TNA IMPACT Spoilers August 25th – September 22nd (August, 19th 2016)


The Following are Knockouts Related Spoilers to Upcoming Pre Bound for Glory episodes of TNA IMPACT Wrestling, taped this past week and onwards in Orlando, Florida. The Following Segments, Matches, a Bound for Glory Knockouts Match Announcement and TWO Title Changes will take place…

Airing August 25th
In a 5-Way Match, Allie defeated Sienna, Marti Bell, Jade and Madison Rayne when she fell on Marti and pinned her to win the Knockouts Title. Allie was shocked after the match.

There is a promo between Decay and The Hardy’s. This led to a match between Abyss and Brother Nero. Abyss ended up winning after tons of interference.

Airing September 1st
There is an in-ring celebration. Allie was out with Maria celebrating her championship win. Allie thought the celebration was for her but Maria reveals its for her opponent. Maria demands that Allie lay down for her and give her the championship. Eventually that happens leading to Maria becoming the new Knockout Champion.

Jade and Gail defeated Allie and Sienna. Allie pouts at ringside when Sienna tells her to stay there because she’s not a wrestler. Fans begin chanting that they want Allie. Allie tags herself in, gets on the top rope, screams “I can do it!” but accidentally hits Sienna. Sienna charges over her and Jade pins her for the win.

Airing September 8th
Maria is out with Allie. She talks about inducting Gail Kim into the Hall of Fame. Allie tries to give Gail a gift but Maria destroys it. Dixie Carter comes out. She tells Maria that as long as she is Knockouts Champion, she can’t be the leader of the Knockouts. She said Gail would get her proper HOF ceremony at Bound for Glory. Dixie also announced a Gauntlet Match where the winner would earn a Knockouts Title shot at BFG.

Gail Kim won a Knockouts Gauntlet Match to earn a Knockouts shot at BFG. Before the match, Maria replaced Allie with new Knockout Laurel Vanness (who is Chelsea).

Airing September 15th
There is a promo exchange between the Hardy’s and Decay. Decay wants to wipe the Hardy’s off the face of the Earth while Matt will delete Decay. Brother Nero said he will render Decay obsolete.The lights went out and when they came back on Reby (now Broken Reby) attacked Rosemary. Steve and Abyss end up getting handcuffed while Reby threatens Rosemary.

Maria, Sienna and Allie come out. Maria runs down Allie and then gets ready to run the gauntlet. She quickly defeats the first girl (Luscious Latasha). The second opponent for Maria is a ninja. The ninja eventually reveals herself to be Gail Kim, who chased off her opponents.

Airing September 22nd
Laurel Vanness defeated Madison Rayne. She talked down to Allie after the match.

Reby Hardy defeated Rosemary by DQ when Rosemary spat red mist into the eyes of Reby. A brawl broke out after the match which ended when Rosemary slammed Reby through a table.

Team Lashley defeated Team EC3 in a Lethal Lockdown Match when Lashley forced EC3 to pass out to a choke-hold. Team Lashley was Lashley, Mike Bennett, Drew Galloway and Maria while Team EC3 was EC3, Moose, Aron Rex and Gail Kim. Maria wouldn’t go in the cage and was chased by Gail Kim. Lashley chose a No Hold Barred Match against EC3 at Bound for Glory.

(Credit to TNASylum for the Spoilers)

– Catherine


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