Cattie’s Catch Up: Chelsea Traps The Pope For Desmond Wolfe (March, 29th 2010)

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This weeks Catties Catch Up Jumps back in time to TNA in 2010, and though she never had a chance to wrestle, Brit Valet Chelsea was at the forefront of a Lengthy Storyline between Rivals Desmond Wolfe and the Pope Angelo Dinero (WWE’s Elijah Burke).

Sometime before Dinero and Wolfe were set to clash, Chelsea, who debuted as Valet to Desmond Wolfe the same year at Genesis, used her charm and beauty to try and distract Dinero before an oncoming attack by Wolfe. Dinero, however, was too smart for the heel antics of Wolfes Lady and saw the behind attack coming, clearing the ring of Wolfe before planting his lips on Chelseas.

– Catherine


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