WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Money In the Bank Round Two Comes This Way (June, 20th 2017)

Welcome to all the fallout from this Past Sundays Money in the Bank Pay Per View. With a controversial ending, one of the most in recent history, concluding the first and only Women’s MITB Ladder Match in history, the non victors were expectedly upset and pledging for some sort of reversal. So with that being said its down to Daniel Bryan to either ensure or scrap Carmella’s reign as Miss Money in the Bank. Will Carmella’s spotlight be ended as quick as Ellsworth’s ascent up the ladder this Past Sunday? We will soon find out.

The first round of pledging begins in the opening segment of this weeks Smackdown, as the General Manager Daniel Bryan overhears the bickering from Tamina, Becky, Charlotte and Natalya. The Returning General Manager is willing to hear out each woman’s point of view, but first he wants to hear what the Money in the Bank Winner Carmella and her male associate James Ellsworth has to say. The Women are dumbfounded at this suggestion and can only complain more as Bryan steps back into his office.

Speaking of Mella, the victor of this Sundays Match steps out for the opening in ring segment with James also at her side. Carmella flaunts her briefcase following James introduction, then addresses the topic of everyone talking about her over the past 48 hours. However she knows her name isn’t being spoken because of the victory at Money in the Bank, but more so because of Ellsworth capturing the briefcase for her. When it comes to the topic of how she apparently disrespected the legitimacy of the historic match and how it ended, Carmella simply answers “Who Cares?”. Carmella expands on this, saying the reason she doesn’t care is because shes been overlooked throughout her career, underestimated since turning out as the last pick women’s wise in the returning draft. She adds how everyone talks about the other Money in the Bank competitors, but each pedigree they had walking into that match didn’t matter, unlike her intelligence. While each were thinking of history, she was making plans for her future, declaring she won the match fair and square, looking back at Kane’s assistance for Seth Rollins, or when Bray cost Roman. Yet despite these interventions, the one that aided Carmella is the one with the attention, the one that is enforcing action from Daniel Bryan. She earned her contract considering the match was overall No Disqualification. No Rules were there thus none could be broken. She overhears the Pro Bryan Chants, noting shes aware he will be out here later, that he will make a decision and that he is best manning up and reinforcing what shes already said, that shes Miss Money in the Bank. Noting her big accolade, she believes there’s not a damn thing anyone can do about it.

Moving forward, and the first woman to approach Daniel Bryan singularly in the back is Charlotte. Bryan welcomes Charlotte in, but rather than jump to the topic of the closure of the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, he addresses how he’d been in touch with the medical team over the condition of Charlotte’s Neck. Charlotte doesn’t want him to worry about her, but to act on what Carmella and Ellsworth have said. Bryan heard it clear, and Carmella had the valid point of it being a No Disqualification Match, but Charlotte believes it should only apply to the ladies who competed. Charlotte is upset that they were excited to make history this past Sunday, but they guess they did in a way (with the controversial finish). Charlotte can only urge one last time that Bryan does the right thing.

Also stepping into the back a little later are Natalya and Tamina. Natalya tries to butter up Daniel and give immense praise, but Tamina sees right through it. Tamina goes right to the real topic and asks Daniel angrily if hes willing to let Carmella and James get away with what they are doing. Tamina has heard enough and if she has to hear Carmella run her mouth one more time, she vows to put her foot in it. Despite the venting, Bryan is again happy to hear their side and promises an official decision shortly. Natalya thanks him over this, but her happy act is unimpressive to Tamina, who walks out.

And Lastly Becky Lynch steps in on a conversation between Daniel and Sami Zayn as the Smackdown GM highly praises Sami over his performance in his Money in the Bank Ladder Match, also booking him against the victor Baron Corbin next week. Sami recognizes Becky’s presence before he leaves, and gives praise of his own to Becky, adding that he was pulling for her to win, which Becky also returned. Once Zayn steps out, an upset Becky then reflects on Ellsworths snakey actions in toppling her off the ladder this past Sunday just as she was seconds away from winning. Becky is helpless, watching Smackdown, the said land of opportunity, turn into what feels like the land of handouts. Shes sick of training so hard only for people to come in and weasel their way into taking opportunities, something she now feels shes prepared for nowadays. Becky is visibly even more upset as she asks Daniel what more can she do, asking the GM if doing the right thing is really difficult.

Before we return to the main controversy in the division, Naomi, the still Smackdown Women’s Champion, gets a brief segment. She addresses the end of the Ladder Match as unfortunate, knowing how hard the fellow women had worked. Shes confident regardless that Daniel will make a decisive decision and shes ready no matter who holds the contracted title shot. Lana storms in, questioning why she isn’t also a threat. Despite Naomi’s scoffing, Lana states that Naomi should rather thank Carmella and James for their distractions, because if it had been any other way, the Smackdown Women’s Champion Would be “Ravishing.” Lana challenges the “Tacky Neon Glow” to a rematch, and Naomi, despite seeing the need for a rematch as complete thirst, reminds herself and Lana that she is a fighting champion and sees it right to accept Lana’s rematch proposal, giving Lana the shot next week.

Now moving back to the main angle in the women’s division, Daniel Bryan has a possible sensitive move to make as he welcomes out the women’s divisions MITB competitors, including Carmella. Out come singularly Charlotte, Tamina, Natalya and Becky Lynch before a gloating Carmella arrives with James at her side. Once each competitor is in, Daniel addresses all that has happened within the past few hours and over the past 48 in general. The decision he is about to make involves everyone in the ring, and while Carmella made the valid points on speaking about the Money in the Bank Ladder Match being a No Disqualification Match, the Match rules would require that the first woman to capture the Briefcase would be the victor. Bryan blatantly glances at James while reminding all that there has never been someone who has unhooked a briefcase as an assist to a competitor, and James has a response of his own. He calls the decision soft, his new child being the motivation. Daniel gets offended at Ellsworth’s comments and threatens to punch him so fast if he speaks on his children again, adding firing to that list.

Carmella doesn’t take kindly to the potential incoming firing of her male assist, getting in Daniels face before Becky tells Carmella to shut up. Becky makes it clear Carmella beat no one to obtain the item of victory, and while trying to speak to Daniel on the matter, she is accused of sucking up to the GM by Natalya. Nattie adds that Becky’s actions make her as pathetic as James, and that she didn’t win either, rather just touching the briefcase than obtaining it wholly. Charlotte comes to the possible defense of Lynch, while also showing impatience over the impending decision. Charlotte came here for just the decision, but if she has to hear Nattie anymore, she will make her look like James. Tamina threatens to do the same to Charlotte if she keeps speaking. Daniel comes in between the heightening tension and reveals his decision to all, turning over to Carmella as he suggests she will soon have another “first timer” added to her accolades, being the first person in WWE to ever hand over the Money in the Bank Briefcase. He decides this is due to Ellsworth being involved in the finish, ruining one of the most important moments in the Smackdown Women’s Division. To further add, the MITB match will be relived next week in a rematch to crown a new holder. Before Carmella can take it in, shes left as a target for Becky Lynch and Charlotte, and is left trapped in Becky’s submission after the Natural Selection to close this segment.

And while missing out on a screening due to the other booked moments on Smackdown, the recently debuting loved up couple of Mike and Maria Kanellis got a short promo that remained a WWE Exclusive.

(Daniel Bryan, Tamina, Natalya, Charlotte and Becky Lynch Backstage Segment; James Ellsworth and Carmella Segment)

(Charlotte and Daniel Bryan Backstage Segment)

(Tamina, Natalya and Daniel Bryan Backstage Segment)

(Daniel Bryan, Sami Zayn and Becky Lynch Backstage Segment)

(Lana and Naomi Backstage Segment)

(Charlotte, Natalya, Tamina, Carmella, James Ellsworth, Becky Lynch and Daniel Bryan Segment)

(Mike and Maria Kanellis Segment)

Thoughts On:
Naomi/Lana: Well next week is looking to be Money in the Bank Part 2 with both women’s rematches set. This match is either leading to Naomi winning without any distraction, or Naomi being distracted by a potential debuting star or Lana winning the title. I’m really not sure where the route is going here, but personally i would love for MaryKate/Andrea to debut as Lana’s enforcer as she has worked alongside her on live events for NXT, but its unlikely. I Really don’t know what will happen with next weeks match.

Carmella Promo/MITB Rematch Announcement: Carmella opened this weeks Smackdown strongly, not only having her first opening solo segment on Smackdown Live ever, but delivering her strongest promo to date and showcasing like Alexa her improvements since NXT. Carmella has got the heel heat needed coming out of MITB and Ellsworth easily adds to it, and it was rather clever of creative to allow her to reference interference’s from past MITB matches. This segment proves Carmella can deliver on the mic and how far shes come. As for what happened towards the end of Smackdown, it went from solid to heartache. I Couldn’t help but feel sorry for Carmella because as awkward as the ending of the MITB match was, and how it was WWEs way of putting attention on themselves, it doesn’t take away how far Carmella has come and how much she has improved not only on the mic, but in the ring and with her much needed heel character. If she doesn’t win the rematch next week, all that effort will feel like it was for nothing and she will fade to being a secondary character in favor of someone else. As Much as i respect and like Becky and Charlotte, that ending of them delivering revenge to Carmella was similar imagery to the Horsewomen eliminating Nia at WrestleMania, showing that the horsewomen and their superiority seems to still be there. Charlotte has been phenomenal in her work but doesn’t need to add the briefcase to her accolades to be a relevant character and people have every right to be mad if she wins next week. She doesn’t need it and it doesn’t benefit Carmella either. Personally id like to see a miscue between Becky and Charlotte cost them the match to allow Carmella to re-obtain the briefcase, leading to Becky turning heel on her real life best friend after the match so they can get a heated, intriguing angle on the side of the Women’s Title picture, but how it may go is anyone’s guess. If Alexa can rise up on RAW as a new face taking the spotlight, why not Mella?

– Catherine


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