bayley as a result of her treatment on the main roster. The Angle has also shifted to the main roster, with Emma’s “new attitude” being referenced in various main roster matches. Emma aligned herself with Dana Brooke in May, competing unsuccessfully at NXT Takeover with Brooke against Charlotte and Bayley. On the July 22nd Episode of NXT, Emma competed against the returning Bayley, losing the match after taking a Hugplex from Bayley amid her partner Dana Brooke being ejected from ringside due to interference. At NXT Takeover Brooklyn Emma emerged the winner of a Fatal 4 Way Match also featuring her Tag Team Partner Dana Brooke, Charlotte and Becky Lynch, though this was due to a rumored botch from Becky. In September, Emma and Dana re-aligned despite their in ring altercation at NXT Takeover Brooklyn, feuding with the Newest NXT Signing Asuka. In the Build to the feud, Emma would gain a victory over Shazza McKenzie, while Tag Team Partner Dana Brooke would continue to sell her confusion and fatigue following her grueling match with Asuka. On the November 25th episode of NXT Emma attacked Asuka in what was expected to be a rematch between Asuka and Emma’s Partner Dana Brooke. A Week Later Asuka appeared on the Titantron following Emma’s Match to confirm she would be challenging her at NXT Takeover London, ultimately coming out victorious over Emma despite Asuka nearly being disqualified after grappling over an item originally intended to be used by Dana Brooke. In March 2016, Emma returned to the Main Roster as a Heel, joining Team Lana during the March 25th episode of Main Event and crashing a match on behalf of Team Lana with Summer Rae. Emma would officially join Team Lana for her second WrestleMania Match, working a Ten Divas Tag Team Match, ending up on the losing team. Following WrestleMania, Emma began a feud with Becky Lynch. On the May 9th episode of RAW, Emma reintroduced her NXT partner Dana Brooke to Becky Lynch, with the two attacking Lynch in a Backstage Segment. However, under a week later, Emma was sidelined for an indefinite amount of time with a back injury and pulled from WWE Television, leading to Dana Brooke working solo in a feud with Becky Lynch. In October, it was revealed that Emma would be set to return as part of the RAW Brand, repackaged as Emmalina. Emma, after 4 months of vignettes, returned on the 13th February episode of RAW under the Emmalina Gimmick before confusingly declaring that the WWE Universe would witness “Her Transformation to Emma”.



Natalie Neidhart, otherwise known by her WWE Ring Name Natalya, is a Canadian Professional Women’s Wrestler signed to WWE. Since debuting for the Main Roster in April 2008, Natalya has made Alliances with Various Wrestlers, including Former WWE Divas Victoria and Beth Phoenix, has represented Former Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty (Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith) and has held the WWE Divas Championship once. Neidhart is a third generation wrestler, being the Daughter of Jim the Anvil Neidhart and Niece of Bret Hart. Neidhart has also stated WWE Diva Tamina Snuka as her toughest Opponent in the WWE Ring. Neidhart also briefly mentored WWE Diva, Eva Marie, who she stars with on The E! Networks Reality Show, Total Divas. On The November 13th Edition of WWE Main Event, Natalya received her Divas Title Match against AJ Lee, but was unsuccessful. Natalya also appears on NXT as Bayleys Tag Team Partner numerous times due to Bayley and Charlotte’s partnership imploding after Charlotte’s heel turn. On the March 11th Episode of Main Event, Natalya received another title shot against AJ Lee but was once again unsuccessful. Natalya was announced to receive another title shot against AJ at WrestleMania 30 in a Divas Invitational featuring 12 other Divas. Natalya unsuccessfully challenged Lee for the title, as Naomi submitted to AJ’s Black Widow Submission. In May 2014, a Heel Turn began to be hinted for Natalya after multiple losses to fellow Total Divas and frustration towards Cameron to further Total Divas Storylines. Natalya also advanced to the finals of the NXT Women’s Championship Tournament alongside Charlotte, outlasting the likes of Layla, Sasha Banks and others, but was unsuccessful at winning the title. On the August 18th episode of RAW, Natalya defeated Divas Champion Paige due to interference from Former Champion AJ Lee, and proceeded to do the same the same week on Smackdown. In September, Natalya began a storyline where she became the tutor to Rosa Mendes. In that time, her personal storyline w/ Real Life Husband Tyson Kidd also transferred to the main roster. In December, heading into the new year, Natalya would be inserted into the divas title picture, temporarily managing Paige, who would also find her way into the title picture after “rekindling” with Natalya following their issues on Total Divas. Natalya and Paige faced the Bella’s at the Royal Rumble but were unable to defeat them when Natalya was pinned by Nikki. Natalya returned to managing Tyson Kidd and Cesaro after, and the pairing won the WWE Tag Team Titles at Fast Lane. On the September 21st Edition of RAW, Natalya Returned to In Ring Action Against Naomi, but Lost. Natalya then continued her feud with Paige, defeating her in singles competition. On the October 15th episode of Smackdown, Natalya was attacked backstage by Paige to stop her saving her Team PCB Team mates from a beat-down by Team Bella. On the October 29th episode of Smackdown, Natalya returned to face Paige in Singles Action, distracted by a mid match promo from Team BAD, who attacked her after the match after assisting Paige in the distraction that lead to Paige finishing Natalya with the Rampaige Finisher. Team BAD would attack Natalya again after Natalya defeated Naomi during WWEs visit to the UK. In January, Natalya returned to television and re-aligned with Paige to feud with Alicia Fox and Brie Bella as part of a Total Divas feud. In April, Natalya rekindled her NXT Rivalry with Charlotte following WrestleMania, hinting at challenging her for the WWE Women’s Championship. A Week Later Natalya would officially challenge Charlotte for the title but per intervention from Ric Flair, Natalya would only be awarded the win via Disqualification. Natalya revealed a week later that she was granted a rematch for the upcoming Payback Pay Per View, and that her Uncle Bret Hart would be in her corner. Natalya Faced Charlotte at Payback, but lost the match without tapping to Charlotte’s Submission per a Corrupt Referee Angle. A Short time later, Natalya would continue her angle with the Hall of Famers Daughter, leading to Natalya Re-challenging Charlotte at Extreme Rules, and per stipulations added by Shane and Stephanie McMahon, Ric Flair would be banned from the Booked Submission Match at Extreme Rules and any attempted intervention would see Charlotte stripped of the championship. Natalya would lose to Charlotte at Extreme Rules through Dana Brooke’s interference when the former NXT competitor emerged to Ric Flairs Music in The Hall of Famers Attire as part of a distraction, allowing Charlotte to eventually pick up the victory and in turn, retain the Championship. At Money in the Bank Natalya and Becky Lynch Lost a Tag Team Match against Dana Brooke and Still Women’s Champion Charlotte, with the loss frustrating Natalya to the point where she attacked Lynch, turning her heel for the first time since 2012. This Lead to Lynch going one on one with Natalya at Battleground, which was won by Natalya via Submission. Becky defeated her in a rematch on Smackdown, ending the feud and Natalya then went on to feud with the promoted Carmella, attempting to sneak attack her twice, leading to a match of which Carmella won. On the November 1st Edition of Smackdown, Natalya was announced as the “Coach” for The Women’s Smackdown Team at Survivor Series. However, a backstage attack to Nikki Bella on the night lead to Natalya taking the place of Captaincy, but despite leading the team, and eliminating Sasha Banks, her team eventually lost. At TLC, Carmella, having lost a match with Nikki Bella, outed to Nikki that Natalya had attacked her at Survivor Series, of which Natalya denied. Natalya eventually revealed herself as the attacker after ambushing Carmella, leading to many heated promos and altercations with Nikki Bella while Carmella’s involvement ceased. Natalya and Nikki ended up facing off at the Smackdown Exclusive Elimination Chamber Pay Per View, though no winner was determined due to a double count-out. A Backstage altercation days later on Smackdown lead to Daniel Bryan making a Falls Count Anywhere Match for the two for the February 21st episode of Smackdown, which Nattie won with a surprise assist from Maryse.


ALICIA FOX (@AliciaFoxy)

Victoria Crawford, otherwise known by her WWE Ring Name Alicia Fox, is an American Model and Professional Women’s Wrestler signed to WWE. Fox competes on RAW, Smackdown and NXT and has held the WWE Divas Championship Once, winning it in a Fatal 4 Way Match by Pinning Maryse. Fox is the only African American Diva to hold the Divas Championship in the company’s history. Fox is also the Sister of Former NXT Diva, Caylee Turner and was the on screen mentor of Former WWE Diva Maxine. In September 2013, Fox, along with Aksana and Layla attacked the Total Divas under the influence of AJ Lee as part of the storyline which saw AJ launch a tirade against the Total Divas. Fox has recently aligned with fellow diva Aksana and competed in several singles and tag matches, including the Survivor Series elimination tag, which Aksana was also featured in. Aksana and Fox continued their alignment in 2014 with various matches as Nikki and Aksana continued their feud. On March 18th edition of Main Event, Fox tagged with a Returning Layla against the Funkadactyls in a Losing Effort. On the March 24th RAW, Fox, alongside 13 other divas, was announced for a shot at AJ Lee’s Divas Championship at WrestleMania 30. Despite a strong effort, Fox was unable to capture the championship. Fox was the first to challenge New Divas Champion Paige in Paige’s First Main Roster Match since winning the championship, but lost. In May, Fox began a storyline where she would become frustrated with her losses and her position in the Division, having post match breakdowns following Losses to Paige and Emma. Fox would then go on to pin the Champion Paige in a non title match. This would lead to a match between the two being announced for the Divas Championship at Payback a week later on RAW. Fox was, however, unsuccessful in winning the match, and this would lead to yet another meltdown. Sometime later, Fox would turn on then face former partner Aksana, retiring her from the WWE a day later on Smackdown due to her victory. Since then, Alicia has been doing the bidding of the Authority, humiliating Nikki Bella for her sisters slap to Stephanie at Payback. In Late September, Alicia became affiliated with Paige, dubbed as her new best friend and as a replacement to Divas Champion AJ Lee as revenge for Lee forcing Paige to tap out in her title defense against both Lee and Nikki Bella at Night of Champions. Fox eventually turned face and feuded with Paige, with the two on Opposite teams at Survivor Series. Fox’s team managed to defeat Paige’s team, with No Members of Fox’s Team Eliminated. In 2015, Fox turned heel once again and began a feud with Former Total Divas Star, Naomi, but it faded out after a few weeks. Alicia competed in a Number One Contenders battle royal on the April 13th edition of RAW, eventually won by Paige. In June 2015, Alicia Fox aligned herself with the Bella’s, placing herself in the heel team during the ongoing storyline to make foes for Paige in the divas division. Alicia, alongside Brie and Nikki, competed in a 9 Diva Team Elimination Match at Summerslam, with Team Bella eventually being defeated by Team PCB as they were the last two teams standing. In Late November, Alicia turned face as Team Bella were reduced to just herself and Brie due to Nikki recovering from injury. Alicia would work her first match as a babyface since Nikki’s Injury on the November 20th episode of Main Event, defeated by Naomi. Working back and forth as a heel since then, Alicia eventually returned to her babyface persona as she teamed with Brie Bella, Paige, Natalya and Eva Marie to defeat Lana, Summer Rae, Naomi, Emma and Tamina at WrestleMania 32. Alicia made her in ring return on the July 15th episode of WWE Main Event, defeated by Becky Lynch. She then returned to RAW for the first time since the draft on August 15th, defeated by Charlotte. in a quick encounter. In September, Fox entered into a feud with the promoted Nia Jax after she viciously crushed indie worker Monica Passeri. After being speared through a barricade by Nia, it would be announced a week later that Alicia would face Nia in a singles rematch at Clash of Champions, of which Alicia lost. Fox then was forced to work alongside Nia at the Survivor Series PPV, when the two competed for Team RAW against Team Smackdown. Despite both being eliminated, the two ended up on the winning team as Bayley pinned Becky Lynch to make Charlotte and herself RAWs Soul Survivors. The Following night, she teased an alignment with Cruiserweight Cedric Alexander, wishing him Luck before he would be confronted by Ariya Daivari. A Week Later, Alicia reverted to her heel persona after confronting Bayley over embracing Cedric, leading to Alicia gaining two consecutive in ring losses against her. The storyline between herself and Bayley ended when Bayley was entered back into the title picture, and Alicia would have continuous conflicts with Cedric as Noam Dar began to express interest in the women’s superstar. Alicia officially reverted to heel status on the January 17th episode of 205 Live, watching Noam Dar beat down Cedric Alexander alongside Drew Gulak. The Alignment of Dar and Alicia was confirmed the following week on RAW when Alicia managed Dar for his singles match against Cruiserweight Champion Rich Swann.


Dana Brooke (@DanaBrookeWWE)
Ashley Sebera, otherwise known by her WWE Ring Name Dana Brooke, is an American Model, Bodybuilder and Professional Womens Wrestler signed to WWE. Dana was signed to WWE in 2013, introduced to NXT Television as an in ring competitor in 2015 after weeks of vignettes. She debuted on the April 15th episode of NXT by defeating Popular wrestler, Blue Pants. She later formed an alliance with a newly turned heel Emma, targeting Charlotte and Bayley which lead to a match at NXT Takeover Unstoppable of which the heel duo lost. Dana and Emma also competed in a pre taped fatal 4 way match at NXT Takeover Brooklyn, which was won by Emma. In September, despite short tension at the previous PPV, Emma and Dana entered into a feud with the newest NXT arrival, Asuka, leading to Dana facing Asuka in the Japanese Wrestlers in ring debut at NXT Takeover Respect. Brooke lost the match and went on to manage Emma who continued to feud with Asuka after the event, leading to Dana managing her for her match with Asuka at NXT Takeover London. After being off TV for a long time due to injury, Dana made her return, only this time on RAW rather than NXT Television, debuting as Emma’s Tag Team Partner and rekindling their alliance as the two attacked Emma’s on screen nemesis Becky Lynch on the May 9th episode of RAW. Under a week later, Emma was sidelined with an injury, leading to Dana working alone, thus challenging Becky Lynch the next week on RAW in a rematch from the past weeks Smackdown, which she additionally won. Days Later, Dana would also defeat Paige on Smackdown. At Extreme Rules, Dana unexpectedly emerged during the Women’s Championship Submission Match between Charlotte and Natalya Dressed as Ric Flair, attempting to distract Natalya and Helping Charlotte to Win the Match, in turn confirming an alignment with the Flairs. The Pair of Charlotte and Dana then split off from Ric and went on to feud with Natalya and Becky Lynch. This lead to Dana making her PPV in ring debut, successfully defeating Natalya and Becky Lynch in a Tag Team Match also featuring Charlotte, with Natalya turning heel after the match. Following the show, Charlotte and Brooke entered into a feud with Sasha Banks, eventually booked to face Banks and a mystery partner at the Battleground Pay Per View. At Battleground Sasha’s partner was revealed to be Bayley, and the pair went on to defeat Dana and Charlotte. On the August 8th episode of RAW Dana faced Sasha Banks in a match where losing would mean that Sasha’s upcoming title defense against Charlotte would remain a singles match rather than turned into a handicap. Dana would lose the match against Sasha, meaning she would not be added to the Women’s Championship Match at Summerslam, and in addition to this, the loss for Dana would mean that she would not be allowed to be involved at ringside for the Women’s Title Match. Charlotte vented to Brooke over this the following week on RAW, but regardless she continued to assist Charlotte as she tried to sneak attack Sasha, and despite this failing, Charlotte still got momentum, locking a Figure Four on Sasha and getting the last lot of momentum before Summerslam. The Night following Summerslam, Dana and Charlotte participated in a segment that lead to Charlotte putting over her 2nd title win, only to be interrupted by Mick Foley and a debuting Bayley. Moments later Dana was made to compete against Bayley in the former NXT Women’s Champions Debut Match, of which Dana lost. Despite weeks of tension between Charlotte and Dana after, Dana attempted to assist Charlotte in retaining her championship at Clash of Champions against both Bayley and Sasha Banks, which Charlotte eventually ended up doing. Following the PPV, Dana continued her alliance with Charlotte, but would be unable to assist her in the main event championship match against Sasha on the first RAW of October after provoking and being attacked by Bayley. A Week Later Dana returned the favor as she attacked Bayley on the stage following Bayleys enhancement match with Holidead. After a few more scuffles, including a controversial ending to a singles match, Dana ended up working the Hell in a Cell Pay Per View in a Match with Bayley, of which Bayley won. Danas partnership with Charlotte was evoked on the February 13th episode of RAW when she tried to assist Charlotte against Bayley in her Championship defense, only to be taken out by Sasha Banks who helped Bayley capture the title. She also tried to assist the following week on RAW when Charlotte battled Sasha Banks one on one, only to be taken out by Bayley.


BRIE BELLA (@BellaTwins)

Brianna Garcia Colace, otherwise known by her WWE Ring Name Brie Bella, is an American Model and Professional Women’s Wrestler signed to WWE. She Competes Alongside her twin, Nikki Bella, on the RAW and Smackdown brands. The Bella’s departed from WWE in April 2012 but returned in March 2013, as Heels, and has since feuded with Former Divas Champion Kaitlyn (briefly) and The Funkadactyls. Brie, with Nikki, stars in the new Total Divas reality show. Brie got engaged to fellow WWE superstar Daniel Bryan, with their wedding taking place on the Second Season of Total Divas. Brie faced AJ Lee in two championship matches following a face turn, her first two upon returning to WWE, at Battleground 2013 and Hell In A Cell 2013, but has failed to capture the title both times due to her sisters accidental interference’s. Brie, alongside Nikki, has been competing in various tag matches and singles matches since, and in early 2014, was in a short feud with Aksana and Alicia Fox. In March 2014, Brie was announced to receive another Divas Title Shot against AJ Lee at WrestleMania 30 in a match which features 13 other Divas, including Nikki Bella. Brie competed in the match and was unsuccessful in capturing the championship. Since a Vacation with Husband Daniel Bryan, Brie has appeared in several of Bryans segments, leading to a feud between herself and Stephanie McMahon, most recently being due to being given a Divas Championship Match against Paige and having to flee because of Kane’s appearance, which was pre planned by Stephanie to further decimate Bryan. The Angle between Bryan, Brie and Stephanie McMahon furthered into the 2014 Payback Pay Per View, with Brie slapping Stephanie across the face rather than succumbing to torment, and kayfabe quit the company in favor of Daniel keeping his championships. On July 21st 2014, Brie returned to RAW where she was confronted by Stephanie during Nikki’s handicap match. After being escorted away from the arena after being slapped, Brie issued a warrant for Stephanie’s arrest, having her one time boss arrested for Battery. A Week Later, Stephanie met Bries demands in a Confrontation, leading to Brie being rehired to the Roster. Also, as part of those demands to prevent Stephanie facing any charges for the previous week, Stephanie was made to Battle Brie at Summerslam. Brie faced Stephanie at Summerslam, but emerged on the losing side after Nikki Turned On Her and Cost her the match, allowing Stephanie to Pedigree her for the win. Brie would then go on to feud with Nikki, with multiple segments revealing Nikki’s past issues with Brie. Brie would then attack Nikki after she was granted a NOC title shot, then save her from AJ Lee’s attack the same week on Smackdown. However despite that, Brie continued to feud with Nikki as they clashed in a segment involving their family and Jerry Springer. Brie would face Nikki in a tag team match involving AJ and Divas Champion Paige, but Nikki would bail out of facing her, feeding her to Paige while she attacked AJ, who worked as Bries partner. Following Night of Champions, Nikki began to play an authoritative role placing Brie in stipulated and handicap matches due to facing her own. Brie won the majority, until eventually being pinned by Nikki in a 4 on 1 Handicap match on the October 7th episode of Main Event. Brie faced Nikki at Hell in a Cell, and lost, thus was made to become Nikki’s personal assistant. Brie would be forced to join Nikki at ringside for her Divas Title match at Survivor Series against AJ Lee, and cost Lee the title after kissing her on the apron, allowing Nikki to finish her off and win the title. In 2015, Brie and Nikki saw themselves feuding with Natalya and Paige, leading to the two forces squaring off at the Royal Rumble. The Bella’s would then lose to AJ and Paige at WrestleMania. Brie returned to her babyface persona the week before Extreme Rules, competing against the newly heel Naomi on RAW. Brie and Nikki would be defeated by Naomi and Tamina at Payback. On the June 1st episode of RAW, Brie turned heel once again by assisting Nikki with “Twin Magic” to help her retain the title against Paige. In July, Team Bella were introduced to new competition when Charlotte and Becky Lynch were promoted to RAW to align with Paige, while Sasha Banks aligned herself with Naomi and Tamina. Brie then competed in a Triple Threat Match at Battleground, competing against Charlotte and Sasha Banks. On the August 10th episode of RAW, Brie pinned Tamina in a Six Diva Tag Team Match. Brie would be pinned in a Nine Diva Elimination Match at Summerslam, pinned by Team PCBs Becky Lynch. However Team Bella would regain momentum with a win over Team PCB the next night on RAW. Team Bella would then go on to win numerous matches prior to Hell in a Cell and prior to Nikki’s Rematch with Charlotte. Brie also went on to defeat Becky Lynch following Hell in a Cell, defeating Becky Lynch on the October 30th episode of Main Event. In Late November, Brie turned face as she worked a match against Team BADs Naomi on the November 19th episode of Superstars, winning the match. However, she would revert back to Heel days later on Smackdown, working against Charlotte in a Non Title Match in which she was defeated in. In February 2016, Brie began a feud with Divas Champion Charlotte, pinning her in a singles match on the first RAW of that month. Despite earning the contention, Brie was defeated by Charlotte at Fast Lane. Two Weeks after the Fast Lane defeat, Brie entered into a feud with Lana, who mocked her defeat to Naomi on the February 29th episode of RAW. A Week Later Lana cost Brie a match against Summer Rae, attacking her using her own finisher after the match. At WrestleMania 32, Brie worked a Ten Divas Tag Team Match, as she, Eva Marie, Alicia Fox, Natalya and Paige defeated Lana, Summer Rae, Naomi, Tamina and Emma.


Trinity McCray, known otherwise by her WWE Ring Name Naomi, is a American Dancer, model and Professional Women’s Wrestler signed to WWE. Naomi competed on the 3rd Season of NXT as the runner up, and since debuting at RAW, she has been a dancer for Brodus Clay alongside Cameron, dubbed as the Funkadactyls. Cameron also appears with Naomi on the E! Networks Total Divas Reality Show. At TLC 2012 Naomi received her first divas title match against Eve Torres but was unsuccessful. At Night of Champions 2013 Naomi competed in a fatal 4 way for AJ Lee’s Divas title, also featuring Natalya and Brie Bella, but was once more unsuccessful. In 2014, Naomi began a feud with Divas Champion AJ Lee, after she and Tamina attacked her partner, Cameron. Following a Singles Match with Aksana, Naomi received a severe eye injury, with WWE sidelining her 4 – 6 weeks. Naomi returned on the March 17th Episode of RAW, pinning Divas Champion AJ Lee in a tag team match featuring herself, Cameron, AJ and Tamina. She also competed w/ Cameron against Alicia Fox and a Returning Layla on the March 18th Episode of Main Event in a winning effort. On the March 24th RAW, Naomi unsuccessfully challenged AJ Lee for the Divas Championship, but post match, she and 12 other Divas, including Cameron, were announced for a Divas Invitational Championship Match at WrestleMania 30. Naomi ultimately lost the match by submitting to AJ’s Black Widow Submission, being the only diva left in the ring. On the May 7th episode of Main Event, Naomi made her successful in ring return in a 6 diva tag team match, pinning Aksana. She would also face Aksana on the May 20th edition of Main Event, defeating her and claiming revenge after Aksana injured her prior to Wrestlemania. On the June 17th episode of Main Event, Naomi defeated Paige in a non title match, but seemed to be distancing herself from Cameron, when she remained on the sidelines while Paige attacked Cameron. Naomi unsuccessfully challenged Paige for the Championship at Money in the Bank. From there, Naomi’s feud with Cameron continued to be teased, eventually leading to the Funkadactyls Split following Cameron’s Heel Turn on the July 7th episode of RAW. At WWE Battleground, Naomi and Cameron clashed on the pre show, with Cameron using usual heel tactics to score the win. Cameron would cost Naomi a match with Paige a week later, with Naomi gaining revenge the following week on RAW, forcing Cameron to submit to a new submission during a tag team match. Naomi went on hiatus until early September to repair an injury inflicted earlier in the year, returning on the September 1st episode of RAW where she, Summer and Layla defeated Cameron, Rosa Mendes and Eva Marie. Naomi would defeat Cameron in a singles match on the September 15th episode of RAW. The Two would clash again at Survivor Series in an 8 Divas Tag Team Match, with Naomi’s team emerging victorious. As of December, Naomi has been involved in a storyline featuring the Usos and Mizdow. In 2015, Naomi, now booted from Total Divas, would end up feuding with Alicia Fox, also facing possible tension with the Usos during their ongoing feud with Mizdow. The feud ended with Mizdow showing signs of a split, and Naomi returned to managing the Usos. In April 2015, Naomi would return to the divas championship picture with numerous pinfalls over the reigning champion Nikki Bella. It was also announced the same month that she would return to Total Divas in the place of Rosa Mendes and Cameron. On the April 13th Edition of RAW, Naomi became the last diva eliminated in the promoted divas number one contender battle royal. While the Victorious Paige was interviewed, Naomi unexpectedly attacked Paige and “injured her” turning heel for the first time since her NXT run. This lead to Naomi facing Nikki unsuccessfully for the Divas Championship at Extreme Rules, with the feud between the two progressing towards the Payback Pay Per View with the addition of Naomi gaining a bodyguard in returning Diva Tamina Snuka. After she and Tamina defeated the Bella’s at Payback, Naomi challenged for the Divas Championship 24 Hours Later on RAW, but was unsuccessful when Tamina hit the ring to attack the divas champ Nikki Bella, leading to DQ. Paige would then return and attack the two divas. Naomi would emerge unsuccessful in a triple threat against Nikki and Paige at the Elimination Chamber, thus shortly ruling her out of the title picture. On the July 13th Edition of RAW, Naomi and Tamina confronted Stephanie McMahon Midway through her Divas Revolution Promo, leading to the Two gaining a partner in the debuting Sasha Banks. Naomi got her first pinfall victory for Team B.A.D (Sasha/Tamina/Naomi) since the groups alignment on the August 6th episode of Smackdown, pinning Charlotte in a tag team match also featuring Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch. Team BAD went on to compete in a Nine Diva Team Elimination Match at Summerslam, but Team BAD would be the first team eliminated. Naomi teamed with Sasha Banks to defeat Paige and Becky Lynch on the September 4th episode of Main Event. Naomi also aided Sasha via distraction, helping Sasha defeat Paige days later on RAW. In February 2016, Naomi returned to her two-piece alliance with Tamina when herself and Tamina turned on their Team BAD Leader Sasha Banks during her match with Becky Lynch on the first RAW of February. Dubbed as “NaoMina” the duo also went on to defeat the Team of Paige and Natalya the same week on Main Event. However NaoMina would go on to be defeated by Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks at Fast Lane. NaoMina would lose several weeks later also at WrestleMania 32 when the pairing joined Lana, Summer Rae and a recently promoted Emma to face Brie Bella, Eva Marie, Paige, Alicia Fox and Natalya, defeated by the babyface team. On the July 26th episode of Smackdown (Live) Naomi made her return to Television after months of inactivity due to injury, participating in a multi woman promo following Becky Lynch’s clean victory over Battleground Opposer, Natalya, that also featured Alexa Bliss, Carmella and Eva Marie. On the August 16th episode of Smackdown, Naomi cemented her face turn by chasing Eva Marie midway through a women’s tag team match in attempt to get revenge on Eva for avoiding in ring competition earlier in the show. This, and Eva’s repetitive chances to avoid her Smackdown Opponents, lead to Naomi, Carmella and Becky being booked in a 6 Woman Tag at Summerslam, against Alexa Bliss, Natalya and Eva. Weeks after losing the Summerslam Mixed Tag (which had Nikki Bella return to replace a suspended Eva Marie) Naomi would compete in a Six Pack Challenge at the Returning WWE Backlash to crown the first Smackdown Women’s Champion, which was won by Becky Lynch. At No Mercy, Alexa Bliss would end up facing Naomi after Becky Lynch, who was set to defend her Women’s Title against Bliss was sidelined from competition temporarily. Naomi ended up pinning Bliss for the upset victory. Two Days Later on Smackdown, Naomi successfully pinned Carmella after Nikki Bella distracted Carmella, allowing Naomi to take advantage. Naomi and Alexa would then get a rematch, of which Alexa won. Naomi would then join Alexa as part of Team Smackdown for Survivor Series, ultimately ending up on the losing team. Naomi returned to WWE Television on the January 24th episode of Smackdown, scheduled to face Natalya until another backstage brawl between Natalya and Nikki Bella had hindered those plans. Angry at being snubbed an opportunity to compete, Naomi called out any woman backstage to compete against her, leading to the arrival of Smackdown Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss, who had attacked Becky Lynch earlier in the night alongside Mickie James, beginning another angle between the two. Naomi would be named the contender to Bliss’s Championship after consecutive pinfall victories, winning the championship at Elimination Chamber after pinning Bliss, ending her reign at 70 days. Days Later, Naomi would announce an unspecified injury sustained at the PPV, though promising to walk into Orlando into WrestleMania 33 as Smackdown Womens Champion. This lead to Alexa Bliss confronting her and demanding she defends the title on the February 21st episode of Smackdown, otherwise surrendering it. On the episode, Naomi announced her injury would sideline her for longer than she expected, thus abdicated the title after just over 2 weeks as champion. Alexa Bliss would win back the title later that night against Becky Lynch in a match set up by Daniel Bryan.

paige 996

Paige (@RealPaigeWWE)

Saraya Jade Bevis, otherwise known by her WWE Ring Name Paige, is a Professional Women’s Wrestler Signed to WWE from Norwich, England. Ever since Debuting on WWE’s Developmental Program, Paige has become one of the top rising Divas in WWE, feuding with the likes of Emma and Summer Rae. In July 2013, Paige competed in a tournament, reaching the finals and defeating Emma to become the first ever NXT Women’s Champion. Paige also made a successful title defense against Emma in a rematch on NXT’s first ever Pay Per View, NXT ArRIVAL before she was made to relinquish the title in late April due to working the main roster and because it was deemed by JBL “Unfair” to the other ladies in the NXT Divas Division. On April 7th 2014, The Night after WrestleMania, Paige made her RAW Debut by Congratulating AJ on her Mania Victory, but was mocked and slapped, as well as forced into a Divas Championship Match with AJ Lee. Paige ultimately won by countering AJ’s Black Widow Submission with her Paige Turner finisher, winning her 1st Main Roster Championship, becoming the 3rd NXT Diva to hold the Divas Championship and becoming the 1st Ever Diva to Hold Both the Divas and NXT Women’s Championship at the same time. Since winning the championship, she has triumphed over the likes of Alicia Fox and Aksana, and also successfully retained the Divas Championship over the likes of Brie Bella and Tamina Snuka respectively. Following Extreme Rules, Paige began a feud with Alicia Fox who she claimed she “underestimated”. Paige’s winning streak ended in her home country of the UK when she was pinned by Fox in a Non title match on RAW. It was announced a week later that Paige would defend the Divas Championship at Payback against Fox, to which Paige would retain. Following the PPV, Paige began a feud with Total Divas Star, Cameron, defeating her in a non title match the week following Payback on Superstars. Paige would be re-challenged by her weeks later on RAW, to which Paige won. Paige would lose to Naomi the following day on Main Event, and attacked Cameron, who shoved her during her victory celebration with Naomi, as Naomi stood and watched. Paige faced Naomi in a successful effort at Money in the Bank, only to drop the title to the returning AJ Lee the night after on RAW, ending her reign at 84 days. Paige unsuccessfully challenged AJ for the divas title at Battleground, acting like her friend, before turning on her the night following the Pay Per View, turning heel for the first time in her WWE Career. Paige explained her actions a week later, pretending to still be AJs friend, but AJ, seeing through her act, ended up in a brawl with her, with Paige retreating. Back and forth clashes continued leading to AJ defending vs Paige at Summerslam, which lead to Paige capturing her 2nd Divas Championship. The Following week, Paige would be defeated multiple times by Natalya due to interference from Rival AJ Lee. Paige and AJ would then have their storyline merged alongside the Bella’s after Stephanie McMahon granted Nikki Bella a future title match to “compensate her for Brie’s mistreatment” of her. At Night of Champions, Paige dropped the Divas Championship to AJ in a Triple Threat match also involving Nikki Bella. Paige would then drop her friendship ties with Lee the following day on RAW with the ultimate intention of winning the championship back. A Week Later, Paige vengefully aligned herself with Alicia Fox as Payback for AJ causing her to lose the Divas title at Night of Champions. However, the alignment stayed short lived, as Fox accidentally cost Paige her title match with AJ at Hell in a Cell, and a attack by Paige the following night lead to the duo’s split. Paige and Fox competed on Opposite sides at Survivor Series in an 8 Diva Tag, with Paige being last eliminated by Naomi. In 2015, Paige hinted a face turn after rekindling with Natalya after their issues were broadcast on Total Divas, and seemingly inserted herself into the title picture alongside her with a non title win over Nikki Bella, only to be pinned a week later by Brie following a distraction from Natalya’s Husband, Tyson Kidd. Paige and Nattie would lose to the Bella’s at the Royal Rumble, then Paige would lose a title match against Nikki at Fast Lane. The Night following Fast Lane, Paige and Emma would be very quickly defeated by the Bellas, forming the #GiveDivasAChance movement. This lead to Paige challenging Nikki a week later in a lengthy match for the title, but an intervention from Brie cost Paige a chance to win the title back. Paige was then saved from a double attack from the Bellas by AJ Lee. The Two went on to defeat the Bellas at WrestleMania 31. Paige then went on to win a divas number one contendership battle royal weeks later on RAW, but would lose her extreme rules spot after being attacked by a newly turned heel Naomi. Paige gained a measure of revenge by attacking Naomi and Tamina in her return on the May 18th episode of RAW, as well as also laying out the victorious champ Nikki Bella with the Rampaige after she had retained against Naomi via Disqualification. Though coming up short in a championship triple threat at Elimination Chamber, Paige evoked her rematch clause to challenge Nikki in a singles match for the title the next night on RAW, won by Nikki, turning Nikki and Brie heel once again. Paige then went on to claim the Bellas were holding other members of the Division back some days before Nikki defeated Summer Rae on RAW. On the July 13th Episode of RAW, Paige aligned herself with the debuting Charlotte and Becky Lynch after weeks of failing to make partners with members of the Divas Division, who refused to help her in the fight against the Bellas. Paige and Becky competed against Sasha and Naomi on the July 20th episode of RAW, in which Paige was pinned by Banks. Paige eventually returned to her winning ways on the August 3rd edition of RAW after various losses, pinning Naomi in a singles match. Paige would end up on the winning team for the Nine Diva Team Elimination Match at Summerslam, but would be pinned the next night on RAW by Alicia Fox in a 6 Diva Tag Team Match against Team Bella. Paige participated with her Team PCB Partners in the first Divas Beat the Clock Challenge on the August 31st episode of RAW but never managed to qualify after her opponent Sasha rolled out of the ring when the match count finalized. She would also lose to Sasha the following week on RAW. On the Smackdown that followed, Paige faced Sasha once again, ending with no result when Team PCB and Team BAD ended up brawling. On the September 21st episode of RAW, Paige Turned Heel for the Second Time Since Joining the Main Roster, Blasting Charlotte over Taking Credit for the Divas Revolution and using Ric Flair to Get Herself into WWE, while also verbally blasting the rest of the divas, including Becky Lynch. Following Charlotte’s Successful Title Defense at Hell in a Cell, Paige, after coaxing Becky and Charlotte into a PCB Reunion the following Night on RAW, attacked both divas following a loss to Team Bella. On the November 16th episode of RAW, Paige and Charlotte took part in the first ever RAW Divas Championship Contract signing, which was the main event of the show. This came weeks after Paige pinned Becky Lynch in a Four Way Match also featuring Sasha Banks and Brie Bella to become the Number One Contender to Charlotte’s Championship. Paige challenged Charlotte for the title at Survivor Series but would be unsuccessful, getting a rematch hours later on RAW which ended in a double count-out. Paige would place Charlotte in a PTO on the announce table following the match result. Paige then re-challenged Charlotte for the Divas Title at TLC, losing again after being tripped into the corner where a Turnbuckle was previously unraveled by Charlotte and Ric Flair, turning both heel in the process. Paige returned to WWE TV on the January 18th episode of RAW, managing a returning Natalya for her match against Brie Bella. A Week later, Paige returned to the ring for her first match since TLC, where herself and Natalya defeated Alicia Fox and Brie Bella. Paige competed at WrestleMania 32 for Team Total Divas, emerging on the winning team as herself, Natalya, Eva Marie, Brie Bella and Alicia Fox defeated Lana, Summer Rae, Emma, Naomi and Tamina. On the Post Money in the Bank RAW, Paige renewed her rivalry with former tag team partner Charlotte, challenging her for the WWE Womens Championship, ultimately losing. Following the match, Sasha Banks Returned and Herself and Paige cleared off Charlotte and her Partner Dana Brooke.

tamina 528

TAMINA SNUKA (@TaminaSnuka)

Sarona Reiher, often known for her WWE Ring Name Tamina Snuka, is a Professional Women’s Wrestler signed to WWE. Reiher is the Daughter of WWE Hall of Famer, Jimmy Superfly Snuka. Tamina has competed Twice for the WWE Divas Championship, both times at Elimination Chamber, unsuccessfully against Beth Phoenix and Kaitlyn and has yet to win the title. She debuted in WWE in 2010 alongside the debuting Uso’s feuding with the Hart Dynasty’s Natalya, Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith. Reiher currently works as a heel on RAW and Smackdown since returning to WWE Television at WWEs Survivor Series Pay Per View in 2012, working live events also in Title Matches against Kaitlyn, sometimes of which feature AJ Lee. Tamina currently works as the Bodyguard of AJ Lee, who she made an alliance with in September 2013, and has competed in several matches since their alliance. Snuka also cost Natalya her Main Event title shot against AJ Lee. In February 2014, Dissension was teased between Lee and Snuka when Snuka almost cost AJ the Divas Title in her Match against Cameron by accidentally super-kicking her in the face. More dissension was teased between herself and Lee on the March 17th RAW Episode after she shoved Lee moments after they lost in a tag team match. Their tension continued to another week, as Tamina was announced to compete alongside 12 other Divas for AJ Lee’s Divas Championship at WrestleMania 30 by Vickie Guerrero. Tamina would then turn on Lee on the March 28th episode of Smackdown by throwing her into Nikki Bella during an argument, costing her and Lee the match. However She would remain Lee’s bodyguard the following week. Despite challenging for the Championship at WrestleMania, Tamina ultimately lost, despite not being the diva pinned or submitted. Tamina remained aligned with Lee following WrestleMania, until Lee personally requested some time off. This allowed Snuka to compete in a Main Event Battle Royal, becoming the Number 1 Contender to Paige’s Divas title, but she was overall unsuccessful at capturing the title at the event. In May 2015, Snuka returned and aligned with Naomi, attacking the Bella Twins on the May 4th episode of RAW. Tamina then made a successful in ring return on RAW a week later, defeating Brie Bella with a superkick. Days later, It would be announced that Naomi and Tamina would face the Bella Twins at Payback. The Two defeated the Bellas at Payback, leading to Naomi getting a title shot against Nikki 24 hours later on RAW. Due to Tamina, the match would end in a Disqualification result, leading to Paige’s return, in which she attacked and cleared off Tamina and Naomi before also attacking Nikki. Tamina would be banned from ringside for Naomi’s next title shot at Elimination Chamber where she battled both Paige and the Divas Champion Nikki. In July, Naomi and Taminas pairing gained an extra partner when Sasha Banks was promoted to RAW. The Trio would then be dubbed “B-A-D” (Beautiful and Dangerous). Tamina returned to action on the August 10th episode of RAW, her first match since the Divas Revolution emerged, and was pinned by Brie Bella after missing her signature superkick. Tamina would also be pinned at Summerslam in the Nine Diva Team Elimination Match, leading to her team being the first eliminated. In February 2016, Team BAD dissipated when Tamina and Naomi turned on Sasha Banks during a scheduled singles match with Becky Lynch. The Two attacked Sasha until Becky made the save. Tamina and Naomi went on to defeat Paige and Natalya in a Tag Team Match during the same week on Main Event. Tamina and Naomi went on to face Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch at Fast Lane, but were defeated. Tamina and Naomi officially joined Team Lana weeks later at WrestleMania 32, competing with Lana as well as Summer Rae and a returning Emma to face and be defeated by Paige, Alicia Fox, Natalya, Eva Marie and Brie Bella. Tamina returned to action months after being cleared at a WWE Live event on February 19th, teaming with Natalya to defeat Alexa Bliss and Carmella, seemingly confirming herself as a part of the Smackdown Brand.

nicole-926NIKKI BELLA (@BellaTwins)

Nicole Garcia – Colace (known by her WWE Ring Name Nikki Bella) is an American Professional Women’s Wrestler and Model. She competes for the WWE alongside her Twin Sister Brie Bella, and has Held the WWE Divas Championship once. The Sisters departed momentarily from WWE in April 2012, but returned on the March 11th 2013 Edition of RAW, and have feuded with Former WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn (briefly) and The Funkadactyls, Cameron and Naomi as well as AJ Lee since returning to the WWE. Nikki, with her sister Brie, also appears on Total Divas. In 2014, Nikki entered into a feud with Aksana following a defeat to her on the last RAW of 2013, leading to various tag team matches alongside Brie against Aksana and Alicia Fox, Officially Dubbed Foxsana. On the March 10th episode of RAW, Nikki teased being in a Divas Championship match at Wrestlemania after pinning Lee in a tag team match and posing with the title. She would also defeat Lee’s Bodyguard, Tamina Snuka on Smackdown the same week. Nikki has also competed in singles matches and tag team matches in the weeks ahead, most in a winning effort. She would also be inserted into the WrestleMania 30 Divas Championship invitational by Vickie Guerrero, which also features her sister Brie. Brie and Nikki, despite clashing temporarily, were both unsuccessful in capturing the title. Following her Sisters Kayfabe departure at Payback, Nikki became the target of attacks from various heel divas such as Aksana and Alicia Fox by orders of Stephanie McMahon, who Brie slapped at Payback. Nikki would gain revenge on Alicia Fox weeks later, defeating her in a singles match on Superstars. Nikki has since been placed in matches by Stephanie McMahon rendering her helpless, from a Match with Alicia Fox with both divas presumably having one hand tied behind their backs, to which Fox disobeyed, to losing a 5 on 1 Handicap match a day later on Main Event, being pinned by Eva Marie. The Punishment by Stephanie McMahon continued a week later with Nikki suffering attacks from Alicia Fox and a double attack from Fox and Former Partner Eva Marie on the July 18th episode of Smackdown as she was scheduled to officiate a match between the two divas. Marie and Fox also joined Rosa and Cameron in a 4 on 1 Handicap match the following week on RAW, defeating Nikki after Nikki was upset and distracted by her sister being escorted from the arena. When Brie challenged Stephanie at Summerslam, Nikki ran out expecting to aid Brie against Triple H who emerged at ringside to support Stephanie. Nikki would then turn heel by attacking Brie and allowing Stephanie to get the Pinfall victory. Nikki would slap Brie in the face 24 hours later on RAW during a confrontation, defeating Emma the next day on Main Event as a Solo competitor. Nikki continued to air her family issues regarding Brie, with Stephanie compensating her by granting her a Future Divas Championship Match. Nikki would face both AJ and Defending Champion Paige at Night of Champions, but would end up losing the match, which was ultimately won by AJ. At Hell in a Cell, Nikki faced and defeated Brie, leading to Brie forcefully becoming Nikki’s assistant. Nikki would then eject Brie from a battle royal to “pick up a delivery” and won the scheduled battle royal to earn a title shot against AJ Lee. Lee and Nikki clashed at Survivor Series in a match that ended in seconds as Brie distracted AJ to allow Nikki Bella to win her 2nd Divas Championship. This would also make Nikki the first Total Diva to win the title since the shows debut. After Retaining against AJ at TLC, Nikki saw herself in a triple threat feud with Natalya and Paige as the two scored non title victories over her. Despite the Triple Threat Teases, Nikki would see herself not defending the title but rather joining Brie in facing Paige and Natalya in Tag Team Action at the Royal Rumble. Nikki won alongside Brie, then faced Paige at Fast Lane, successfully defending her title. Nikki and Brie then went on to feud with Paige and a returning AJ Lee, defeated by them at WrestleMania 31. Nikki turned babyface the RAW before Extreme Rules, supporting Brie in her match against the newly heel Naomi. Naomi would then be announced as the Number One Contender to Nikki’s Title. Nikki successfully retained the title at Extreme Rules after Brie kicked Naomi on the apron as revenge for an earlier mid-match attack at ringside. Nikki and Brie were defeated by Tamina and Naomi at Payback but Nikki went on to retain her title 24 hours later on RAW against Naomi when Tamina attacked Nikki for the DQ Finish, leading to Paige returning and chasing off Naomi and Tamina, before also attacking Nikki. Nikki retained in a triple threat against Paige and Naomi at Elimination Chamber, retaining also the next night against Paige following the “twin magic” switcheroo with Brie, who snuck to the ring with Nikki’s hair extensions. The Move turned the Bella’s heel once again, a month or two after turning babyface. However, Nikki’s character status appeared to be that of a tweener the week following, performing a babyface entrance for her match with Summer while using heel antics/taunts in the match. On the July 6th episode of RAW, The Bella’s and Fox were finally cemented as heels again. A Week later the Bella’s and Fox were introduced to “New Competition” in the form of the debuting Sasha Banks, Charlotte and Becky Lynch, who aligned themselves with various divas. Nikki began working various tag matches, many of which Team Bella lost, and Nikki would be pinned by Charlotte during a tag team match on the August 3rd episode of RAW. Nikki would emerge on the winning team on the following episode of RAW, when Team Bella defeated Team BAD in tag team action when Brie pinned Tamina. After losing the Team Elimination Match at Summerslam after Becky pinned Brie, Team Bella would go on to defeat Team PCB the next night on RAW. On the August 31st episode of RAW, Nikki and her Team Bella Partners were ringside during the first ever Divas Beat the Clock Challenge on RAW, which Charlotte ultimately won. On the September 14th episode of RAW, Nikki Bella had originally dropped the Divas Title to Charlotte due to a Twin Magic Malfunction, however Stephanie McMahon overturned the match result due to Nikki not taking the pin and Nikki became the Longest Reigning WWE Divas Champion. At Night of Champions, Nikki dropped the title to Charlotte, ending her reign at 301 days. Nikki re-challenged for the title at Hell in a Cell but was defeated. Nikki then began taking time off from WWE to rehab over a neck injury. Nikki returned to WWE Television on the December 21st Slammys edition of RAW, winning her 2nd overall Slammy as she accepted the 2015 Diva of the Year award, originally given to Paige as a “Miss Universe” Mishap occurred from the Host, R Truth. In July 2016, Nikki confirmed via Twitter that she would be officially cleared to return to the ring, overcoming a career threatening injury, resuming training at the WWE Performance Center. Nikki returned to in ring action at Summerslam, teaming with Alexa Bliss and Natalya to face Naomi, Carmella and Becky Lynch, of whom they defeated. Two Days Later on Smackdown, Nikki turned face when attacked by a newly turned heel Carmella prior to a scheduled match. Both Nikki and Carmella competed in a Six Pack Challenge at the returning WWE Backlash to crown the first ever Smackdown Women’s Champion, though Nikki was eliminated from the particular bout by Carmella. Nikki and Carmella then faced off at No Mercy in a singles bout, leading to Nikki getting her first pin on Carmella in a singles match. Nikki and Carmella’s feud continued into Survivor Series, when Nikki was sidelined from the match by an unknown attacker, with Carmella denying accusations of executing such an attack prior to the match and via social media. Nikki, having belief she was to blame, set up a No DQ Match with her for the TLC Pay Per View two nights later on Smackdown. Nikki would go on to win that match, and her angle furthered with Carmella nights later on Smackdown when she confronted Natalya over the TLC accusations from Carmella that Natalya sidelined her at Survivor Series. Natalya eventually outed herself as Nikki’s attacker, leading to many heated confrontations between the two sides. The Two faced off in a lengthy singles match at Elimination Chamber, with no clear winner as the match went to a double count-out result. An altercation in the backstage office days later on Smackdown lead to a furious Daniel Bryan booking a Falls Count Anywhere match for the two for the following Smackdown episode. Natalya would end up winning the match to close their feud due to an assist from Maryse, starting the feud between Nikki, Cena, Maryse and Miz.

renee 4

Renee Young (@ReneeYoungWWE)

Renee Paquette, known to WWE as Renee Young, is a backstage interviewer for the Smackdown Brand, also formerly interviewing and commentating at NXT. She also co – hosted WWEs Bottom Line show as well as Vintage Collection. She has also on some points, hosted Pay Per View Pre Shows, Receiving Top Praise from the Company. Upon being promoted to commentary for NXT, her backstage interviewer role was replaced by various women, most notably Devin Taylor, then Andrea D’Marco and Cathy Kelley. In July 2014, Renee was promoted to Commentator for Superstars, joining with Tom Phillips. Young is also dating WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose. Renee also has hosted the After Total Divas show with Summer Rae. In July, Renee’s “After Total Divas” show was unexplainably cancelled. Renee then managed to get her own WWE Network Show known as Unfiltered, in which she would host interviews with various WWE Talent. In April 2016, it was revealed that Renee would be one of four new cast members (Maryse, Naomi and Lana being the other three) on the Sixth Season of Total Divas. In the Returning WWE Draft, Renee would join real life partner Dean Ambrose, drafted to WWE Smackdown as the Post Show Host and Backstage Interviewer. Towards the end of 2016 heading into 2017, Renee was entered into her first official storyline on WWE Television when Miz exploited the real life relationship between herself and Dean Ambrose. Renee would slap Miz for doing so, receiving punishment from Maryse a few episodes later. The Storyline between Ambrose and Miz then progressed with Ambrose winning the Miz’s Intercontinental title.

eva 774.jpg

Eva Marie (@natalieevamarie)

Eva Marie, known otherwise as Natalie Eva Marie is a WWE Diva starring on the E! Networks Total Divas Reality Show. She also makes many appearances on WWE Television. Eva was previously the Protege of Co – Star Natalya, but had turned heel in a MizTV Segment promoting the debut season of Total Divas, slapping Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler and then aligned with the Bella’s, working her first match at Summerslam Axxess with Brie against Natalya and Celeb Guest Maria Menuonos, where she would end up on the losing side. Months later, Eva turned face alongside the Bella Twins and also made her in ring debut. She has pinned the likes of Tamina Snuka and represented Team Total Divas in the Survivor Series 14 Diva Elimination Tag. On The December 29th edition of RAW, Marie competed in a 10 Divas Tag Team Match, but came up on the losing end. Eva and Cameron hinted at possible dissension during the bout. After disappearing on TV for a bit, Eva appeared at ringside for a 6 Diva Tag on the February 10th Edition of RAW, also appearing in a backstage segment with Guest Star Betty White. Eva, donning her own entrance theme and titantron, made her singles debut on the Valentines Day Edition of Smackdown in a winning effort against Alicia Fox, but for unexplained circumstances, the match was cut from the show. On the Feb 20th edition of Superstars, Marie portrayed her previous heel character once again and teamed with New Total Divas Star Summer Rae and a Solo Tamina Snuka to face The Bella’s and Natalya, but Lost. Eva was not tagged in the match. Eva and Natalya faced Foxsana on the Feb 25th edition of Main Event, and ended up losing. Eva and Natalya competed on the March 7th Edition of Smackdown, in a winning effort against Tamina Snuka and Divas Champion AJ Lee. As Announced by Vickie Guerrero, Eva would join 12 other divas in competing against AJ Lee for the Divas Championship at WrestleMania 30. Marie emerged unsuccessful in the match. In Late May, Eva’s Feud with Summer from Total Divas progressed onto WWE TV when Rae cost Eva a tag team match, fast counting Cameron’s pin on Eva a week after Eva officiated a Divas match. Eva gained revenge with a winning pin over Summer days later on RAW thanks to a distraction from Fandango and Layla. On the July 8th episode of Main Event, Eva retained her heel status as she, Natalya, Summer Rae, Rosa Mendes and Naomi competed in a 5 on 1 Handicap Match against Nikki Bella, a match to which Natalya and Naomi were not tagged in, and of which Eva won by debuting her DDT Finisher. Eva also competed a week later on RAW against AJ Lee, but was unsuccessful. Marie, alongside Alicia Fox, attacked Nikki Bella the same week on Smackdown in a preemptive assault during what was meant to be a match between Fox and herself which Nikki was Officiating. Marie also emerged on the winning team in a 4 on 1 handicap match the following week on RAW. On the Week beginning 11th August, Marie defeated then Divas Champion AJ Lee in Two Non Title Matches due to distractions from Contender, Paige. Marie unsuccessfully challenged Layla, Summer Rae and Naomi in a 6 Divas Tag Team Match on the September 1st episode of RAW, teaming with Rosa Mendes and Cameron. In late September, per the rules placed by Nikki Bella, Eva and Cameron would unsuccessfully challenge Brie Bella in a Handicap match. Eva returned to WWE TV In March, forming an alliance with Cameron and Summer Rae. Eva then quietly split from the group and returned to in-ring training with former WWE Star Brian Kendrick. In June Eva re-emerged on NXT, teasing at being involved with the NXT Divas Division. On the July 22nd episode of NXT, Eva made her NXT in ring return, defeating Cassie MacIntosh, who went on to be renamed as Peyton Royce. Eva would then make her PPV singles debut, facing Carmella successfully at Takeover, pre taped for the following week of NXT. She also went on to defeat Carmella in numerous rematches, one via count-out. On the November 11th Episode of NXT, Eva teased an alignment with Nia Jax after the two conversed backstage. The Two confirmed their alignment on the November 25th episode of NXT when Nia joined Eva at ringside for her first NXT Women’s Title Match. Eva would lose the match despite numerous assists from Nia and even Charles Robinson, leading to Nia laying out Bayley after she retained the title against Eva. On the March 28th episode of RAW, Eva made her main roster return by aiding Team Total Divas (Brie, Paige, Alicia Fox and Natalya) who were being attacked by Lana, Summer Rae and Emma as well as Naomi and Tamina. Eva attacked Lana and cleared her off, celebrating with the babyfaces despite retaining heel antics. This Lead to Eva joining Team Total Divas days later at WrestleMania 32, ending up on the winning team and celebrating with Brie in what was hinted as Bries last match, despite retaining heel antics again during the match. On the July 19th episode of Smackdown, it would be confirmed on the “Draft Day” episode that Eva would be drafted to WWE Smackdown, joining her NXT Takeover Brooklyn Opponent, Carmella, who would be promoted to the main roster. Following this, Eva would find ways to avoid in ring combat, while showing up later in the show during Becky Lynch’s matches notably to set up distractions, to the chagrin of fellow competitor Naomi also. After costing Becky a match and avoiding combat with Naomi, Eva would be booked to compete alongside Alexa Bliss and Natalya at Summerslam, against Naomi, Carmella and Becky. However, Eva would be surprisingly suspended from WWE for a wellness policy violation on Summerslam Week, replaced by a returning Nikki Bella.


Lana (@LanaWWE)

Lana, otherwise known as CJ Perry, is an American Professional Women’s Wrestler, Actress, valet, dancer and singer. Lana was signed to WWE in Summer 2013, eventually adorning the Name Lana for her stage Name. Since then Lana has debuted on NXT as the heel Social Ambassador and Ruthless Manager to NXT and WWE Superstar Alexander Rusev, as it emerged that Rusev no longer required Sylvestor Lefort as a manager. 5 Days following Rusevs Royal Rumble Debut, Both Rusev and Lana made their main roster debuts on Smackdown, hyping the debut of the Rusev Legacy in a Vignette. Several other Vignettes featuring Lana had also aired in the weeks since. Lana made her first main roster appearance alongside Rusev on the Feb 28th Edition of Smackdown and her RAW debut days later. On the Post WrestleMania Edition of RAW on April 7th 2014, Lana accompanied her Client, the Super Athlete, Rusev, for his successful in ring debut. On the April 14th Edition of RAW, Lana also received her first theme song and titantron prior to one of Rusev’s matches. Lana made her PPV Debut at Extreme Rules 2014, introducing and managing Rusev, now hailing from Russia. Following Extreme Rules, Lana would continue accompanying Rusev in squash matches, and the two began a feud with Former Intercontinental Champion Big E, which lead to Rusev defeating Big E in a short clash at Payback. The feud would then continue into the weeks leading to Money in the Bank after Rusev and Lana pulled Anti USA Promos, to the disgust of Big E. Since Money in the Bank, the Pair have feuded with Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger, with Rusev defeating Swagger at Battleground by Count-Out. Rusev would take on Swagger again at Summerslam with Lana in his corner, to which he had won, taking Zeb Colter out following the match. Following Summerslam, Lana and Rusev began feuding with Mark Henry, intimidating him in matches and through promos, causing Henry’s Tag Team Partner, the Big Show to Motivate Henry more to face Rusev. On the September 15th episode of RAW, Lana and Rusev would Main Event for the first time in their careers in a Confrontation Segment with Mark Henry. Rusev w/ Lana at his side would defeat Mark Henry at Night of Champions, and would do the same the following day on RAW. The Duo of Lana and Rusev would enter a feud with Henry’s Tag Partner, the Big Show, and would participate in a surprise confrontation with the Rock in October. In November 2014, Rusev would win the United States Championship, to Lana’s joy, and the Bulgarians physicality would come under notice by the Authority, who asked Lana to give Rusev a Spot with the Authority for their Traditional Tag Match at Survivor Series. Rusev re-ignited his feud with Jack Swagger following Survivor Series, and will defend the United States Championship against Swagger at TLC. Rusev retained, and Lana and Rusev saw themselves feuding with Ryback at the start of 2015, until his subsequent kayfabe firing at the hands of the Authority. Following the Royal Rumble, Lana and Rusev began feuding with John Cena. Rusev would then defeat Cena at Fast Lane. Some weeks following Fast Lane, tension was teased for the first time between Lana and Rusev when a attack from John Cena, who was yearning for a rematch at WrestleMania, forced Lana to succumb and give Cena his match. Rusev would be defeated at WrestleMania when Lana took a bump off the apron to the floor, however Rusev and Lana eventually reunited, and Lana would announce that Cena and Rusev would collide in a “Russian Chain Match” at Extreme Rules. After Losing once more to Cena, Lana would ensure an “I Quit Match” would take place at Payback between the two, and an angry Rusev would continuously dismiss Lana per appearance to focus on sending his own “messages” to Cena, hinting a face turn for a disappointed Lana who began acknowledging fan appreciation during live shows. After Translating Rusevs Claim to “Quit” at Payback, leading to another victory for Cena, Lana would turn face the next night on RAW, ultimately being blamed for the loss by Rusev, before turning her eye to Dolph Ziggler, showing affection for him and standing there as he attacked a furious Rusev. Summer Rae then aligned herself with Rusev, taking pity on him for his injury while blasting Lana over leaving Rusev behind. On the July 22nd episode of RAW, Lana had her first brawl with Summer in weeks, which took place during a main event tag team match which also featured Rusev. On September 7th 2015, Lana fractured her wrist at a WWE Live Event in the midst of training, ruling her out of Competition for Four Months and delaying her in ring debut while Dolph continued to feud with Rusev. In October, TMZ broke the news of Rusev and Lana’s real life engagement, leading to Summer Rae ending her storyline alignment with Rusev. On the November 30th episode of RAW, Lana, cleared to work on television (but not in matches) returned for an exclusive MizTV segment that guest starred Rusev, also re-aligning with the Bulgarian Brute and returning to her heel persona. After becoming inactive again, Lana returned to Television full time on the Leap Year Edition of RAW, beginning a feud with Brie Bella after mocking her relationship with Daniel Bryan backstage, further mocking her after she lost a match on the same night to Naomi. On the March 7th episode of RAW, Lana teased a possible in ring re-debut as she attacked Brie Bella after distracting her during a singles match against Summer Rae, laying out Brie with her own Bella Buster Finisher. Lana made her In Ring Debut at WrestleMania 32, Leading her Team of Herself, Naomi, Tamina, Emma and Summer Rae against Team Total Divas, made up of Brie Bella, Alicia Fox, Paige, Natalya and Eva Marie, but were defeated when Naomi submitted to Brie’s Yes Lock Submission. On the September 13th edition of RAW Lana made her return, weeks after Rusev’s Summerslam US Title defense turned into an all out brawl with the challenger Roman Reigns with no official decision, watching on as Rusev attacked Reigns in the shows main event. In December, Lan and Rusev entered into an angle with Enzo and Cass, leading to a set up meeting between Lana and Enzo after Enzo pitied Lana during an argument with Rusev, eventually leading to Lana revealing it as a known set up and thus Rusev attacked Enzo. Throughout then and into 2017, Lana would continue to manage Rusev as well as Jinder Mahal in Tag Team Action, engaging in a short feud with the New Day in February.

char on her own.jpg

Charlotte (@MsCharlotteWWE)
Ashley Fleihr, otherwise known by her WWE Ring Name Charlotte, is a Second Generation American Professional Women’s Wrestler signed to World Wrestling Entertainment. She debuted in WWE NXT in 2013, eventually becoming the 2nd Overall NXT Women’s Champion per defeating Natalya in the finals of the NXT Women’s Championship Tournament (due to the original champion Paige vacating) with their hall of fame fathers Bret and Ric at Ringside. Charlotte went on to successfully defend the title against Summer Rae, Bayley, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks before dropping the title to Banks, who was once aligned with her as part of the early BFFs stable (compromised of Banks, Charlotte and the founder Summer Rae) in February 2015 at the NXT Takeover: Rival PPV, Months after turning face after saving Bayley from Banks, who tried attacking Bayley after she lost to Charlotte. Charlotte became involved in a short feud with Dana Brooke and the Newly Heel Emma In May 2015, defeating them at NXT Takeover Unstoppable in a tag team match also involving Bayley. Charlotte would then request a NXT Women’s Championship Match on the July 8th episode of NXT against Sasha as part of a deal for helping her defeat Dana and Emma in a tag team match, which Sasha initially wanted as a handicap match. Sasha accepted, ultimately retaining the title against Charlotte the following week. On the July 13th episode of RAW, Charlotte made her Main Roster debut as part of a Divas Revolution Segment set up by Stephanie McMahon to introduce Competition for the Bella’s and Fox. Charlotte would align herself with the Champion Nikki Bella’s Rival, Paige, and an also Debuting Becky Lynch. Charlotte made her RAW in ring debut the night after Battleground where she won a divas triple threat, defeating Brie Bella. Charlotte would then work numerous matches, and ended up pinning Divas Champion Nikki Bella in a tag team match on the August 3rd episode of RAW. Charlotte would suffer her first pinfall victory on the August 6th episode of Smackdown, pinned by Naomi in a tag team match also featuring Sasha Banks and Charlotte’s Partner Becky Lynch. On the August 31st episode of RAW, Charlotte outlasted her Team PCB Partners to become the Number One Contender to Nikki Bella’s Divas Title, winning the first ever Divas Beat the Clock Challenge. Charlotte challenged Nikki for the title the RAW before NOC, winning due to pinning Brie who attempted Twin Magic. However Stephanie McMahon appeared and saw Nikki wasn’t pinned in the affair, and overturned the result, making Charlotte’s possible reign invalid, but still allowed for a Rematch at Night of Champions. At Night of Champions, despite suffering an injury to the knee exploited further in the match by Nikki, Charlotte overcame Nikki to become a 1x Divas Champion. The Win also made Charlotte the 2nd NXT Diva to hold both the NXT Women’s Championship and WWE Divas Championship. Charlotte successfully defended the title at Hell in a Cell against previous champion Nikki Bella in what was her first divas title defense. 24 Hours Later on RAW, Charlotte and Becky were coaxed into a reunion with the recently turned heel Paige for a match against Team Bella, which the trio lost. Paige attacked Becky and Charlotte after the match. On the November 16th RAW, Charlotte engaged in a main event contract signing with Paige, ending in a brawl after Paige referenced the loss of Charlotte’s late brother. Charlotte successfully retained the Divas Championship against Paige days later at Survivor Series and again at the Post Pay Per View RAW, only this time via double count-out, attacked by Paige afterwards. A Week Later on RAW, Charlotte competed against Becky in a match suggested by Becky herself, faking an injury before rolling up Becky for the three count, much to the shock of Paige as Charlotte teased a possible heel turn. Becky would confront Charlotte who described her actions as “Tough Love” before Paige would further get in Becky’s head. After a brawl with Paige went down a week later on RAW, despite objecting per Ric’s demand, Charlotte went on to face Paige again, putting her divas title on the line at TLC and confirming her heel turn when herself and Ric unraveled the corner turnbuckle. Charlotte tripped Paige into the exposed ring post and pinned her to retain the title. Charlotte further confirmed her heel status by attacking Becky Lynch following a non title match on the first RAW of 2016. Charlotte retained the title against Becky Lynch at Royal Rumble, attacked by Sasha Banks after the match. Charlotte attacked both Banks and Lynch during a match 24 hrs later on RAW. A Week Later, Charlotte was entered into a Filler Feud with Brie Bella after being surprisingly pinned by her in a singles bout. Despite Brie earning the contention, Charlotte would go on to retain the title against Brie at Fast Lane. Charlotte then moved into a feud with Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks, observing their fast contendership bout alongside Ric on the Leap Day edition of RAW. When the match ended in a double pin, the match was redone for Smackdown, but Charlotte would ensure no proper finish, attacking Banks and Lynch from ringside. Charlotte boasted about the attack backstage, only to learn she would defend the title as a repercussion at WrestleMania against both divas. At WrestleMania 32, through an angle introduced by the WWE and Hall of Famer Lita, the advertised Divas Championship Match featuring Sasha, Becky and Charlotte would instead be for the newly introduced WWE Women’s Title, which Charlotte won, becoming the Inaugural WWE Women’s Champion, as the title bares no relation to the previously retired championship. Following WrestleMania, Charlotte would go on to feud with Natalya, rekindling their old NXT rivalry. A Week after the Post Mania RAW, Charlotte defended the Women’s Championship against Natalya, retaining via Disqualification through her Fathers antics at ringside. A Week Later, not only would Charlotte learn that Natalya was granted a rematch at Payback with Bret Hart in her corner, but she would go on to lose an Eight Woman Tag Team Match later in the night, submitting to the future challengers Sharpshooter. Charlotte successfully retained the Championship at Payback, but through controversy when the referee called for the bell despite the challenger, Natalya, not tapping out to Charlotte’s locked in submission. Both Charlotte and Ric would be locked in Natalya and Bret’s Sharpshooter Sequence following the match. Some time later, Natalya would end up evoking her rematch clause, challenging Charlotte once more for the Women’s Title at Extreme Rules in a Submission Match where Stipulations forced by Stephanie and Shane McMahon would see Charlotte’s Father, Ric Flair, banned from ringside with any possible intervention leading to Charlotte forcefully surrendering the title. Charlotte retained successfully at Extreme Rules through the assistance of Dana Brooke, who aligned with the Flairs. On the Post Extreme Rules RAW Charlotte Cut All Ties with Ric While Keeping Her Partnership with Brooke. At Money in the Bank, Charlotte and her “Protege” Dana Brooke defeated Becky Lynch and Natalya in Tag Team Action, leading to Natalya turning heel on Becky Lynch. Following the Pay Per View, Charlotte would be entered into a feud with Sasha Banks following a successful title defense against Paige. This Lead to Charlotte and Dana Brooke making a match for Sasha, a tag match at Battleground where Sasha would be able to allocate a partner to join her in the ring against them, despite their belief she wouldn’t find a competitor to work with. At Battleground, Sasha revealed her partner to be Bayley, and the pair went on to defeat Dana and Charlotte. The Night after Battleground, at RAW in Pittsburgh, Charlotte dropped the Women’s Title to Sasha Banks, ending her reign at 113 days. Charlotte re-challenged Banks for the title at Summerslam, winning the match to become a 2x Women’s Champion and feuding with the newly promoted Bayley after as Banks took time off to heal from a Back Injury. However Sasha would return a short time later to claim a contendership spot, though she wouldn’t be the only contender due to Bayleys past victory over Charlotte, thus both were set to face Charlotte at Clash of Champions. Charlotte ended up winning the match, retaining the championship. However on the first RAW of October, Charlotte dropped the championship to Sasha Banks, thus Banks equalized Charlotte’s record as a 2x Women’s Champion. Charlotte then won back the title at Hell in a Cell in the first ever Women’s Hell in a Cell Match, which main evented the Pay Per View. While Charlotte would not defend the title at Survivor Series, she would end up leading Team RAW to compete against Team Smackdown at the event, being one of two of RAWs Soul Survivors. However, rather than celebrate, Charlotte attacked her fellow Soul Survivor Bayley right after the match. However that angle was quietly cancelled and Sasha evoked her rematch clause, winning back the women’s championship 2 weeks later from Charlotte. Charlotte regained the title at Roadblock, then entering into a feud with Bayley heading into 2017, with Bayley crowned as her challenger earlier in that year by defeating Nia Jax. Charlotte would retain at the Royal Rumble, losing the championship to Bayley on the February 13th Pre Valentines edition of RAW with an assist from Sasha Banks. A Week Later Charlotte would lose to Sasha Banks in a singles match set up by Sasha Banks herself, also being distracted by Bayley taking out Dana Brooke at ringside.

096_SD_12132016mm_1321--fb11713b05725ce112132adf1cfc42e2.jpgBecky Lynch (@BeckyLynchWWE)
Rebecca Quin, otherwise known by her WWE Ring Name Becky Lynch, is a Irish Professional Women’s Wrestler signed to World Wrestling Entertainment. Lynch debuted in NXT in 2013, defeating Summer Rae, donning a stereotypical Irish Gimmick. She would be repackaged some time later with a rock chick gimmick, and would face multiple losses to then NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte and Sasha Banks. Lynch turned heel in November 2014 and aligned herself with Banks, but they ultimately split following a Fatal 4 Way Women’s Championship Match, which Banks won. Lynch would be repackaged again as she became the contender to Banks Title, but was unsuccessful in winning the gold. Becky would take a few weeks out of NXT due to injury, before returning to face former rival Bayley in a Number One Contenders Match. Becky would also be surprisingly promoted to RAW in July of 2015 as part of a Divas Revolution Storyline, in which she aligned herself with Paige and Charlotte. Becky made her Main Roster in ring debut on the July 20th episode in a tag team match where she and Paige faced Naomi and an Also Promoted Sasha Banks. Paige would take the fall for the team, pinned by Banks, but Becky would work much of the match. Becky made her main roster singles debut on the July 31st episode of Main Event, defeating Brie Bella. Becky had originally been announced to face Nikki, who had pulled out due to her boyfriend (John Cena) having surgery for an inflicted injury the same week on RAW. Becky got the winning pin for Team PCB at Summerslam, pinning Brie Bella. Becky would also compete in the first Divas Beat the Clock Challenge to crown a Number One Contender to Nikki’s Divas Title, but her time was beaten by fellow Partner Charlotte. On the October 26th episode of RAW, Becky, Charlotte and Paige faced Team Bella on RAW, 24hrs after Charlotte’s successful title defense against Nikki Bella. Becky would take the pin, leading to Team Bella’s Victory and would be attacked by Paige after the match, who also attacked Charlotte. Becky would also lose to Brie Bella the same week on Main Event. Becky would also participate in a Fatal 4 Way featuring Brie, Paige and Sasha to determine who would face Charlotte for the Divas Title at Survivor Series but lost as she was pinned by Paige. Becky managed to get revenge on the November 9th episode of RAW, pinning Paige in her home country, only to be placed in a PTO on the Announce Table following the match. Becky returned to action on the Post Survivor Series RAW against Sasha Banks, losing the match, also with no accompaniment from Charlotte. Becky would challenge Paige days later on Smackdown and additionally lost that match. Following TLC Becky began a feud with Charlotte after taking notice of dirty tactics used by both Charlotte and Ric Flair during Charlotte’s matches. After being attacked by Charlotte on the first RAW of 2016, Becky participated in her first singles Divas Championship match days later on Smackdown, but was defeated. On the January 18th episode of RAW, Becky challenged Charlotte to a Divas Championship Match at the Royal Rumble following a victory over Team BADs Tamina, which was accepted by Ric on Charlotte’s behalf. Becky lost the match, and was attacked by a returning Sasha Banks after the match and Charlotte. Sasha then attacked Charlotte. Becky faced Sasha a day later on RAW, but their match was cut short by an attack from Charlotte. A Week Later, focus on the Divas Title shifted when Charlotte began feuding with Brie Bella, while Becky Lynch seemingly re-aligned with Sasha Banks to help her against Naomi and Tamina, who had turned on her during the two’s scheduled match up. The Alignment of herself and Banks proved stable enough to allow them a victory at Fast Lane. The Following night on RAW, Becky attacked Tamina during Sasha Banks Singles Match against Naomi, and the two were confronted by Divas Champion Charlotte during an embrace. The Following week, Becky and Sasha would clash to determine a contender to the Divas Title for WrestleMania but it ended in a double pin, thus Charlotte turned to the Authority to redo the match for the same week on Smackdown. Both Becky and Sasha were attacked in the match, resulting in no clear winner once again, leading to the announcement backstage that Charlotte would be forced to defend her Divas Championship at WrestleMania against both Banks and Lynch. On the Night of the Event, it was revealed that the Divas Championship would be retired in the place of a newly introduced WWE Women’s Championship Title, which would be the prize of the Booked Triple Threat Lynch was featured in. However, she was unsuccessful in winning the Championship, submitting to Charlotte’s Submission in the match while Ric intervened with fellow competitor Sasha Banks on the outside. Following WrestleMania Becky would enter into a feud with Emma. After weeks of backstage segments and social media outbursts, Becky faced Emma On on One on the Post Payback RAW, losing after being raked in the eye and being taken out by Emma’s New Finishing Move. Becky’s angle with Emma continued further with the introduction of Dana Brooke, though this soon turned into a singles angle between Becky and Dana when Emma was suddenly sidelined with an injury. Heading into Money in the Bank, Becky Lynch then rekindled her friendship with Natalya as the two feuded with Charlotte and Dana Brooke. However after the Money in the Bank Tag Team Match, the friendship between Lynch and Natalya soured when Natalya attacked Lynch following their defeat to Charlotte and Dana Brooke, turning Natalya heel in the process. Lynch went on to face Natalya one on one at Battleground, losing after submitting to the Sharpshooter despite breaking free in previous efforts. Becky went on to compete alongside Carmella and Naomi at Summerslam against Alexa Bliss, Natalya and a returning Nikki Bella, who replaced the suspended Eva Marie, but her team would lose the match. At WWE Backlash Becky would outlast Nikki, Alexa Bliss, Natalya, Naomi and Carmella in a Six Pack Challenge to become Smackdowns first Women’s Champion, leading to Lynch winning her first championship in WWE. Becky would then have Alexa as her first official challenger, though an undisclosed medical issue lead to Becky being pulled from the Smackdown Exclusive No Mercy Pay Per View where she was set to defend the title against Bliss. Becky would go on to defend the title in Glasgow successfully against Bliss before the two were made to put any issues aside to compete at Survivor Series against Team RAW, with Becky being the final member of the Blue Brand eliminated by Bayley. At TLC, Lynch dropped her Womens Championship to Alexa Bliss in a Tables Match. Becky continuously challenge for the title following the PPV, losing mainly through heel shenanigans on the opposite side with each chance. She additionally lost to Alexa in the first ever Smackdown Women’s Steel Cage Match on January 17th 2017, attacked by Bliss after the match and a returning Mickie James. The antagonistic actions of James lead to a match being booked between the two at the Smackdown Exclusive Elimination Chamber Pay Per View, which Becky won before James gained retribution, pinning Becky days later on Smackdown in a set up rematch. On the February 21st episode of Smackdown, Becky would challenge Alexa Bliss for the Smackdown Womens Title after Naomi vacated it earlier in the night due to injury, with Bliss winning the match. On the February 28th episode of Smackdown, Lynch defeated Mickie James in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match, capitalizing on a miscue between a spectating Alexa Bliss and Mickie.

sasha 822.jpgSasha Banks (@SashaBanksWWE)
Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado, otherwise known by her WWE ring name Sasha Banks, is an American Professional Women’s Wrestler signed to World Wrestling Entertainment. Sasha is also a 1x NXT Women’s Champion, and overall the 3rd NXT Women’s Champion in the Companies History. Banks debuted in NXT in 2012, her first feud beginning in 2013 where she feuded with NXT Alumni Audrey Marie. Following a women’s tag team match, Banks storyline with Audrey faded out. Later in 2013, Sasha was inserted into a storyline where she was wound up by a jealous Summer Rae, who turned the attention of then NXT Women’s Champion Paige’s success onto Banks, urging her to adopt a new attitude to make herself more relevant. Banks faced Paige and turned heel following the loss, aligning herself with Summer Rae and Later Charlotte, calling themselves the BFFs. In 2014, Banks and Charlotte became a two piece duo when Rae was promoted to the Main Roster, but eventually went their separate ways some time during Charlotte’s Women’s Title Reign. Banks had multiple matches against Charlotte for the NXT Women’s Title but did not win it until the 2015 NXT Rival PPV, in a fatal 4 way that also featured Bayley and Becky Lynch. Sasha went on to defend the title against Alexa Bliss during the NXT Columbus visit and against Becky Lynch at NXT Takeover Unstoppable, and also against Charlotte in July. Sasha would be promoted to RAW in July, aligning herself with Naomi and Tamina, dubbing them as B-A-D “Beautiful and Dangerous”. During this time, Sasha would also continue her role on NXT, appearing on commentary during Bayleys Number One Contendership match against Becky, which Bayley won. Sasha then dropped her NXT Women’s Championship to Bayley at Takeover the night before Summerslam, ending her reign at 192 days. Banks competed the following night at Summerslam in a Nine Diva Team Elimination Match, where her team were the first team eliminated. Despite being ruled out of the divas title storyline, Sasha went on to defeat Team PCBs Paige on three separate occasions, in the BTC Challenge on the August 31st episode of RAW, on the September 4th edition of Main Event in a Divas Tag Team Match and In a Singles Match on the September 7th episode of RAW. On the September 16th episode of NXT, Sasha returned to NXT to address her loss to Bayley at NXT Takeover, leading to the announcement that the NXT Divas would main event the Next Takeover (and Main Event an NXT PPV for the first time) as Sasha challenged Bayley to a 30 Minute Iron Woman Match for the NXT Women’s Championship, which she lost. This was Sasha’s Last Official NXT Match. Sasha returned to WWE Television after being sidelined in late December with an injury, attacking both Charlotte and Becky Lynch at the Royal Rumble. She made her in ring return a day later on RAW against Becky Lynch but their match was cut short due to an ambush from Charlotte, who attacked both women. A Week Later on RAW, Sasha seemed to rekindle her alignment with Becky Lynch from NXT (Team B-A-E) and teased a possible face turn when Becky and Sasha, who were facing each other one on one at that time, ended up fighting against the remainder of Team BAD, Naomi and Tamina, who had turned on Banks and attacked her until Becky non-hesitantly made the save. Sasha and Becky defeated Naomi and Tamina at Fast Lane and were seemingly moved into the title picture a night later on RAW after Charlotte confronted the two divas following Sasha’s Match with Naomi, announcing the two would clash for the contendership in the future. Becky and Sasha’s Match would happen a week following this announcement on RAW, ending in a double pin, leading to Divas Champion Charlotte announcing that the twos match would be redone the same week on Smackdown to determine a contender. Both were attacked in the rematch, resulting in no clear winner, and a backstage segment eventually revealed that per Charlotte’s attack, both Banks and Lynch would move on to WrestleMania as contenders to the Divas Championship, but neither were victorious, and in turn, through the angle executed later in the night, the Divas Title would be retired, meaning Banks was additionally unsuccessful in becoming the first WWE Women’s Champion. On the June 20th Post MITB Edition of RAW, Sasha returned to RAW and attacked Dana Brooke and WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte following Charlotte’s Successful title defense against Paige. At Battleground, Banks selected Bayley to tag with her against Charlotte and Dana Brooke, defeating the heels when Banks placed Women’s Champion Charlotte in the Bank Statement. A Night Later on RAW, Banks defeated Charlotte to become the New WWE Women’s Champion. On the August 8th episode of RAW, Sasha faced Dana in a non title match and won, meaning that per the stipulation of her obtaining the victory, that Dana would be banned from ringside at Summerslam. Despite this, Sasha would lose the match at Summerslam, dropping the title to Charlotte and taking time off to heal from a Back Injury. She would return to in ring action on the Post Backlash Episode of RAW, defeating Bayley and Dana Brooke in a Triple Threat Match to cement her contendership status that she proclaimed to have attained on the previous RAW episode during an altercation with Dana Brooke. Both Banks and Bayley challenged Charlotte at Clash of Champions for the Women’s Title, with both losing as Charlotte went on to pin Bayley and retain the title. On the first RAW of October, Sasha pinned Charlotte to become a 2x Women’s Champion (and in the main event of the episode). A Week Later she would propose that Charlotte and Herself face off again at Hell in a Cell, this time in the first ever Women’s Hell in a Cell Match, granted by RAW General Manager Mick Foley. Sasha would lose the match, which became the events main event, and thus Charlotte became a 3x Women’s Champion, surpassing Sasha’s record and her own record of holding the title twice. Banks and Charlotte then rekindled their feud following Team RAWs Survivor Series victory, and after pinning Charlotte in a Tag Match, Banks asserted her place as the contender to Charlotte’s title, with a match made a week later for the title. Banks then won the championship from Charlotte in a Falls Count Anywhere Main Event, then challenging Charlotte again at Roadblock, this time in a 30 Minute Iron Man Match with her title on the line. Banks would lose the mach and the title again, entering into a feud with Nia Jax after. The Two collided for the first time on the Royal Rumble Kickoff show, which Nia won, and following that, Sasha would be involved in the storyline between Bayley and Charlotte, continuously agonized by Charlotte over her descension in the WWE since losing the Women’s Championship in the Iron Man Match. Despite this, Sasha, capitalizing on a ringside assist from Bayley, who took out Dana Brooke, submitted Charlotte in a booked singles match on the February 20th episode of RAW. After losing a tag match a week later on RAW, Stephanie McMahon would book for Sasha to face Nia Jax once again at WWE Fast Lane.

maryse 716Maryse (@maryse0uellet)
Maryse Ouellet, otherwise known by her WWE ring name Maryse, is a French-Canadian Model, Businesswoman, actress and professional Women’s Wrestler signed to World Wrestling Entertainment. Since making her in ring debut in 2008, Maryse established herself mainly as an in ring competitor, winning the Divas Championship Twice in her tenure, the first time against Michelle McCool and the Second in the finals of a Divas Championship Tournament to crown a New Champion per Melina abdicating the title due to Injury, leading to Maryse becoming the finalist by defeating Gail Kim. After losing her title, Maryse would continue as an in ring competitor but also manage Ted DiBiase Jr, before being released from the Company in 2011. Maryse, after a Five Year absence from Professional Wrestling and from the WWE overall due to other ventures, returned to the company in 2016 by intervening in a Intercontinental Championship Match between Recently Crowned Champion Zack Ryder and Maryse’s Real Life Husband The Miz on the Post WrestleMania episode. Moved to Front Row, Maryse would hop the barricade and confront Ryder’s Father, who was in attendance after he slapped Miz during a Kayfabe Altercation, slapping him and ultimately assisting in Miz’s Victory, in turn, leading to Miz winning the Championship and celebrating with his wife. Maryse would additionally cost Ryder his rematch for Miz’s Title days later on Smackdown. Maryse and Miz, dubbing themselves as WWE’s “It Couple” would later enter into an angle with Cesaro, who became the Number One Contender to The Miz’s Intercontinental Championship. Following Payback, Cesaro would attempt to evoke his rematch clause, with the addition of Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens throwing themselves into the championship feud. This lead to Miz and Maryse discovering that the Intercontinental Championship would eventually be defended at Extreme Rules in a Fatal Four Way Match. At WWE Battleground, Maryse would slap Bob Backlund during a match between Darren Young and the Miz then pretend to be slapped by Backlund to nearly force him into ejection. Young snapped, locking Bob’s signature submission on Miz outside the ring, leading to no clear result in the match. At WWE Backlash in September, Maryse would assist Miz to help him gain a victory over Dolph Ziggler, allowing Miz to again retain his Intercontinental Title. Maryse would also assist in Miz defending his recaptured championship against RAWs Sami Zayn at Survivor Series. In Late February 2017, Maryse would tease a return to the ring, attacking Nikki Bella in the closing moments of a Falls Count Anywhere Match between Nikki and Natalya after weeks of accidental altercations between Nikki and Maryse that Natalya had caused. The Following week Maryse dissed and slapped John Cena in a Segment also featuring the Miz, leading to Nikki Bella emerging from the backstage area to try attack Maryse, who escaped through the crowd with the Miz.

nicole 928.jpgCarmella (@CarmellaWWE)
Leah Van Dale, otherwise known by her WWE ring name Carmella, is an American Model, valet and professional women’s wrestler signed to WWE. Carmella was signed to the company in 2013, making her debut in 2014 where she would make current main roster tag team Enzo and Cass train her to be a wrestler in return for them getting her fired from her “Job” as a hairdresser. Despite her alliance with the two babyfaces Carmella would start off wrestling as a heel, eventually transitioning to a babyface in 2015 during Enzo and Cass’s feud with the then NXT Tag Team Champions Blake and Murphy with Alexa Bliss thrown into the fray, as Bliss turned heel to equal the numbers game against the trio in revenge for Carmella turning down the Tag Team Champions flirtatious requests over the previous weeks. Carmella also received her first singles PPV match as she faced Eva Marie at NXT Takeover Brooklyn that year, though she would be defeated. Heading into 2016, Carmella would get revenge on Marie by eliminating her in a battle royal to be crowned the Number One Contender to then Champion Bayleys NXT Women’s Championship, beginning a short singles push. She would be attacked after the title match by Eva and Nia Jax, forcing the intervention of Bayleys next contender, Asuka. Carmella went on to work multiple singles matches since, including a number one contenders triple threat featuring Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss, but would lose the match. It was announced on the July 19th episode of Smackdown that Carmella would be promoted to the main roster as part of the Smackdown Brand as the brand split took place during that night, joining the likes of Eva Marie, also promoted Alexa Bliss and Natalya to name a few. The Tension between the Smackdown Womens Division lead to a 6 Woman Tag Team Match at Summerslam when Lynch, Carmella and Naomi faced Natalya, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Bella who replaced a suspended Eva Marie. The Babyfaces would lose the match and Carmella, who was pinned by Bella, would turn heel two days later on Smackdown, attacking Nikki in a pre match interview and furthering her assault to the point where no match went down. Days after pinning Nikki Bella on Smackdown, Carmella would compete against Nikki Bella as well as Alexa Bliss, Naomi, Becky Lynch and Natalya in a Six Pack Challenge to crown Smackdowns first Women’s Champion, eliminating Nikki but eventually tapping out to the match winner, Becky Lynch. Nikki and Carmella’s feud continued there, leading to a singles match at No Mercy of which Nikki defeated Carmella in. The Feud continued days later on Smackdown when Carmella attacked Nikki backstage, leading to Nikki emerging during Carmellas scheduled match with Naomi, distracting her long enough for Naomi to pin Carmella and win the match. Nikki would try chasing Carmella after the match in and out of the ring, but Carmella eventually escaped. Following Team Smackdowns Loss at Survivor Series, Nikki, who had been sidelined from the match by a mystery attacker, pointed the blame at Carmella and revealed furthermore on Smackdown that Bryan granted her a No DQ Match at WWE TLC with Carmella. Carmella lost the match but wouldn’t go without revealing to Nikki that she wasn’t her attacker at Survivor Series, instead blaming Natalya, who denied such an accusation. However, Natalya would later out herself as the former Divas Champions attacker, while Carmella progressed into a romantic angle with James Ellsworth.

alexa-bliss-610Alexa Bliss (@AlexaBliss_WWE)
Alexis Kaufman, otherwise known by her WWE ring name Alexa Bliss is an American bodybuilder and professional women’s wrestler signed to WWE. She would be signed to work under the NXT developmental system. However before even making her NXT in ring debut, she would appear on main roster television as she, Charlotte and Sasha Banks worked as part of Triple H’s WrestleMania entrance that year. On May 8th 2014 Alexa finally made her televised debut as she competed in a NXT Women’s Championship tournament, scoring a victory over in ring veteran Alicia Fox, and went onto the semi final where she would lose to the tournaments eventual winner, Charlotte. In March 2015, returning from a lengthy injury, Bliss, still a babyface at the time entered into a feud with then Women’s Champion Sasha Banks, but would lose a championship match against Sasha. In May, a match against Carmella won via a distraction from then NXT Tag Team Champions Blake and Murphy teased a heel turn for Bliss. Her Turn and Teased Alignment with Blake and Murphy was completed at NXT Takeover Unstoppable when Alexa attacked Carmella close to the end of the NXT Tag Team Championship Match between Carmella’s Boys Enzo and Cass and the defending champs Blake and Murphy. This would ultimately lead to Cass and Enzo losing the match. The Two trios clashed in a mixed tag weeks later with the heels being defeated, but Enzo and Cass did not receive another match for the titles regardless. The Champs then feuded with the Vaudevillains, with Bliss being the factor in Blake and Murphy retaining the titles in the first challenge. With Blue Pants (Leva Bates) at their side, the Vaudevillains captured the Tag Team Titles from Blake and Murphy at NXT Takeover Brooklyn to the dismay of Bliss. Towards the end of the year, Bliss, still at the side of Blake and Murphy, went on to temporarily feud with then NXT Women’s Champion Bayley over the Championship, but failed in capturing it. Bliss attempted to blame Blake and Murphy later on for her defeat to fuel their desire to gain victories again, but the duo constantly lost, leading to Bliss splitting from the pair on the May 18th 2016 episode of NXT. A Week following this, Bliss faced Nia Jax and Carmella in a match to crown a contender to the NXT Women’s Championship, won by Jax. Trying to chase the championship again, Alexa challenged Bayley on the July 6th episode of NXT, but lost. On the July 19th episode of Smackdown, which would be the night of the returning WWE Draft, it would be announced that Bliss was joining the Smackdown Roster alongside Carmella, with both in turn being promoted to the main roster. On the August 9th episode of Smackdown, Bliss made a successful in ring debut against Becky Lynch, pinning her by taking advantage of a distraction from Eva Marie. Alexa, alongside Nikki Bella and Natalya also had a successful Pay Per View debut, as the trio defeated Becky Lynch, Carmella and Naomi in Tag Team Action. Bliss would then lose to Lynch two days later on Smackdown. Alexa and Lynch would clash again in a Six Pack Challenge also featuring Nikki, Naomi, Natalya and Carmella at WWE Backlash, with Lynch winning the match and becoming Smackdowns First Women’s Champion. Two Days Later on Smackdown, Bliss pinned Nikki Bella in a Five Way Match to become the first contender to the Smackdown Women’s Championship, challenging Becky Lynch officially at the returning No Mercy (Brand Exclusive) Pay Per View. However an undisclosed medical issue on the side of Lynch lead to the match being suddenly cancelled and Alexa instead faced Naomi in a singles match, surprisingly losing. However Bliss was still granted her championship match for the November 8th episode of Smackdown, and in between, would further her feud with Naomi by commenting on her match with Carmella backstage on the October 11th episode. Bliss wold go on later to defeat Naomi and cement her status, confronting a returning Becky Lynch on the October 25th edition of Smackdown, then defeating her and Nikki Bella in a Tag Team Match also featuring Carmella a week later. Following Team Smackdowns Survivor Series loss, the feud between Lynch and Bliss was furthered when Bliss attacked the Smackdown Women’s Champion following a set up singles match with Natalya. Lynch would then drop the women’s title to Alexa at TLC in a newly stipulated Tables Match when Bliss powerbombed Lynch through a table. From then on, Bliss would defend the title consistently in set rematches, retaining her title on each chance, most notably in the first Smackdown Women’s Steel Cage Match set by Daniel Bryan on the January 17th episode of Smackdown, a match which teased Bliss’s alignment with Mickie James, who had distracted Lynch during the match then attacked her upon revealing her true form. Bliss then moved into a feud with Naomi, dropping the championship to the Total Diva at Elimination Chamber, ending her reign at 70 days. However, Just over two weeks later, Bliss regained the championship to become the first ever 2x Smackdown Womens Champion when Naomi vacated due to an injury sustained at the PPV, allowing Bliss to defeat Becky Lynch in a match set up by Daniel Bryan for the vacant title.

nia jax

Nia Jax (@NiaJaxWWE)
Savelina Fanene, otherwise known by her WWE ring name Nia Jax, is an American Professional Women’s Wrestler signed to WWE. Prior to debuting for NXT, Nia underwent name changes, first named Zada before being repackaged for her TV debut as Nia Jax. After some introductory vignettes were shown at and following NXT Takeover Brooklyn, Jax made her Televised debut on the October 14th episode of NXT, squashing local talent Evie. Squashing more locals as well then NXT performer Carmella, Nia would enter her first official storyline in November as herself and Eva Marie aligned, with both trying to chase the NXT Women’s Title. Nia tried to ensure Eva’s victory over then champion Bayley via numerous interference’s, but saw the “Red Queen” eventually defeated, establishing her status as upcoming contender that same night by laying out Bayley following her victory. Nia earned her first official Pay Per View Match at NXT Takeover London, challenging Bayley for the title but was defeated. She returned to TV in January, continuing her alliance with Eva Marie as they attacked Bayley and her challenger at the time Carmella following their singles match for the Championship, but were sent off by Asuka, planting the seeds for both Asuka and Bayleys feud and Nia and Asukas eventual angle. In May Nia re-entered into the title hunt as she defeated Carmella and Alexa Bliss to earn the opportunity against Asuka, who had captured the Women’s Title from Bayley at NXT Takeover Dallas. Nia officially faced Asuka at NXT Takeover the End in her most praised match to date, but was again unsuccessful in capturing the title. Nia worked her last match for the NXT Brand on the July 20th episode of NXT against former enemy Bayley, defeated by the former NXT Women’s Champion. This would be a day following the announcement that Jax would be promoted to the main roster by Stephanie McMahon as part of the RAW brand, joining the likes of Dana Brooke, Charlotte and Paige to name a few that were officially announced for the RAW brand that night. Nia made her official in ring debut for the main roster on the July 25th episode of RAW, defeating Local Talent Britt Baker. In the weeks following up to Summerslam, she went on to also squash other local wrestlers in Ariel Monroe and Delilah Doom. In September, a squash match between Nia and local talent Monica Passeri lead to Alicia confronting Nia Jax backstage over her assault to her storyline friend, hinting at a feud between the two women. Alicia then ended up facing Nia in a singles match, with no clear victor as Alicia was KO’ed following a barricade spot. This would set up a rematch at Clash of Champions between the two, of which Alicia lost. After a win on Superstars over former nemesis Alicia Fox, Jax returned to RAW on the October 31st edition of RAW, defeating Bayley in a singles match booked by Women’s Champion Charlotte. Jax would also be one of three members announced for Team RAW at Survivor Series during that show. Jax lasted a fair while in the match before being submitted by Smackdowns Becky Lynch. At the end of 2016 heading into 2017, Nia would enter into a feud with Sasha Banks, constantly exploiting a kayfabe injury to Banks inflicted during her Iron Man Match with Charlotte Flair. This lead to Nia getting a singles victory over Banks at the Royal Rumble in a match booked for the Kickoff show.

Bayley (@ItsBayleyWWE)
Pamela Rose Martinez, otherwise known by her WWE ring name Bayley is a American Professional Women’s Wrestler signed to WWE. After competing in various feuds and putting over various female talent in the NXT Brand including Emma and Summer Rae to name a few, Bayley went on to win her first NXT Women’s Championship at NXT Takeover Brooklyn in August 2015, defeating Sasha Banks. This lead to Banks challenging Bayley to a rematch for the Gold at NXT Takeover Respect, and per the General Manager of NXT William Regal, it was made into a 30 Minute Iron Man Match, also the main event of the event. Bayley was then entered into feuds with Nia Jax, Eva Marie and Alexa Bliss, retaining the Women’s Championship against the three in separate bouts. She also defended the championship against Carmella before dropping the title to Asuka at NXT Takeover Dallas in 2016. Bayley remained out during Asuka’s feud with Nia Jax, in what would serve as Asuka’s first title defense. Bayley then returned to action after “recovering” from a kayfabe injury inflicted by Jax, challenging Asuka to a rematch after defeating Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax in singles competition, similar to how she defeated Charlotte and Becky Lynch to earn contendership status to challenge Sasha the year before. Bayley officially faced Asuka at the second overall NXT Takeover Brooklyn show and would end up losing the match. After speculation arose that she was done with NXT, Bayley debuted two days later on the August 22nd edition of RAW for the main roster, appearing before Dana Brooke and Charlotte and requesting to challenge the newly crowned champion for the Women’s Title. After Charlotte suggested she earns that spot, Bayley was booked by Mick Foley to face Dana Brooke in her debut singles match, of which she won. Bayley also went on to pin Charlotte, and despite a returning Sasha Banks obtaining her contendership spot, Bayleys win went on recognized thus both would face Charlotte unsuccessfully at Clash of Champions. Following Clash of Champions, Bayley would compete in various matches with enhancement talent, and would additionally attempt to remove Dana Brooke from playing assist in Charlotte’s Match with Sasha on the first RAW of October. This lead to Bayley being attacked by Brooke following another enhancement match on the October 11th episode of RAW. Bayley defeated Dana Brooke to close their feud at Hell in a Cell, entering into a feud with Charlotte the night after on RAW after Charlotte addressed her as the weak link of the Survivor Series Team both would be representing. Bayley would end up being a soul survivor in the booked match at Survivor Series alongside Charlotte, as Bayley lead RAW to victory with a Belly to Belly to Becky. However, rather than celebrate this victory with Bayley, Charlotte attacked her, furthering the feud between the two. However, the angle was quietly paused as Bayley entered into a short term feud with Alicia Fox, who didnt take kindly to Bayley hugging Cedric Alexander during her moment of spreading festivities on the post TLC RAW. This lead to Bayley and Fox having consecutive matches over the past two weeks, both of which Bayley won. The Angle then faded out as Bayley was reintroduced into the title picture following Sasha Banks and Charlotte’s Final Match at Roadblock 2016. In 2017, Bayley officially earned her contendership by defeating Nia Jax in a match set up by Stephanie McMahon, set to challenge Charlotte for the RAW Womens Title at the Royal Rumble. Bayley would lose the match, gaining retribution a few weeks later as she defeated Charlotte on the February 13th episode of RAW to win her 1st Main Roster Championship with an unnoticed assist from Sasha Banks, who attacked both Charlotte and her assisting protege, Dana Brooke.


Mickie James (@MickieJames)
Mickie Laree James-Aldis, best known simply under her in ring name of Mickie James, is an American Professional Women’s Wrestler, Actress, Model and Singer currently signed to WWE, where she has held the WWE Women’s Championship (in no affiliation to the newly introduced titles) 5 times and the WWE Divas Championship twice, having worked for the company between 2005 and 2010. On top of these notable reigns, James also has worked a critically acclaimed angle with Trish Stratus from 2005 to 2006, and the notable feud lead to James winning her first WWE title. Following her WWE departure in 2010, James resurfaced in the wrestling scene for IMPACT Wrestling, holding the promotions Knockouts Title 3 times. James would leave the company after the end of her 3rd title reign in 2013, returning for a brief angle with James Storm and Serena Deeb in 2015 alongside her husband Magnus, and during the said angle, she had teased a potential retirement from the industry. James would also briefly work with Global Force Wrestling, but would not win the promotions women’s championship. In October 2016, Mickie would make a brief comeback with the WWE as she announced herself as the mystery challenger for Asuka’s NXT Women’s Championship, unable to win the gold at NXT Takeover Toronto. A Few months later, James resigned with WWE, assigned to the Smackdown Brand as the original La Luchadora that consistently attacked Smackdowns Babyface Becky Lynch, though this wouldn’t officially be revealed until the January 17th 2017 episode of Smackdown, after James and Alexa Bliss attacked Becky Lynch following Lynch’s inability to regain the Smackdown Women’s Title held by Bliss within a steel cage. On the following Smackdown Episode, James went on to explain her actions as being due to WWE non-acknowledging the accolades and hard work of herself during her particular era in light of the rise of the likes of Sasha Banks, Charlotte and Becky Lynch, who were credited for the beginning of a Women’s Revolution in WWE. In turn, she revealed Alexa Bliss had remembered the success of James rather than any other co workers and that had earned her respect and support. Becky Lynch had ran down upon James declaring her own “Reinvention” and was attacked by the former Women’s Champion and Alexa Bliss. Mickie made her official main roster singles re-debut at the Elimination Chamber, facing Becky Lynch in a losing effort, though gaining a measure of revenge days later on Smackdown as she pinned Lynch in a rematch, feigning injury moments before the finish. The Two faced off once more on the February 28th episode of Smackdown in a 2 out of 3 falls match, with Becky winning due to a miscue between Mickie James and Alexa Bliss.

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