IMPACT WRESTLING RESULTS: Forces Of Instability Collide Overseas (June, 8th 2017)

IMPACT have fled from the home base of Orlando this week, becoming the first American Wrestling Business in history to have their content aired from Mumbai, India. The Beginning of the several day tapings saw an unexpected Knockouts Title showdown, as Rosemary, who admittedly hasn’t defended her title in a while, defends that very gold against an equally unstable (up for debate?) Laurel Van Ness.

The Sudden Challenger to the Knockouts Title, the clearly still broken Laurel Van Ness, just so happens to be joined by her equally villainous comrade of the Global Force Wrestling Women’s Champion Sienna for this particular bout. Meanwhile Rosemary, with championship in hand, is expectedly alone, no Decay comrades remaining with Steve’s departure and Abyss’s transition to the Joseph Park character for the commentators angle. Maybe we’ll see her new found ally of Allie at some point? The Climax perhaps….?

Anyway, to the physicalities and once the bell rings, an eager Laurel charges over to attack Rosemary, who fends her off with a clothesline. Rosemary delivers a number of forearms to Laurel then appears to bite her? Before Rosemary can do much else, shes seized by both feet by Sienna, who runs her face first into a nearby ring post while the referees attention is focused on the fallen Laurel. Sienna rolls Rosemary back to the ring, and into Laurels target zone as the Broken Bride bashes the back of Rosemary’s head continually against the canvas. Triple Kicks from Laurel floor Rosemary, and as Laurel celebrates this momentum, she can only turn to watch Rosemary rise from the mat. Rosemary dodges another kick by Laurel, then positioning herself on a turnbuckle, and connecting with a leaping forearm. The Champ crushes Laurel in a corner before connecting with a a suplex, only enough however to get her a near fall.

Sienna heads to the apron in the midst of Rosemary having the momentum, trying to distract the Knockouts Champion. Laurel tries to club Rosemary from behind, but Rosemary moves in time, with Laurel lucky enough to not take out her own ally. Rosemary charges back at Laurel, slightly shoving her into Sienna and knocking the Global Force Wrestling Women’s Champion off the apron before proceeding to roll up Laurel, enough to get Rosemary the surprising finish of a victory. Rosemary wins the match, retaining the Knockouts Championship.

Unfortunately for Rosemary, being at her lonesome right now makes her the target post match for the Lady Squad, who attempt in beating her down. Allie makes her appearance, running down the ramp and with a kendo stick in hand. She delivers a shot each to Sienna and Laurel before trying to check up on Rosemary, receiving a behind attack from Laurel as she proceeds to. Sienna joins in but its not long before both of these ladies bolt as Rosemary tries to smack both with the same kendo stick. As the villainesses flee, Rosemary and Allie come face to face, with Allie standing her ground despite Rosemary possibly plotting to use the kendo stick against her. However Rosemary’s proclamation of protection stands and she releases herself of the weapon, showing no need to attack “The Bunny”.

(Laurel Van Ness w/ Sienna vs Rosemary; Knockouts Championship Match feat Allie)

Thoughts On This Match:
I Cant help but agree with many that the Knockouts Title Match was way too short and random to add, considering Laurel hadn’t even got a shot earned in the first place. Sure Laurel and Sienna are the villainous threats in the division right now, so they have to prove some sort of threat also to the Knockouts Champion, but the plus coming out of this is the hints of things to come. We have Sienna interacting fearlessly with the Knockouts Champion, and Allie and Rosemary, the should be future of the division, teasing a future altercation when the dust clears. With the tour of India not featuring many Knockouts, expect to see these at least in the coming weeks, and the definite build up for Slammiversary.

– Catherine


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